Best Exercise Bikes

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Having a good exercise bike in your home can be the difference between staying fit and healthy, and not. As much as we would all like to go the gym everyday, for most of us that's just possible. With an exercise bike, we can at least keep our cardio workouts going, even if the gym is a distant memory.

Exercise bikes come in many configurations, from spin class bikes, to bikes with desks on them, there is bound to be something to suit any need here in our list. 


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Schwinn Upright Bike

Reasons to buy

Best overall

The Schwinn upright bike is at the perfect crossroads of affordability and usefulness. The upright bike has a combination of different adjusters to get the feel just right, while the comfort grips are filled with impressive tech.

Along with a pulse meter, 29 workout programs, and a huge LCD display, the Schwinn can also be connected to popular fitness apps to help track your distances via Bluetooth. This bike really has everything you need.


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Indoor Cycle Bike with Leather Resistance Pad

Reasons to buy

Best for spin

Spin classes are intense and anyone who does them regularly deserves a medal. The Sunny Health indoor cycle is perfect for those who want to spin but can't get to the gym.

The 49lb flywheel gives you that resistance feeling you get from riding a real bike. It's a much more natural feeling than other bike styles and is perfect for spinning at high speed.


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Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike

Reasons to buy

Space saving

Sometimes the need to exercise and the amount of storage you have can be in conflict. With the mini exercise bike, you can sit on a comfortable chair and use the machine to get your heart rate up.

This isn't designed as a heavy-duty option — you aren't going to be doing a spin class on this — but it works brilliantly for short aerobic sessions to keep your heart healthy.


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Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike

Reasons to buy

Best Value

With a weight limit of 300lbs, this foldable exercise bike is a fantastic deal. For those of us, like me (275lbs) having an affordable bike that is easy to store makes getting healthier much easier.

I like this bike a lot as it has some great features like pulse rate checking, and a large LCD to check my calories I've burned. I just wish it had a Bluetooth connection for my iPad or even a stand.

Peddle power!

Exercise bikes are a central part of any home gym. They allow you to get the maximum use of your space to improve your cardiovascular health, as well as improve your overall fitness.

We love the Schwinn Upright Bike for its smart connectivity and comfort. Being able to use your smartphone or iPad to track your fitness and create workouts on the apps you already use is elevates the Schwinn bike to greatness.

Whichever bike you choose, make sure you're using it regularly! It doesn't do you any good to buy it, then leave it in the hallway; trust me I know.

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