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Best baby gates

BabyDan baby gate
(Image credit: BabyDan)

The best baby gates can be opened and closed with one hand, won't trip you up, and are robust enough to withstand a toddler pulling themselves up with it. If you're looking to install one in a standard-sized space, there are countless options - just make sure you measure first, so you know what size baby gate to order.

If you have a wide space or an unusually shaped hallway, you'll need a baby gate that's a bit more versatile. This guide to the best baby gates includes options for more unusual layouts, too.

Staff pick

Dreambaby baby gate

(Image credit: Dreambaby baby gate)

Dreambaby retractable gate

Trip-free and durable

The best baby gate is this Dreambaby model that can be opened and closed with just one hand. When it's open, the mesh retracts so there's no bar to trip you over - and it makes a sound, so you'll know if it's opened by mistake.

It's versatile and can be used anywhere in the house, or outside. It comes with two sets of hardware so you can mount it in two different places, too. Plus, if you have skirting boards, you can get an extra kit to make sure it fits. 

Best standard option

Lindam baby gate

(Image credit: Lindam)

Lindam sure shut axis gate

The simplest solution

The best standard baby gate is the Lindam Sure Shut Axis Gate. It comes in six different sizes and will fit anywhere between 76cm to 117cm. It has a squeeze and lift catch so it can be operated with one hand, and it takes only a few minutes to install.

For narrow gaps

Gallowesse baby gate

(Image credit: Gallowesse)

Callowesse carusi narrow stair gate

Fits 63cm - 70cm

If you've got a narrow door or staircase, this is the best baby gate. It's easy to install, shuts automatically behind you, and can be operated one-handed. You can also buy extensions if you need to increase the size.

For wide gaps

BabyDan baby gate

(Image credit: BabyDan)

BabyDan multidan extending wooden safety gate

Fits up to 102cm

The best baby gate for extra-wide gaps is this option from BabyDan. It can fit any width between 60.5cm and 102cm, and doesn't have a bar so you won't trip over it. It releases with a simple switch, and can be operated with one hand. 

For unusual spaces

Dreambaby baby gate

(Image credit: Dreambaby )

Dreambaby newport 3 panel safety adapta-gate

Hinged panels and up to 200cm

The best baby gate for unusual spaces is this three-hinged option from Dreambaby. It can cover up to 200cm, and you can adapt the shape to fit most spaces. Plus, you can set it up so that it only opens in one direction, and it'll automatically close behind you.

The best baby gates

The very best baby gate is the versatile, retractable option from Dreambaby that can be operated by one hand and alerts you every time it opens - and the best budget option is from Lindam.

If you have an unusually shaped area, the three-panel baby gate from Dreambaby will work perfectly. For a narrow space, the best baby gate is by Callowesse. Alternatively, the best option for wide gaps is the BabyDan wooden baby gate.