Best Yoga Straps

Yoga Strap
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If you've never tried out a simple yoga strap, you'd be surprised at how useful it can be for stretching out stiff muscles and helping your body reach difficult poses. Some of them can also be used to do a wide variety of exercises using only bodyweight. For yoga, deep stretching, and a lot of home workouts, this kind of strap is indispensable. The list below contains the best yoga straps and stretch bands for hitting that perfect pose. 

Staff Favorite

Yoga EVO Stretch Band

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Yoga EVO Stretch Band (opens in new tab)

Flexy strap for flexy stretching

The Yoga EVO stretch band has just the right amount of elasticity to make it super versatile. The band is made up of many stretchy loops, so it's convenient to slip onto a hand or foot along the entire band for a variety of exercises and poses. Our favorite part - this band also comes with a bonus workout and stretch DVD, as well as a book of exercises you can do with the band. 


LotusCrafts Yoga Strap

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Lotuscrafts Organic Cotton Yoga Strap (opens in new tab)

Guilt-free yoga

A great choice for the environmentally conscious, the Lotuscrafts Yoga Strap is made from eco-friendly organic cotton and sustainable production processes. It always feels good to support a sustainable, ethical brand when making your purchases, so this a great eco-friendly choice. It's is a traditional yoga strap with two D-rings to help secure it in place whenever needed. 

Cool Colors

Sport2People Stretching Strap

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Sport2People Stretching Strap (opens in new tab)

Understated unisex color combos

For those of you who are tired of the same old black, white, or neon purple color choices that are available with most yoga straps, this one has several more understated, unisex color options that are suitable for both men and women. Choose from soft blue, deep green, red, or black with gray. This strap is made with loops so it's a little more versatile for a wide variety of exercises. 

The Real Deal

Manduka Align Yoga Strap

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Manduka Align Yoga Strap (opens in new tab)

Top-quality from a top yogi

Now here's a quality yoga strap. Created by yogi master Peter Sterios, the line of Manduka products is one of the best in the business, so you can't go wrong with this yoga strap. It is lightweight, super durable, and incorporates a  sure-secure interlocking buckle for the best hold. For quality and functionality, Manduka is where it's at. 

Kit Kaboodle

Onory Yoga Strap

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Onory Yoga Strap (opens in new tab)

Convenient carry bag & instructions

Another loop strap with a bit of stretch to it, the Onory Yoga Strap works for any number of exercises including yoga and pilates. What we love about this one is that it comes with a little kit including a convenient carry bag and a book of exercise instructions. It's a pretty good value for the price.

Extra Long

Clever Yoga Yoga Strap

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Clever Yoga Yoga Strap (opens in new tab)

Best for extra tall folks

Clever Yoga makes a standard cotton yoga strap with the usual D-rings for a secure hold. This one comes in an unusually long presentation, however, a full 10 feet! This makes it a great choice for very tall yoga enthusiasts, and it is also useful for more advanced wrapping and posing techniques. So if you're an extra tall yoga lover, this is the perfect strap for you. 

Bang for Buck

pete's choice 5-Pack Yoga Straps

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pete's choice 5-Pack Yoga Straps (opens in new tab)

Best for studios and teachers

Teaching a yoga class or running a studio? You may want to buy a higher quantity of yoga straps to provide them for all of your students. pete's choice offers these quality cotton yoga straps in a pack of five - a great solution for teachers, studios, or even large families. Stock up now with this five pack from pete's choice. 

Yoga time!

Yoga and pilates are a great way to tone and condition the body because you can do them anywhere - even from your living room! You can increase flexibility and skill with one of these quality yoga straps. Our favorite is the EVO Yoga Stretch Band (opens in new tab) because of its elastic texture and loops for achieving the perfect pose. This one also comes with the added bonus of instructional workout videos and a booklet to help you learn the many ways the strap can be used.

For those who prefer to support eco-friendly manufacturers, check out the Lotuscrafts Organic Cotton Yoga Strap (opens in new tab) for it's sustainable materials and production processes. This one is made with extra-durable pure organic cotton. The tallest of yoga lovers, on the other hand, may prefer a super long yoga strap like this one from Clever Yoga (opens in new tab). This gives you a full 10ft to work with. Whatever your preference, start ordering today so you can take your yoga to the next level.