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Best computer speakers

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Computer speakers are essential to producing awesome sound, even from smaller devices such as tablets or smartphones. The Logitech Z120 Compact PC Stereo Speakers will give you the best overall value, but the other options presented here help in different situations. Whether you're a minimalist or need maximum theatre sound, there is surely a set of speakers to help you. Some will allow you to port your speakers from location to location, while others are better optimized for staying in one spot on your desk.

Best overall

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Logitech Z120 Compact PC Stereo Speakers

Powerful and stylish

These Logitech Z120 stereo speakers are the perfect combination of small and stylish. They are easy to plug into your computer or device using the USB plug and, if you're often on the go, you can put them into a bag or purse for carrying to your next destination.

Fingertip controls on the speakers make it a snap to adjust the volume or turn the power on and off. Unsightly cords are easy to hide using a cable management solution on the back of the speakers. You even have the option of using a USB cable or the 3.5 mm input cable for connecting the speakers to your computer, if you don't mind working with the different power requirements.

Best design

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Creative Pebble V2 Speakers

A minimalist sound approach

If you prefer an unobtrusive look to your speaker experience, the Pebble V2 is the way to go with its sleek, stylish appearance. A front-facing knob makes it easy to get to the volume control when somebody walks in the room or when you want to blast that guitar solo. Compatible with the newest devices, these speakers also have USB-C connectivity, offering better audio quality at a higher volume without distorted sound.

Best sound

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Trust Almo 2.0 Speakers

10 watts of peak power creates amazing sound

The Trust Almo 2.0 speakers are a powerful set of devices, with 10 watts of peak power that will give you a lot of sound in a relatively small package. The speakers are fairly compact, allowing them to fit onto most desk setups. Convenient volume controls and a USB cable will allow you to listen to your sound at different volumes and keep the speakers powered.

Best control

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Elegiant SR200 Speaker

A colourful addition to your desk, if you like

The Elegiant SR200 speaker is a great soundbar device that makes it feel like your small speakers are a private theatre. There are colourful lights available if you desire, although you can always turn them off if you don't need a party experience at your desk. A simple rotating button at the front allows you to control the speaker, and a 3.5 mm audio jack will allow you to plug into most devices -- even smartphones or tablets.

Bottom line

The Logitech Z120 Compact PC Stereo Speakers are our pick for best computer speakers. They're easily compatible with most computers or devices and small enough to be carried from place to place. This makes them a powerful, versatile companion in your home office or on the road.

The speakers are easy to adjust using fingertip controls, allowing you to change the volume or to turn on or off the power. If you're worried about cords, you can get rid of them using the cable management system. If you have a separate source of power, you can always ditch the USB connection and use the 3.5 mm headphone jack -- your choice.

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