Best Playhouses for Kids

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The proper playhouse supports your child's budding imagination and encourages creativity. No matter the type of playhouse, a castle or a cottage, these special places are ideal for pretending. By pretending children learn how to navigate the world, it allows them to interpret it by becoming something, like royalty or an astronaut. A playhouse can encourage this "can be" behavior, nurturing these fantastical roleplaying experiences. Whether you're looking to create a play area indoors or out, playhouses are available in a variety of styles, and we've collected the best options available.

Staff pick

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USA Toyz Pop-Up Rocket Ship Play Tent

The moon isn't so far away with this pop-up play space

Let little imaginations soar into the stars with this pop-up play area. Transportation to terrestrial places is possible with this rocket-style tent, just unroll the door and count down. Its pointed nose and silvery wings are details that ensure each mission will be a success. This roomy star-printed spacecraft, sized at 51-by-40.5 inches, is shaped in breathable polyester that wipes clean and is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. This rocket is ideal for children ages three and up.

For royalty

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Creatov Foldable Castle Tent Playhouse

Rule the kingdom with this cool castle

This portable castle-style tent is fit for royalty. Princesses and princes will find the luxurious palace spacious, measuring a grand, 15.2-13.2-by-2 inches. It's also detailed with two mesh windows for viewing the kingdom and taking in the fresh air. The easy castle door rolls up when visitors are welcome and unrolls to keep out intruders. This convenient castle can be placed indoors or out and stored in its carrying case when not in use. Both blue and pink options available to choose from.

For princesses

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Monobeach Princess Tent Playhouse

Elegant princess tent with all of the finishes

The littlest leaders will find the elegance of this dreamy escape perfect for the likes of royalty. This pitched tent offers an extravagant look with an open design, measuring at 55-by-53 inches. With scalloped trim, sheer draping curtains, and twinkle lights, princesses will find that this space meets all of the regal standards. It's made of quality polyester and can be constructed in both indoor and outdoor kingdoms with the provided poles and connectors. This tent is ideal for princesses ages three and up.

Tons of tunnels

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Plays 5-Piece Pop-up Play Tent Set

Colorful and crawly tent and tunnel maze

Pop up play instantly with this elaborate five-piece playset. With two uniquely-shaped tents, a ball pit, and two tunnels, this play structure offers tons of variety to extract the most fun possible. Each piece is interchangeable and can be combined in many ways. Vibrant colors, mesh accents, and ball hoops make these pieces unique and lovable for growing imaginations. This playset is waterproof and durable enough for outdoor use. Children ages three months and up can enjoy this engaging combination of tents and tunnels.

Inflatable fortress

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AirFort The Original Inflatable Air Fort

For a fun place to play, add air

Construct a cool playhouse in less than 30 seconds with a little air. With the help of a box fan (not included), this fun tent inflates into a spacious play area that can become anything and all that your child wants. It's made of lightweight, breathable fabric and expands to a sizable 6-by-4 foot space when air is added. Though this fortress is roomy, it's also conveniently compact, simply folding away into its drawstring carrying case when playtime is finished. (No need for obtrusive poles and connectors with this handy tent!) Just turn on the fan and inflate the fun for children ages three and up. Several color options are available to make this tent the best choice.

Realistic homestead

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Little Tikes Cape Cottage

Cozy cottage for hosting friends and hanging out

Your little one will love to reside in this adorable cape-style cottage. It features two doors for welcoming guests, and two shuttered windows for gazing. You can make the new house homey, too. There's a place for a flag and a slot to receive important mail. The square footage of this tiny house might seem minimal, but it's the right dimension for kiddos, sized at 42.8-by-35-by-49 inches. This playhouse can be placed indoors or out and is great for children ages two and up.

A place to play is a place to say

With a place to imagine all that can be, children have the opportunity to unleash their creativity and play without limits. Playhouses provide that special place where kids can dream and pretend. The greatest pretending places are ones that offer children room to be and become. Our staff pick is the USA Toyz Pop-Up Rocket Ship Play Tent because its space-worthy design means imaginations will travel to faraway locations. This tent features a pointed nose for navigating through clouds as well as the atmosphere and directional wings to stay on coarse. Its spacious design provides room for an astronaut or two, measuring at 51-by-40.5 inches. This rocket is built with durable polyester, ideal for the ravages of space travel. It wipes clean, too, just in case.

If you're looking for a playhouse that's a little unconventional, look no further than the AirFort The Original Inflatable Air Fort. This tent uses air to create a fun space for children to explore. It's made of breathable fabric, and when inflated it expands to a sizable 6-foot diameter. The fun fortress takes shape with the assistance of a box fan (not included) and easily folds away into a drawstring carrying case. Several color options are available to make this play space a fun addition.