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The best black jeans for women

Black jeans

Black jeans are a must-have for any women’s wardrobe. They can be dressed up or down to look smart or casual depending on your mood and where you’re going. But finding the right pair of jeans that fit you perfectly can be tricky, and with the ever-growing trends, choosing a pair of jeans can be a bit of a minefield. The best place to start is with the style, and figuring out what suits your body type.  Check out our quick guide below for an understanding of what’s on offer. 

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Straight cut/Skinny: This style is one of the most popular because they tend to suit all body shapes and can be worn with pretty much anything. The straight cut of skinny jean will hug your figure and features a tapered leg which is designed to be slimming.

Bootcut: These are the classic style that is still just as popular even after the rise of the skinny jean. They tend to be snug on the hips and thighs and sit nicely on the ankle. As the name suggests, they are designed to be paired with boots for either a casual or smarter look. These are a good choice for those wanting a figure-hugging look. 

Boyfriend: This is a very new trend and style of jean. The clue is in the name as these jeans are meant to look as though you borrowed them from your boyfriend (even though guys seem to wear skinnier jeans than ladies these days!). They are a relaxed style which is designed to still be slimming but not skin tight like the skinny jean. They also tend to come in a distressed style with rips on the knee or a lighter wash of denim. 

Mom jeans: It seems we are borrowing jeans from anyone and everyone these days. The mom jeans are bang on trend for 2018 and provide an even more relaxed fit than the boyfriend jean, and often tend to be high-waisted. These jeans are figure hugging around the waist and hips, and then tend to become more distressed in the leg. If you don’t like the idea of spray-on skinnies, these are a really trendy alternative. 

We’ve picked out a range of different black jeans for women, including those that are high, mid and low-rise depending on how you like your jeans to sit. Which ones will be your favourite? 

Black jeans

1. Levi's 710 Super Skinny Jean Atomic Black

A super-skinny fit you can dress up or down

Best for: Super-skinny | Sizes: 24-32 | Type: Skinny | Material: Cotton, polyester, elastane

Mid-rise waist
Machine washable
Some don’t like rips 

The Levis super-skinny black jeans for women make our top spot as the most versatile pair of jeans for current trends. The mid-rise waist is comfortable and flattering, and the skinny fit hugs the figure to give a silhouette of your figure that could just as easily be dressed up as it can be worn casually. They are slightly cropped, stopping at the ankle which means you can really show off your footwear, and they have ripped knees to add a distressed feel.  

Black jeans

2. ASOS PETITE RIDLEY High Waist Skinny Jeans in Clean Black

Petite jeans with a high waist make these a flattering choice for smaller ladies

Best for: Petite ladies | Sizes: 23-32 | Type: High-waisted | Material: Cotton, polyester, viscose, elastane

Soft and stretchy 
Skinny leg
 Recommended for 5’5 and under

If you struggle to buy jeans because of your height, then you may find that these petite jeans from ASOS fit you a little more snuggly than standard sizes. You can forget rolling up the hems of your jeans because these ones are recommended for those 5’3 and under (sorry tall ladies) so the leg is much shorter. They also feature a high-rise waist and skinny fit leg which is commonly found to be flattering on all body types. 

Black jeans

3. Levi's Black 312 shaping slim jeans

Slim cut jeans designed to shape the legs

Best for: Slimming | Sizes: 26-32 | Type: Slim cut | Material: Cotton, polyester, elastane

Not too tight
Wear well
A little long  

Skinny jeans can sometimes be a nightmare to get on and off. If you want that slim leg but don’t want to risk spray-on jeans, then these Levis offer a little more room to breathe. The slim cut is said to shape the legs well but fit comfortably around the waist, plus they wear very well too with regular use. One thing to note is that they are slightly long for those who wear a regular size, but you can always take up the hem or wear with heels to avoid this issue.  

Black jeans

4. ASOS RIDLEY High Waist Skinny Jeans in Clean Black

A high-wait and cropped ankle to show off long legs

Best for: Tall ladies | Sizes: 24-30 | Type: High-waisted | Material: Cotton, polyester, viscose, elastane

Stretchy waist 
Plain design for versatility
Copped means cold ankles

Taller ladies often find that high-waisted jeans are flattering to their figure, elongating the legs. These black jeans for women from ASOS offer a comfortable, stretchy high waist and skinny leg which cuts off at the ankle, showing off the feet. These may be a little chilly for the winter, but if you have a lot of nice shoes you like to show off, then this pair will allow you to do so.  

Black jeans

5. V by Very Ella High Waisted Ripped Skinny Jean – Black

A casual skinny complete with distressed feel

Best for: Casual wear | Sizes: 8-20 | Type: High-waisted, ripped | Material: Cotton

Flattering style
Come up big- opt for smaller size 

If you like the look of the Levi 710s in our top spot but they’re a little out of your price range, then these high-waisted ripped skinnies from Very offer a very similar look. Those who tried these jeans say they are incredibly comfy, but due to their stretch you can afford to go down a size if you want the full spray-on skinny effect.  

Black jeans

6. The Collection Petite Black bootcut petite jeans

A classic bootcut to complement all shapes and sizes

Best for: Flattering | Sizes: 8-16 | Type: Bootcut | Material: Cotton, polyester, elastane

Soft material
Come up big  

Can’t get on board the skinny jean trend? Had a moment like Ross from Friends trying to squeeze into them? Then bootcut may be your safest bet. These black jeans look smart and are said to be super-soft, meaning you can expect to get them on and off with minimal effort. The length is said to be a little longer than regular, but this can be an advantage when wearing with heels. Overall, an affordable style for everyday wear.  

Black jeans

7. ASOS FARLEIGH High Waist Slim Mom Jeans in Washed Black

Feel cool and casual in these slouchy yet stylish jeans

Best for: Comfort | Sizes: 24-36 | Type: Mom | Material: Cotton, elastane

High-rise flattering for waist
Slim but not too skinny
Lighter wash is more casual  

These high-waisted mom jeans are becoming a popular new trend in denim and are far less restricting than super-skinny styles. the acid-wash black isn’t for everyone, and it definitely lends itself to more casual styles, but for everyday wear you can expect these to allow you room to move. Being 98% cotton they are super soft, too.  


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