Best Baby Food Makers

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Processed baby foods are high in sugars, salt, and have some added preservatives to increase shelf life. It is much healthier, and cost-effective, to purée your own baby food at home. The trick to making this easy is using a baby food maker. We've gathered a good list of some of the best along with a few accessories you'll need to finish up the process.

Staff pick

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Baby Brezza glass baby food maker

Steam and blend

Prepping delicious purées for your baby is simple with this one-step food maker. They'll be gumming yummy, healthy meals in ten minutes with the help of this machine's food-handling power. It steams and blends your choice of fruits, veggies, and more with the push of a button on the LCD control panel. The efficient blade smooths food to produce four cups of healthy nutrient-rich meals, contained in the handled, easy-pour glass bowl. 

Best all in one

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Beaba Babycook 4-in-1 steam cooker and blender

Hip-hip purée

Give your baby delicious spoonfuls of homemade goodness with this multi-function food-prepper by Beaba. You'll prepare 4.7 cups of steamed and blended food to keep baby happy. This model has a handled bowl marked with measurements for easy portion control, stainless steel water reservoir, easy one-button control, and an automatic shut-off. You won't have to worry about food prep taking too much time either. From the refrigerator to the bowl, this machine whips up food in 15 minutes. Aside from food prep, pre-made meals that need to be warmed or defrosted can be heated. A cooking basket, mixing lid, spatula, and recipe book are also included. 

Best handheld

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green sprouts fresh baby food mill

Make it by hand

You can really get a handle on your baby's food prep with this crank-powered baby food maker. It easily purées your little one's favorite foods with a few turns of the handle. Its expandable design stretches to accommodate and prepare cooked food. The handle and stainless steel stringer plate complete this mill-style device, attaching to the base to blend food into a yummy consistency (even keeping seeds out). Being that this cuisine-creating contraption is not tied to electricity, it makes baby food prep simple, no matter the location.

Best storage device

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Infantino squeeze station

Squeezable packaging

Storing your homemade baby food is simple with this handy device that transfers puréed food and more into easy-squeeze pouches. This filling station features a pouch-holding stand, three tubes for easy food transport, and a food press to push the food into the pouches for easy storage. Each pouch, ten in total, holds 4 ounces of food to delight baby with a little squeeze. For easy clean-up, the squeeze station parts are all dishwasher safe.

Best storage containrs

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Sage Spoonfuls 12-pack glass baby food storage containers set

Store and save

You can prep and store your baby food in bulk with the help of this generous reusable glass container collection. These 12, four-ounce glass jars feature convenient measurement markings for precise portioning and securely fasten with screw-on plastic lids. They are simple to stack and store in the freezer or refrigerator until it's mealtime. Along with being freezer safe, each jar is microwave and top-rack dishwasher safe. These jars are safe for babies too because they are constructed without BPA, phthalates, lead, and PVC.  

Mealtime must-haves

The best baby food maker is the Baby Brezza glass baby food maker because it locks in nutrients by steaming foods before blending it to a consistency that is easy for babies to eat and digest. The Baby Brezza makes four cups of puree at a time and most parts of the maker can be washed in the dishwasher for easy clean-up. 

Check out the green sprouts fresh baby food mill if you're looking to be more eco-friendly, or wish to cut down on electricity use. This manual baby food maker uses an old-fashioned crank to puree foods. It is a good choice to bring along on trips and always be ready to make food for your baby.