Best Nebulizers

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A nebulizer uses a small compressor to deliver air into a mask. Medication, in the form of a liquid, is fed into a chamber connected to the cover, which turns this into a fine mist perfectly suited for treating respiratory illnesses.

For some people with breathing difficulties, a nebulizer is often the first line of defense prescribed by physicians. It's also commonly used to get fussy kids to take their medicine.

We have had a look at the market and picked out what we believe are the best nebulizers in the following list.

Staff pick

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Vibit Portable Personal Compressor System Humidifier

Excellent for COPD

Not only does this Vibit nebulizer come with five air filters, an adult and child mask, a mouthpiece, and a medication cup, but it has a built-in handle to make it easily portable. The mist created by this system carries nano-sized droplets to the lungs for immediate relief. It has stainless-steel hardware and pyrex glass components that are easy to keep clean.

A one-button operation is convenient to use and this system will treat lung problems like bronchitis, allergies, flu, and much more.

For asthma sufferers

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Mute Portable Handheld Atomizer, Personal Vaporizer

Small enough to fit in a pocket

This nebulizer is small, compact, and consumes little power and is suitable for masks for all ages. A USB rechargeable battery provides the atomization power and switches off automatically after 20 minutes. A power button allows you to switch it on or off at any time.

You get one ultrasonic atomizer, two masks (one for adults and second is smaller for younger folk), and a USB charger, all in a convenient pocket.

Best for home

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Drive Medical Personal Cool Mist Inhaler Compressor System

Portable to take from room to room

Single-button operation is simple and easy to use, and the Drive Medical Cool Mist Inhaler comes with a five-year warranty. This nebulizer comes with five filters and cutaway tube management to make it a hassle-free experience.

The piston-powered system is ETL and FDA certified and weighs under five pounds to make it easy to take from room to room.

Best value

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Original Himalayan Crystal Salt Inhaler

Ideal for sinus and lung health

Use the Original Himalayan Crystal Salt Inhaler to combat bacteria, viruses, and molds that compromise respiratory health. Coming with a certificate of analysis that shows 84 trace minerals in the Himalayan salt, the nebulizer reduces and thins mucus to decongest the lungs.

The salt pipe and the neti pot combine to deliver the nano-sized salt particles to hydrate and reduce congestion.

Premium level

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Mypurmist 2 Ultrapure Handheld Personal Steam Inhaler

Drug free and natural

The Mypurmist Steam Inhaler is a drug-free, and natural therapy doctor recommended nebulizer, with new technology for maintenance-free operation. It provides germ-free steam through the HEPA filter for the most sterile delivery of any competitor.

The system includes eight purified water refills to cover 40 uses and is suitable for sinus problems, allergies, and colds. It also comes with a two-year warranty.

For children

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Wave Medical Kid Friendly Cool Mist System

Looks like a toy to keep everyone calm

This high-performance and easy to use Wave Medical nebulizer is child-friendly and shaped to look like a bear. It comes complete with a full mask kit, air-tubing, mouthpiece, and reservoir cup.

In addition to its appeal to the young, it's also quiet. More importantly, the one-button operation is so simple to use that even a child can do it.

Start breathing easier again with a nebulizer

If it's not a cold or flu, then it's an allergy that seems to occur regularly throughout the year. When you're finding breathing a little difficult because of sinus or lung congestion, then it's time to reach for a nebulizer. The best way to breathe easy again is to use the Vibit Portable Personal Compressor System Humidifier and let the nano-mist penetrate deeply into the lungs. The mist is not warmed in order to cool and soothe the nasal passages and throat.

For the most sterile system, go for the new version of Mypurmist 2 Ultrapure Handheld Personal Steam Inhaler. The instant-on system will create steam immediately for relief within five to ten minutes. This unit is lightweight, handheld, and portable to move around with you. This product is also a must-have for professional singers who use it to soothe the throat.

Whichever nebulizer you choose, and for whatever reason, make sure you talk to your doctor if the symptoms persist.