Best Wi-Fi Hotspots

Wifi Hotspot on car
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With our entire lives now being online, having access to the internet, even when you are away is important. These Wi-Fi hotspots are designed to allow you to connect multiple wireless devices to a single secure hub. A lot of these devices use LTE to power the hotspot so if you are in an area with no signal they still not work, but if you are out and about in a signaled area these are perfect.

These routers also work by creating a separate Wi-Fi network, so you can use things like Chromecasts, even when you are in a hotel. We've put together a list of our favorite Wi-Fi hotspots for you right here.

Jack of all trades

RAVPower hotspot

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RAVPower FileHub Travel Router

This RAVPower FileHub is everything you need for portable living. Using the app you can create a separate Wi-Fi network using a hotel Wi-FI. This gets around the limitations of single device sign-in or a lack of Chromecast functionality that often comes from hotel Wi-Fi. 

With the FileHub you can even connect directly to a wired connection and create a secure wireless connection for all your devices. The FileHub also doubles up as a power bank, SD card reader, and can even connect to external SSD's and share their contents with your phone.

For Verizon users

Verizon Jetpack

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Jetpack by Verizon

This hotspot is specifically designed to work with the Verizon network so if you are already a subscriber you can buy this and Verizon will activate it on to your existing account.

It does require a new line so you will have to add that but the hotspot itself is very good with excellent coverage all over the USA.

Pocket sized

tp-link-travel router

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TP-Link N300 Wireless Portable Nano Travel Router

This Wi-Fi is a no-frills, micro-sized hotspot that can connect to a Wi-Fi or wired connection and make you a secure network to work from. The Tp-Link also allows you to connect 2.4ghz devices such as Chromecasts and Fire TVs, so you can stream your own media providers rather than having to rely on the terrible hotel cable.

Use any sim

Huawei hotspot

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Huawei 4G LTE Mobile WiFi Hotspot

This mobile hotspot is perfect if you travel around and use different sim cards wherever you are. The Huawei hotspot works with every major GSM carrier around the world, so if you are in the U.S. you can use your AT&T or T-Mobile card, or, if you are in the U.K. you can use a three, or EE just as easily.

Permanent solution

Netgear modem

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Another GSM only entry, but this time the Netgear router is designed to be a replacement for your home internet when that service is not available, or as the main router in your holiday home.

The Netgear is a modem that can be connected to a standard router allowing you to connect a multitude of devices to a network, just like you would at home. 

Keep connected, on the go

Wi-Fi hotspots are a fantastic way of taking a secure network with you wherever you go, or as a backup for your existing network. You can even use a good hotspot to create a separate network inside your own network to keep your networks secure.

Our personal favorite is the RAVPower FileHub. It has such a variety of uses, including powering your phone, that it seems a no-brainer to have one with you whenever you travel.

If you are looking for something a little smaller and simpler you can always go for the TP-Link Nano Travel Router. It does exactly what it's supposed to do; Give you internet when you need it most and it lets you connect to your Chromecast, or Fire TV, even when you are in a hotel. 

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