Best Electronic Dictionaries

Best Electronic Dictionaries
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In the modern age, individual technologies are being taken over by mobile phones. There is something to be said for having a dedicated device, however, especially in places that you may not have a data connection. Here we have a list of the best electronic dictionaries to help you find the word you need, whenever you need it.

Best overall


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Franklin DMQ221

The staff pick

This Franklin dictionary and thesaurus has over 118,000 word-phrases and definitions built-in to help you find the right word for your project. The built-in phonetic spell checker is also incredibly helpful, especially for those with Dyslexia. Along with its low price, these features make it the best choice for you.

For the young ones


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IF children's electronic dictionary bookmark

It's bright and shiny

Along with all the standard features of an electronic dictionary, the IF children's bookmark has a slot in the top for the child to highlight the word they need to spell. It also allows them to put the word into the context of what they are reading.

Scan your words


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ScanMarker Air Pen

Not just a dictionary

The ScanMarker is more than just a dictionary; it allows you to scan words into your computer or phone and search for definitions or synonyms. It can also read aloud what you are scanning, so you can hear the words as you read, even if they are in a different language.

Ultra thin

IF bookmark

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IF grey electronic bookmark

Keep it with your book

Having a simple bookmark that has access to thousands of word definitions is extremely helpful. Using the bookmark from IF means you can continue your workflow without having to look up from the book you are reading and keeps you focused on what you need.

They still have their place

The most important aspect of an electronic dictionary has to be the available word definitions when you are offline. The Franklin DMQ221 has nearly 12,000 word-phrases and definitions, so it is incredibly versatile and our top recommendation. As a bonus, it also has 500,000 synonyms available and six fun word games to improve your vocabulary. It's small too and will sleep into a school bag easily and safely with its flip-up cover.

For the younger generation, the bright bookmark from IF has some excellent features designed for children, including a framed area so the child can see the word they don't know. If if you are in high school or college, you may want something like the ScanMarker that integrates with your phone to help you find the words you need to complete assignments. The ScanMarker can even read the words aloud as you scan them, making it extremely helpful for people living with Dyslexia.

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