Best Teddy Bears

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Teddy bears are comforting plush creatures, crafted with soft fabrics and fluffy fill. These friendly-faced bears have a wholesome purpose, only just resembling their wild woodland counterparts. Though most stuffed bears have ample, squishy bodies that might suggest they've just eaten, their snoots only sniff out smiles, and padded paws only reach for hugs. These stuffed animals are the perfect gift for children and adults alike, ready for a full day of play or a quick cuddle. To help narrow down your stuffed bear search, we've collected the best options.

Staff pick

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GUND Philbin Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal - 18 inches

Snuggly-soft teddy in multiple sizes

Achieve that fuzzy feeling with this cuddly 18-inch teddy by Gund. With a warm chocolate-inspired color and soft, textured coat, this adorable stuffed bear is perfect for snagging a quick cuddle. With a cute face and sizable padded paws, it's hard to look at this floppy forest friend without smiling. Choose from any of the available size options and make this furry plush yours.


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GUND Peek-A-Boo Animated Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal - 11.5 inches

Blanket toting-bear ideal new plush collectors

Little ones will love this soft and squishy 11.5-inch interactive teddy. This fun bear is ready to play, holding a satin-accented blanket that becomes the perfect hiding spot. With a push of the button located on its paw, this bear snaps into action. It peeks out from the snuggly covering and recites one of six different phrases. This lively stuffed animal is great for ages zero and up.

Warm and soothing

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Itelex Warmies Microwavable French Lavender-Scented Bear Plush

Relaxing teddy with the a temperature

Cuddle up to this cute teddy designed to melt away stress and anxiety. This calming plush uses scent and temperature to provide a relaxing sensory experience. Warming this teddy in the microwave offers toasty comfort and releases a soothing herbal aroma. It's stuffed with a safe combination of all-natural grain and dried French lavender. This purposeful plush, when frozen for two to three hours, can also be used as a cold compress. Whether it is warmed or cooled, the comforting temperature options can assist with alleviating ailments including, pain, sinus pressure, and migraines. You can choose this sweet teddy or from the variety of style selections available.

Extra large

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JOON Huge Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal - 38 inches

Large and loveable plush

With over 3 feet to love, this sizable teddy offers the biggest hugs. Its soft, textured fur is shaped in quality polyester, and the fluffy fill makes it ultra plush. This towering tan teddy has a pleasant, smiling face, and printed paw pads. A ribbon tie gives this gentle giant a little more formality, but the polished presentation adds to this plush's adorable look. This stuffed animal is the ideal choice for those ages three and up.

High quality

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Vermont Teddy Bear Bear Stuffed Animal - 18 inches

Cuddly cave-dwelling plush

This soft and shaggy 18-inch teddy is a classic choice for a stuffed animal fan. It has textured brown fur, contrasting tan paw pads, and is filled with squishy stuffing that's 100 percent recycled. This cushy companion is made to take many adventures and receive countless hugs; it is protected by a lifetime guarantee. Well-loved bears can be repaired at the bear hospital in Vermont, and those that can't be fixed will be replaced. Several size and style options are available so you can make the right selection.

Great gift

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Aurora World Ashford Bear Stuffed Animal - 11 inches

Wrap it up with this bow-accented bear

This petite bear plush has piercing eyes, a sweet embroidered nose, and soft curly fur that is touchable and textured. As if to suggest that this adorable plush is a great gift choice, a shiny satin ribbon offers a charming present-worthy look. The addition of plastic beads to the bear's feet and bottom, allow it to sit nicely on a bed or at a tea party. You can choose this 11-inch bear or from the additional size options.

The bear minimum

Teddy bears are traditional plush toys with soft textures, squeezable fill, and adorable faces. Whether you collect these stuffed animals yourself or are looking to give one as a gift, there are plenty of huggable options. When it comes to a quality teddy that is cuddly and cute, the GUND Philbin Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal - 18 inches meets all of the requirements. This dark brown bear has soft and shiny fur with a contrasting face and paws. Its floppy design also makes snuggles super hard to resist. It's available in multiple sizes that are all equally worthy of love.

Teddy bears can offer comfort and companionship, but the Itelex Warmies Microwavable French Lavender-Scented Bear Plush offers a bit more. This calming plush, filled with all-natural grain and dried French lavender, can be warmed in the microwave to encourage relaxation. It soothes using a comforting temperature and scent. This teddy can also be used as a cold compress; it just has to be placed in the freezer for two to three hours.