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Best Pokémon toys

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Pokémon have brought tiny pocket monsters to the world for twenty years, showing off hundreds of adorable little monsters that kids and adults alike have fallen in love with. While they may have started as a game, you can now find a wide variety of different toys that bring this franchise to life. Out of every toy available on the market My Friend Pikachu is the absolute best with a cuddly plush body, light up cheeks and a variety of different spoken phrases. 

Pokémon official and premium Pikachu plush

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Pokémon official and premium Pikachu plush

Reasons to buy
+Best overall

Out of the hundreds and hundreds of different Pokémon that have been released over the last twenty years, one of the most popular toy choices is Pikachu. This little electric mouse is now coming to life in your home as a 8-inch plush that is ultra squeezable.

This soft and cuddly Pikachu is 8 inches tall. It is as close as the real world may ever get to having a Pikachu for a friend or a pet. At a decent size, he's perfect for snuggling up with at bedtime or riding in the car on family trips. You can almost hear the yellow rodent's cheerful chirping. If your child loves Pokémon and has always wanted their own pocket monster, this is the toy worth grabbing. 

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Pokemon Nanoblocks

Reasons to buy
+Best Value

Finding toys that are affordable and allow kids to use a bit of creativity isn't always an easy task. If your child is low-key obsessed with legos and Pokémon, then Nanoblocks may be the way to go. These tiny little building sets allow you to create one of 20 different Pokémon with small blocks. Each one looks like the pocket monster you are aiming for, and even better, fits right into the palm of your hand. 

One of the significant downsides of Nanoblock Pokémon is the small size. This means that some of the blocks can be lost, and they do act as a choking hazard for younger children. However, kids 6 and up should be safe provided they don't lose any necessary pieces. With 20 different Pokémon to choose from, and at an unusually affordable price point, these are great small toys for kids to build. 

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Funko Pops

Reasons to buy
+Best Collectible

Funko Pops are one of the most popular collectible items for folks to buy. From movies to video games, to television shows there are hundreds of different vinyl figures all organized by various fandoms. Pokémon is no different, and now you can start to collect your favorite pocket monsters and display them on shelves in your home. 

The Pokémon Funko pop line is relatively limited for the time being, which is a good thing for anyone who wants to get in on the ground floor of collecting. You can snag Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Pikachu figure right now. Squirtle has also been announced, and doubtless, it's only a matter of time until more Pokémon are released.

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Pokémon Action Figure Mega Pack

Reasons to buy
+Best Action Figures

Battling Pokémon isn't an easy task in the real world. With the Pokémon Action Figure Mega Pack, you can imagine it happening right in your living room. These two and three-inch action figures are highly detailed and ready for everything your child's imagination can throw at them. 

The Mega Pack comes with eight different Pokémon to play with: Pikachu, Eevee, Litten, Rowlett, Popplio, Cosmog, Metang, and Wobbuffet. All of them look just like their names sakes, and several come with articulated limbs so they can move around when getting played with. One of the only downsides of these toys is that they are relatively small, which makes them a choking hazard for younger children, and makes them easy to lose. 

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Eevee Plush

Reasons to buy
+Best Plush

There are hundreds of different Pokémon, but one of the most popular is Eevee, known for its many many various evolutions. Now you can cuddle up with Eevee with this adorable eight-inch plush. 

Made of soft material, and huggable rather than stuff, this plushie is made to be loved. It looks just like Eevee, and at a smaller size, you can believe it takes the term "pocket monster" to heart. This means it won't take up much room and is easy for your child to bring on long car trips. The only real flaw is that if your Eevee gets dirty, it's not super easy to clean. You'll have to spot clean it because this little guy is not machine washable. 

Bottom line

There are hundreds of different Pokémon toys on the market today. From plushies of half the original Pokeémon to action figures, and even blocks, there is a toy that will appeal to every child. However, the best of the best is absolutely My Friend Pikachu.

This ten-inch plush toy delivers an experience that brings Pikachu to life in the real world. He has light-up cheeks, ears that move, ten different spoken phrases, and he looks just like the electric mouse everyone has fallen in love with. If you can only afford one Pokémon toy, this is the one worth your money. 

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