Best Osmo Toys

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The Osmo Toy line aims to bring tablets and tactile learning games together in a fun package that appeals to children from 4-12. There is a huge variety in the different types of games and kits that Osmo offers up, and we've managed to narrow down the best of the best. The Osmo Genius Kit comes with everything you need to get started and has five different games for kids to play. 

Best Overall

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Genius Kit

The Osmo Genius Kit gets your child learning in a variety of different fun ways that will keep them interested as they play.


  • Five different types of games to play
  • Built for kids 6-10
  • Comes with everything you need to play


  • Large number of small easily lost pieces 

Getting kids interested in learning isn't always an easy task. One great way of getting your kids to start learning while they're having fun is the Osmo Genius Kit. This kit comes with everything you need to get started with Osmo, barring the tablet that will be running the actual app. The Genius Kit is built for kids between 6-10 years old and has five different games for them to dive into. 

The Genius Kit comes with many different parts for parents to be aware of. There is the Osmo base, tangram pieces, number pieces, letter pieces, and stackable storage for everything when your child isn't playing. The kit has five different games, but only three of them require parts from Osmo. The other two can be enjoyed using run-of-the-mill art supplies that parents would need to supply. Kids will learn about reading, vocabulary, numbers, problem solving, and indulge in imagination and creative play. 

This kit from Osmo is the very best because it comes with everything that parents need to get started with Osmo. The five games included would usually be sold as separate games, so you're getting some serious bang for your buck. It's also worth mentioning, every expansion kit you may buy down the line requires the Osmo base to play. When you combine the base, the games, and all of the fun new learning activities your child has access to, it's easy to see why we suggest this kit over others. 

Best Value

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Numbers Game

Math can be complicated for many kids, but these games make it fun and encourage them as they learn.


  • Great for kids 5-10 years old
  • Varying level of difficulty in games
  • Teaches counting, addition, subtraction, and multiplication


  • Osmo Base required
  • Lots of small pieces which can be lost

Math doesn't come easy to every child, but it will permeate their lives. Giving them a solid grasp of counting and math skills early in life will pay dividends down the line. Osmo's Numbers game turns math into something fun and easy for kids to grasp. It covers basics like counting and then introduces addition, subtraction, and multiplication. 

There are only two real downsides to the Numbers game. Parents will need to either separately purchase an Osmo base or already own one. Additionally, there are a large number of small tiles that can be lost. Kids will play a game where they are freeing fish in the ocean by completing math problems and using the provided tiles to do it. It makes learning fun and intuitive, which is a critical aspect of getting kids interested in math and then building their confidence as new concepts are introduced.

Best Math

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Pizza Co. Game

Watch your kids learn about math concepts like addition, subtraction, money, and fractions by serving up pizza to adorable animals.


  • Uses fun game concepts to teach math 
  • Great for kids 5-12 
  • Teaches basic math, fractions, and communication skills


  • Requires the Osmo base
  • Pizza toppings are small and easily lost pieces

For many kids, math is a frustrating experience that is as far from fun as it gets. If you want to help your child to learn about math concepts like fractions, addition, subtraction, and making change, than Osmo's Pizza Co. Game is an excellent choice. Kids will serve up a pizza to animals on the screen as they run their own little pizza joint. The game teaches them about essential math functions and concepts in a way that doesn't feel like work. 

Pizza Co. comes with many different pieces that you'll need to keep track of. These include the pizza base, toppings, and money bills and coins. There is stackable storage to help keep track of everything, but that doesn't mean that you won't lose bits along the way. Parents will also need to make sure they already own the Osmo base, as it doesn't come with this game. 

Best Coding

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Coding Awbie Game

Learn to code by taking Awbie on a fun strawberry munching adventure where your kids will be taught about coding fundamentals, problem-solving, and computational learning.


  • Kids use tactile blocks to learn how to code
  • See Awbie complete actions as you program them 
  • Great for kids interested in STEM


  • Requires you to own the Osmo base
  • Gameplay may be too simple for older kids

Getting kids involved in STEM learning when they are still in elementary school isn't always an easy prospect. Osmo's Coding Awbie Game delivers a fun way for kids to learn about coding while seeing the fruits of their labor on the screen as they go. This game is built for kids 5-12 and uses tactile blocks to teach them the fundamentals of coding.

Coding with Awbie does require the Osmo base to play, which is an important caveat for parents who are just getting started with Osmo. Past that, it comes with 19 magnetic coding blocks. These include directions like Walk, Jump, Grab, and more. Kids will snap these blocks together to tell the Awbie app what to do, and then watch it happen on the screen. 

Bottom line

Each Osmo Kit and game that we've talked about here delivers a fun and educational experience for children. These run the gamut from options for preschool-aged tykes up through intermediate coding for your 10-year old. Out of every option on the market, the #1 Osmo product is the Genius Kit

This kit comes with absolutely everything you need for your child to start having fun while they learn. Since it covers a variety of subjects, from math to vocabulary to creative options, it's an excellent way for kids to have fun and learn something in the process. It also comes with the Osmo base that is lacking in most additional games, making it easier for you to expand your Osmo collection down the line.