Best Fidget Spinners

Fidget Spinner Hero
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Kids, adults, and everyone in-between seem to love spinning these addictive little toys. And that's OK, since fidget spinners have been shown to reduce stress and anxiety in people of all ages. Whether it's to soothe stress, ADHD, or just a common case of ants in pants, a quality fidget spinner is an excellent and calming solution for any kind of nervous energy. We've put together a list of the best fidget spinners money can buy. 

Staff Favorite

FIGROL Fidget Spinner

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FIGROL Crystal LED Fidget Spinner

Ooooh, pretty lights!

Smaller children especially will love this bright fidget spinner that lights up into multiple colors using small LED lights. It's also built using crystal-clear materials so you can see how it's put together on the inside. Turn it on, spin it round, and watch the lights as they form interesting patterns through the movement. It's even more fun at night!

Find your calm

Duomishu Anti-Anxiety Fidget Spinner

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Duomishu Anti-Anxiety Fidget Spinner

Best for anxiety

Because of its unique three-piece design, this fidget spinner can be manipulated in many different ways, making it even more entertaining and effective at soothing the symptoms of anxiety and ADHD. The double pendulum creates a unique movement that never seems to go the same way twice, making for endless spinning fun. 

Party pack

Owen Kyne Spinner 12-pack

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Owen Kyne 12-Pack Fidget Spinners

Best for parties and giveaways

Planning a super spinning party? Kids will love this pack of 12 brightly hued fidget spinners. Even though they come at a great bulk price, these are high-quality steel fidget spinners with counterweight bearings that will keep them moving for minutes on end. 

It flies!

EliveBuy Flying Fidget Spinner

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EliveBuy Flying Fidget Spinner

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a flying fidget spinner!

Now here's a novel idea - a flying fidget spinner! The EliveBuy spinner combines a traditional fidget spinner with tiny propellers, resulting in a little drone and fidget spinner in one! Start by spinning it round and round and then surprise your friends when it takes off in flight! The flying spinner comes with an on/off switch so you can use it when it's not in flight mode as well. 

Cool factor

MAYBO SPORTS Dragon Eye Fidget Spinner

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Maybo Sports Dragon Eye Fidget Spinner

Best unique design

Lovers of fantasy and hero stories will appreciate the unique design of this fidget spinner from Maybo Sports. The metal-alloy spinner features three dragon wings surrounding a multicolored dragon's eye. The shifting color pattern on the surface creates a cool rainbow effect when the toy is spinning. 

Teensy tiny

WeFidget Mini Fidget Spinner

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WeFidget Mini Fidget Spinner

Small size + big fun

WeFidget's famous Mini Fidget Spinner is small but extraordinary. The little spinner is weighted perfectly so that once it starts, it can keep spinning endlessly for a full six minutes without slowing. It's one of the best for performing "spinner tricks" like knuckle walking, but it can also just rest on a fingertip, spinning happily for long stretches at a time. 


INNÔPLUS Fidget Spinners

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INNÔPLUS Metal Spinner with Solar Lights

Futuristic look with solar energy

This is the fidget spinner of the future! The dark metal design lends it a futuristic look, while tiny glow-in-the-dark panels absorb solar energy and reflect back with green lights in the dark. Those green lights can be used to make cool designs as the toy spins in the darkness. 

Let's start spinning

With one of these cool fidget spinners, you'll be spinning away in no time. These toys are especially helpful for adults and children with anxiety conditions, ADHD, or just an excess of nervous energy. For that purpose, the Duomishu Anti-Anxiety Fidget Spinner is probably the most therapeutic of all because of its unique design and movements. The double pendulum will create any number of interesting and soothing movements. 

With that being said, our favorite is admittedly the Crystal LED Fidget Spinner because of all the pretty lights. Set it spinning, turn out the lights, and be amazed at the array of colorful designs that it brings forth. If you prefer a heavy-duty, long spinning trick toy, look into the Mini Fidget Spinner from WeFidget. This one will keep on going for a full six minutes!