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9 best teas you need to try

the best tea

Fancy a cuppa? Whether you’re a fan of the milky classic english breakfast bag or fruity and fragrant tea leaves - we have pulled together our pick of the best teas out there right now that we think you should try. From the best artisan tisanes which promise numerous health benefits to top traditional black tea bags that aim to provide classic British afternoon tea bliss, we have got your next tea break covered.

There is a fair amount of knowledge to acquire when it comes to being a tea aficionado; the benefits of loose leaf vs tea bags, the best brewing processes and timings based on different tea types and even the health benefits of one tea leaf type against another. But, for the mere mortals among us, looking for a simple guide of the best teas across the board, there are only a couple of major things you need to consider...

Firstly, select your preferred tea type: if you are looking for the best 'healthy' tea, navigating towards Matcha tea, Green tea and Herbal tea (or tisanes as they are known in the industry) is your best bet. Our top green tea choice is Teapigs Premium Matcha Green Tea, perfect for an antioxidant boost. If you are after a tea that gives you a bit of a morning boost with a caffeine kick, sticking to black teas would be a good choice, Whittard's Extravagant Earl Grey is a delicate black tea choice. Alternatively, if you are more of the experimental type who enjoys the variety that tea can offer on the beverage front then keep your eyes peeled for interesting flavours such as Whittard’s Coconut Truffle tea.

Secondly, when selecting your next tea break companion, be sure to check whether you are buying loose leaf or bags. Of course, tea bags are quick and easy to brew, however you’ll most likely get a more flavoursome cuppa with loose leaf tea. Leaves will need to be infused and it can take some time getting it right, you’ll need to invest in a strainer too. 

Check out the top 10 list below with a tea for every occasion.  

the best tea

1. Teapigs Premium Matcha Green Tea

The latest trend on the tea market; Matcha has some great health benefits

Best for: Trendy tea | Type: Leaves | Size: 80g | Origin: Japan

Packed with antioxidants
Completely organic 

You may have heard the word Matcha being thrown around in the tea world lately, and if you’re a fan of green tea then you might want to give this a try. This is a highly concentrated powdered tea that is known for its antioxidants and nutritional properties and originates in Japan. It’s a little pricey, so if you’ve not tried green tea before we wouldn’t recommend this as an entry level tea as it has quite a strong taste, but if you’re into your health fads then Matcha is full of green goodness you should definitely try. 

Whittard Extravagant Earl Grey

2. Whittard Extravagant Earl Grey

A twist on the English classic, this earl grey tea comes in a cute little caddy

Best for: British with a twist | Type: Leaves | Size: 100g | Origin: China

A citrusy sweet flavour
Comes in a cute caddy

If you are a regular Earl Grey drinker but fancy something a little different, then this White Tea is a fruity alternative from China which still has that classic Earl Grey taste but with a hint of sweetness. It is recommended for drinking with a sweet treat, so it could make the perfect pairing at afternoon tea, and the softer taste is much lighter on the palate. It comes loose leaf in a small caddy which could also make a nice gift for a tea lover.  

Fortnum & Mason Spiced Rose & Fennel Infusion Tin

3. Fortnum & Mason Spiced Rose & Fennel Infusion Tin

Spice up afternoon tea with this floral infusion

Best for: Exotic | Type: Bags | Size: 37.5g | Origin: UK

Contains 15 bags
Floral taste

This herbal tea from Fortnum & Mason is certainly an acquired taste, but if you like experimenting with different teas then this one should definitely be on your list. This is an Middle-Eastern style tea witch strong notes of spiced rose and fennel, which means you can expect a strong liquorice taste from this tea. It comes in easy-to-brew silky tea bags so you can enjoy this brew bursting with flavour any time of day. 

Traditional Medicinals Nighty Night Valerian Organic Tea

4. Traditional Medicinals Nighty Night Valerian Organic Tea

Sleep easy with this organic Valerian tea

Best for: Sleep | Type: Bags | Size: 24g | Origin: Worldwide

Herbal remedy
32 tea bags 

Valerian root is known for its calming properties, which is why if you struggle to get to sleep at night, drinking this Valerian Organic Tea could work wonders. It’s naturally caffeine free and tastes mildly sweet, but this is not necessarily a tea you drink purely for the taste. It is recommended to drink 2-3 cups throughout the day to encourage relaxation, which can be great for those with stress or anxiety, and then one cup around an hour before bed to encourage peaceful sleep. 

T2 Tea English Breakfast

5. T2 Tea English Breakfast

The nation’s favourite- drink it black or white

Best for: Classic tea | Type: Leaves | Size: 100g | Origin: Sri Lanka

2-4 mins brewing time
Enjoy with or without milk

If you want a classic tea to get you out of bed in the morning, then this classic English Breakfast Tea doesn’t require much of an explanation. This is a loose leaf blend from Sri Lanka which can be brewed to perfection in around 3 minutes which can be altered in strength to suit your taste. Whether you drink it with or without milk, you can expect a coppery sweet flavour that has a kick to it.  

Numi Tea Gunpowder Green Organic Tea

6. Numi Tea Gunpowder Green Organic Tea

Classic green tea with a kick

Best for: Green tea | Type: Bags | Size: 36g | Origin: China

Great hot or cold
Totally organic

Those looking for a good green tea can expect a smooth tasting cuppa from this Gunpowder Organic Tea. Those who’ve tried it say it’s easy on the stomach and is great for drinking either hot or cold. It’s fair trade and comes in silky tea bags that are quick and easy to brew. This would also be a great tea for anyone wishing to try green tea for the first time as it’s not as harsh tasting as the Matcha. 

Teatox Skinny Detox Tea

7. Teatox Skinny Detox Tea

A caffeine-free herbal blend for those looking to shed some pounds

Best for: Weight loss | Type: Leaves | Size: 100g | Origin: Germany

Day and night tea
Natural ingredients

This “Skinny” tea is a great aid for anyone looking to shed some pounds. It is an organic blend of ingredients such as lemongrass, green tea and goji berries with a night-time blend that is designed to be drunk before bed to help the metabolism keep on working.  You only need to have 2 cups a day to start seeing a difference, but you do need to incorporate it into a healthy diet to see results.  

Liberty Earl Grey Tea Bags

8. Liberty Earl Grey Tea Bags

Earl Grey just the way you like it

Best for: Classic Earl | Type: Bags | Size: 37.5g | Origin: China, Sri Lanka and India

Pretty tin
20 bags 

If you didn’t really like the sound of the White Tea, then Liberty have a beautiful tin of classic Earl Grey Tea Bags that are bound to hit the spot. Customers love the presentation and the silky bags are also very easy to brew- drink with or without milk for a classic brew just the way the Earl intended.  

Whittard Coconut Truffle

9. Whittard Coconut Truffle

A creamy tea for those with a sweet tooth

Best for: Unique flavour | Type: Leaves | Size: 100g | Origin: China

Tastes chocolatey

Non-tea drinkers might be inclined to try this unique flavour of tea as it boasts a sweet and creamy taste that is almost akin to chocolate. The bonus here is, it’s completely sugar free and it’s a little more civilised than cracking the hot chocolate out at 9am. It’s also high in antioxidants so it really is guilt-free. If you’ve tried every tea under the sun, then branch out and try this unique flavour from Whittard.  


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