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The best Christmas gifts for teenage girls

If there's one thing that signifies the transition from girl to teenager, it's probably makeup. One day, they were happy to head out of the house fresh-faced and rosy-cheeked. The next, you’re trying to find nice ways to tell them they need to calm down on the wallpaper paste. 

So to make your daughter’s Christmas, we’re sorry to say that make-up will probably go down really well - after all, they’re experimenting, and drawing the perfect eyebrows and really bringing out those cheekbones is very important indeed. 

Their other love, of course, is selfies. A day without plastering pouts (both on their own and with groups of friends) all over Facebook and various other social media channels is a day wasted. So again, to make them happy this Christmas, you may need to feed the fire a little, by which we mean buy them a mini printer so they can stick their selfies on their bedroom wall, or get them a tablet for taking pictures with that all important bigger screen.

With that in mind, we’ve had a think about all the things that teenagers are interested in these days and come up with a list of items that we think we go down a storm - not make one. 

1. Kindle Paperwhite

Get them into the best book series with a Kindle Paperwhite

Best for: Reading | Type: Kindle | Educational: Can be | Power type: rechargeable USB

 Encourages daily reading 
 Access to a massive library of books 
 Limited to just reading 

From Twilight to the Hunger Games, there are so many book series out there just waiting to be read by teenagers. Now in this modern-day way of reading, your daughter can use her pocket money to download books from Amazon’s expansive library within seconds. With its Paperwhite screen, Amazon claims that this Kindle is their clearest yet, which means eyes shouldn’t strain to read so much when they’re reading a couple of chapters before going to sleep. A great gift for bookworms.

2. Polaroid Zip Mobile Photo Printer

A quick and easy way to print of their favourite pictures

Best for: Photo lovers | Type: Printer | Educational: No | Power type: Micro USB

 Instant printed pictures 
 No need for ink 
 Will require more Zink paper once used up 

If your daughter is up in her room snapping selfies and changing her profile picture on Facebook every five minutes, then this could be the gift for her. A small compact device, it can easily be slipped into a handbag and taken out on trips with friends to produce instant momentos. With no ink required, there’s zero risk of an explosion so expect to find walls, wardrobes and every other available surface covered with pictures of her and her friends.  

3. Orlan A6 White Marble Journal

Somewhere to jot down story ideas or express their thoughts on paper, this marble journal will be used no matter what

Best for: Writers | Type: Journal | Educational: No | Power type: None

 Stylish design 
 Size perfect for handbags 
Pen not included

We all know teenagers find it hard to talk. You can see they’ve got a million and one thoughts going around in their head but they will say that they’re fine. Now, they have somewhere to express their worries and annoyances until they’re ready to talk to you. For creative teenagers, this is the perfect gift, as they can jot down ideas on the go and use them to create their next fanfiction story based on their favourite TV or book series.  

4. Amazon Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa

For an affordable techy gift, the Amazon Fire 7 with Alexa is an awesome buy

Best for: Tech lovers | Type: Tablet | Educational: No | Power type: Rechargeable battery

 Play games 
 Update social media 
 Not interactive 

Social media - check. Latest games - check. Camera- check. Reading- check. If we’re ticking off everything that your daughter loves to do, then the Amazon Fire 7 is the perfect gift. With an RRP of £50, it won’t leave a big hole in your pocket, yet has all the technology required to keep them happy. Available with a black, yellow, blue or red cover, make sure you choose the right colour to keep them extra happy on Christmas Day.  

5. Technic Large Beauty Case With Cosmetics

For makeup lovers, this beauty set is a bargain

Best for: Makeup lovers | Type: Beauty | Educational: No | Power type: None

 Everything they need in one box 
 Comes with reusable travel case 
 Makeup not the greatest quality 

For budding beauticians and experimentalists, this makeup set is a bargain. With everything you could ever wish for in a makeup set, they’ll be sat up in their room for hours, mixing and matching to their heart’s content. When you think you can pay over £10 for one eyeshadow palette in your local Boots,  for an RRP of £16, you’re getting a lot for your money. While not the greatest quality, it is perfectly decent for teenage girls.  

6. Flamingo Neon Light

They’ll love the pure funkiness of this flamingo light

Best for: Bedroom decor | Type: Lamp | Educational: No | Power type: Mains powered

 Funky nightlight 
 Great for jazzing up dull decor 
 Not for everyone 

Perched on a ledge or stood in a corner, this bright pink flamingo neon light is loud enough to jazz up any bedroom. While they’re not quite old enough to hit the neon light establishments in town just yet, it’ll certainly add a cool effect to their decor and receive the coveted ‘wow’ of approval from friends and family. Whether a feature or a statement piece, this will certainly be something they wouldn’t have expected from you this Christmas.  

7. Makeup Brushes Set Anbber Chic Green Bamboo

For flawless application from powder to eyeshadow

Best for: Makeup beginners | Type: Brush | Educational: No | Power type: None

 Complete set for all makeup 
 Comes in a gift box 
 Wash once a week  

Any makeup experimentalist will appreciate a new set of brushes.  From a powder brush for achieving that perfect base layer to an eye brush for blending out the perfect eye look, the gift set contains everything they need to create both everyday and glam looks. For a first set or for a replacement, they’re fantastic quality with a warranty included, so you know they’re going to last.  

8. BaByliss 5560PU Elegance Hair Dryer

A stylish hair dryer for smooth, frizz-free hair

Best for: Styling hair | Type: Hair dryer | Educational: No | Power type: Mains

 Fast drying even on thick hair 
 Slim nozzle for styling 
 Lead could be a little longer 

As one of the best hair dryers for thick hair, this is a great buy for those that have to spend ages in front of the mirror before their hair is satisfyingly dry. While it is powerful, it boasts ceramic and ionic technology to help prevent frizz and smooth hair. Another bonus it is can do all this without getting too hot, which means hair won’t become damaged over time - we still recommend a decent heat spray though!

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