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Kettlebells are a different type of exercise device that gives you the work out benefits of both a barbell and free weights. Typically, you only use one kettlebell during your work out, and they come in different sizes, usually ranging between 10 pounds and 50 pounds, though some can be as massive as 80 pounds. Our top pick for the best kettlebells is from Yes4All. These are made with cast iron, so there isn't a worry about them breaking or wearing down. But each is also coated with a vinyl finish to help protect your floors as they sit on them. Also, the overall value of each Yes4All kettlebell is pretty decent to give you a good workout without costing too much.

Best Overall

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Number one for kettlebells

Yes4All kettlebells are designed to be used by anyone, from beginner to expert, with a good range of available weights. 


  • Ten different weights
  • Vinyl coated for protection
  • Large handles


  • No color coding
  • Vinyl is prone to cracks

Yes4All kettlebells are single cast iron pieces dipped in a vinyl coating to prevent damage to your floors. Kettlebells come in 10 different weights, starting at five pounds and going up to 50 pounds. The vinyl color for all of them is the same - blue - so there isn't any way to tell one weight from another based on a color-coding system. The weight of each is clearly marked on the side of each kettlebell, though. These kettlebells have wide handles so you can do both single and double-handed exercises. The bottom of the kettlebells is flat to make them secure while on the ground.

The vinyl covering doesn't cover the handles. The handles are smooth with no sharp points or seams and are coated with an enamel finish that isn't prone to slipping when wet. However, vinyl is prone to cracking. Yes4All does have a year warranty on its kettlebells, so you can get a replacement if the vinyl on your weight breaks.

Best Soft Body

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Bionic Body

Easy on your floors

This soft body kettlebell won't scratch, dent, or damage floors as it's placed or dropped on them. It includes a two-year warranty.


  • Soft on floors
  • Uncentered point of gravity
  • Two-year warranty


  • Can be punctured
  • Not solidly built
  • Not available in weights over 40 pounds

The Bionic Body soft body kettlebell is filled with sand and steel power, which makes it quieter and safer if it is accidentally dropped on your floor. Many workout enthusiasts prefer the softer body of this kettlebell for heavier weights while using solid kettlebells at lower weights. The Bionic Body has an unbalanced center of gravity for a unique workout. You can choose from seven different weights ranging from 10 pounds to 40 pounds. The weights go up in five-pound increments. The large handle of this kettlebell easily fits both hands for two-handed exercises and is made from cast iron for durability.

While the body of the Bionic Body kettlebell is packed well enough that the filling creates a substantial weight, it will spill if the body is somehow punctured. This isn't easy to do, however. And it does come with a limited two-year warranty if something does go wrong with your kettlebell.

The Conversion Kit

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Kettle Gryp

Make your own kettlebells

The Kettle Gryp turns existing dumbbells into a kettlebell. This cuts down on the number of weights needed for a diverse workout.


  • Portable
  • Holds up to 55-pound weights
  • Space saver


  • No weights included
  • Plastic pieces can break
  • Expensive

This device turns any of your existing dumbbells into a kettlebell. The Kettle Gryp opens like a crocodile mouth. You set your weight in the grove, then close the Gryp and lock it into place. The Kettle Gryp can handle weights up to 55 pounds and works with weights that have either metal or coated handles. The weight groove has a rubber coating that keeps your dumbbell in place. The handle is wide enough for single or double-handed workouts.

The Kettle Gryp is just the handle, so it doesn't come with any dumbbells. The handle is secured in place using a tongue in groove type mechanism that snaps into place. There is a possibility of these clasps becoming loose, worn, or breaking when opening or closing the Gryp. The price of the Kettle Gryp is about the same as a single kettlebell, so if you only need one, it may be better to purchase the one kettlebell you need.

Bottom line

Yes4All is a well-known brand in the weight-lifting industry. It offers the best kettlebells that are made from cast iron and built to last. The vinyl coating on the bell part helps protect your floors from scratches during flow exercises. You can choose from 10 different weights, and each bell is priced reasonably. 

The highest weight available from Yes4All is 50 pounds. This weight is plenty for most people looking to have a good workout. But if you are cross-training or building up to a higher weight level, look at CAP Barbell. This company has kettlebells up to 80 pounds. However, while these kettlebells are made from cast iron, too, they are finished with an enamel coating that doesn't offer any protection to your home floors.

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