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Best wireless headsets

best wireless headsets
(Image credit: Photo by Piotr Cichosz on Unsplash)

Our round-up of the best wireless headsets covers a variety of types. The more affordable wireless headsets allow you to listen to music or take calls without being plugged in but might be limited if you want an immersive gaming experience.

The other wireless headphones towards the end of this list are more specialist. We've got the best wireless headset for runners or gym-use, and one for gamers, too.

When choosing the best wireless headset for you, take a look at battery life, weight, and sound quality. If your budget is limited, you may have to compromise on one of these factors - but make sure you choose wisely.

Best value

6S wireless headset

(Image credit: 6S)

6S wireless headphones

great as your first wireless headset

This wireless headset has a built-in microphone and Hi-Fi bass sound that's good enough for music or calls. The over-ear style will prevent sound leaks and is very comfortable. They're foldable, so they're easy to pop in your pocket or store on your desk. And if you run out of battery, you can just plug them in with a cable.

Best for work

Mpow M5 best wireless headset

(Image credit: Mpow)

Mpow M5 pro bluetooth headset

Made for work calls

The wireless headset that's well worth the investment for remote workers is this one from Mpow: two hours of charging gives you two days of back-to-back calls. It has noise-cancelling technology for clear audio, and you can mute the speaker by touching a button. It also comes with a charging stand, so you can make sure it's always ready to use.

Best battery

DOQUAS best wireless headset

(Image credit: DOQUAS)

DOQAUS bluetooth headphones

52 hours of playtime

This is the best wireless headset for extended battery life. It offers up to 52 hours of playtime, which is up to three times as long as your average pair of headphones. You can switch between three sound modes, choosing balanced sound, extra bass, or high definition audio. 

Best for runners

KAMTRON best wireless headset

(Image credit: KAMTRON)

KAMTRON wireless headphones

Lightweight and sweatproof

Runners or gym-bunnies will find this wireless headset the best because it's lightweight and sweatproof. It has a unique wire that goes behind the head and automatically shrinks to fit you. You can also squeeze up to 13.5 hours of audio from 2.5 hours of charging.

Best for gamers

Mpow air wireless gaming headset

(Image credit: Mpow )

Mpow air wireless gaming headset

Comfy enough to wear all day

The best wireless headset for gamers comes from Mpow. It balances lightweight, all-day comfort with high performance extremely well. The battery will last for up to 17 hours — and you can plug it in if you need more time. The wireless signal can reach up to 40ft, and the mic is noise-cancelling.

Time to go wireless?

If you're looking for your first wireless headset, you can't go wrong by trying the foldable pair from 6S. They're affordable and convenient, and an easy way to try out the technology. For something more grown-up and reliable that'll keep you connected all day during work calls, the Mpow M5 pro set is a good option.  

If you're serious about your gaming, the best wireless headset gives you an immersive experience without being tied to your console. We recommend the Mpow air wireless gaming headset: it's comfy enough to wear all day, and the battery will last, too.