Best Arduino kits

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In this day and age, learning isn't contained to the classroom. With an Arduino Kit, you can build complex electronic systems from scratch with a few simple tools and some guidance from the manufacturing team. People use Arduino Kits in cosplay outfits, science experiments at schools, and even for prototyping larger projects. The possibilities are endless if you have the right equipment, and fortunately, we have some of the best right here.

Comprehensive start

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ELEGOO mega 2560

Staff pick

This starter kit goes above and beyond to bring you a vast range of components to start your Arduino journey. Like all starter kits, it has the Arduino board, resistors and LEDs, and a circuit board to put them all together. It also comes with input parts and sensors so you can make automated experiments. The kit comes with a full tutorial PDF on the CD, which may be a little hard to follow at first, but you'll be a pro in no time.

The original

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Official Arduino starter kit

Great place to get started

The official Arduino starter kit is a comprehensive start to working with Arduino with excellent guides, plenty of resistors and LEDs, and the latest Arduino board. You get some more graphical parts too, vanes for a fan, for example, that are specific to the lessons the starter kit teaches you. You also get the added benefit of helping an organization dedicated to teaching when you buy its official kits. We should all thank Arduino for inventing this excellent product. 

Just the basics

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ELEGOO UNO starter Kit

A great way to build on a budget

Sometimes you don't need all the fancy extras, and you want to start small. This cheap Arduino board offers a tutorial, resisters, a circuit board, and LEDs. Everything you need to get started at an incredible price.

Sensory overload

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ELEGOO 37 sensor kit

Keep it organized while you build

The most significant part of Arduino is learning all the ways you can automate functions. This kit gives you every sensor imaginable to trigger your Arduino masterpiece, including accelerometers and even water level sensors. This would be great in combination with our staff pick.

Create a robot swarm!

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Freenove hexapod robot Kit

An advanced project

Once you've completed all the starter kits, it will be time to graduate to the big leagues. This hexapod robot is the big leagues, and can be the start of your robot army, ready to control the world! It comes with everything you need, including the control board and the lasers. Ok, not lasers, but it's still cool.

Bottom line

If you are new to Arduino and you want a comprehensive starter kit, then the ELEGOO Mega kit is likely the right choice for you. It has a massive collection of components and a CD full of tutorials to get you going, with each experiment getting more difficult as you progress. It will give you the firm foundation you need to progress further into programming.

I can't help but be overjoyed with the Hexapod robot from Freenove with its insectoid appearance and simple to use controls. I, for one, welcome the army of hexapods that will soon descend on us, crushing all who oppose them.

Finally, if you want to support the team who initially designed the wonder of engineering that is the Arduino, you can pick up the official Arduino starter kit. Arduino is dedicated to helping people learn, and deserve all the applause and money it can get to continue that work.

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