Best Pregnancy Tests

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Getting pregnant, whether it's planned or not, can be a scary prospect. While every pregnancy has plenty of questions, the first thing that you'll need to do is make sure that you are expecting. There are tons of different types of pregnancy tests on the market, and while none of them is as accurate as a blood test from a doctor's office, they are a bit more affordable. We've found the best and most reliable over the counter pregnancy tests and collected them all for you here. 

Staff pick

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Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test with Smart Countdown


You'll want to make sure when you take a pregnancy test that it's both reliable and easy to read the results of. Clearblue's Pregnancy Test lets you triple-check your test results and get an easy to read answer. These tests are also super accurate and give a countdown showing when your results will be ready. 

Best early results

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First Response Early Results Pregnancy Tests

Find out early

Sometimes you want answers as early as possible, and First Response Early Results Pregnancy Tests delivers with results  availavle six days before a missed period to find out if you're expecting or not. This is a two-pack test so you can double-check your results to rule out a false positive. These tests are also over 99% accurate so that you can trust the results! 

Best value

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AccuMed Pregnancy Test Strips

Buy in Bulk

If you're undergoing fertility treatments or you've been trying to get pregnant, then picking up multiple tests at the same time is a good call. These AccuMed tests come in packs of 3, 25 or 50, so you have plenty of tests to take and compare. They do take a bit longer to develop than some competitors though, so you'll want to let them sit for a few minutes before checking your results. 

Best multi-pack

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First Response Triple Check Pregnancy Test

Check your Results

Knowing when you're pregnant is as essential as proper medical attention. If you're worried about false positives, then the First Response Triple Check Pregnancy Test makes things easy on you. You get three tests in one package, and all of them are easy to read, can detect pregnancy up to six days before a missed period, and are 99% accurate. 

Best early detection

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Clearblue Early Result Pregnancy Test

Know days before the others

When you're actively trying to get pregnant, you may end up taking pregnancy tests much earlier. In that case, the Clearblue Early Result Pregnancy Test is your best bet since it's built to detect pregnancy six days earlier than the competition! This two-pack is super reliable, as well as letting you double-check your results to avoid running into a false positive. 

Reliable results

Getting pregnant, even when you've been trying, can be a scary time. That's twice as true if you didn't mean to get pregnant, so before you panic, make sure you really do have a bun in the oven with a great pregnancy test. The Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test With Smart Countdown delivers results that are easy to read and reliable when they show up on the screen. It means that you never have to try and decipher whether you are pregnant or not, and since its a 3-pack, you can also triple-check those results. 

If you've been trying to get pregnant, and you're hoping to know one way or the other earlier than usual than we suggest snagging the First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test. It's been proven to detect pregnancy up to six days earlier than the competition, including before you've even missed a period.