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Whether you travel for work or pleasure, you'll want to look good when you get to your destination. Wrinkled clothes certainly don't give the best impression. A portable travel steamer is a quick and easy way to smooth out the wrinkles in your clothing with a pass or two. We've assembled the best travel steamers so you can go from airport to hotel to the best dressed at any event.

Staff pick

Hilife steamer

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Hilife steamer (opens in new tab)

The strongest steam of any model

Tough wrinkles are no match for the portable, powerful Hilife steamer.


  • High steam level
  • Compact
  • Large water tank
  • Safe on all fabrics
  • Two brushes included


  • Costs a few dollars more

Our favorite travel steamer is from Hilife. The compact little traveler pushes out steam forcefully for up to 15 minutes before needing a water top-off. The Hilife is small enough to fit in your suitcase, heats quickly, and doesn’t spit water. It holds over 8 ounces of water and comes with a long power cord.

Best attachments

BEAUTURAL 1200-watt steamer

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BEAUTURAL 1200-watt steamer (opens in new tab)

Extra tools for tough wrinkles

The BEAUTURAL steamer has a detachable water reservoir and comes with three attachments.


  • 30 seconds to heat
  • Useable upright or flat
  • Three attachments included
  • Large, detachable water tank


  • Weighs 2.6 pounds

The high-capacity tank on the BEAUTURAL steamer holds 8.79 ounces of water, enough for 15 continuous minutes of steaming. Heat-up time is a mere 30 seconds. The leakproof design allows you to steam your garments while they hang or lay flat. If that's not enough, this steamer includes three removable attachments: a fabric brush, creaser, and lint brush. The water reservoir is also detachable for easier, safer filling.

Best build

white travel steamer

(Image credit: OGHOM)

OGHOM steamer (opens in new tab)

Made from long-lasting 304 stainless steel

The OGHOM steamer has an extra-long power cord and a high-quality heating panel that resists rust and oxidation.


  • Holds 8.12 ounces
  • Wide mouth for easy filling
  • Produces 15 minutes of steady steam
  • Extra-long cord
  • Excellent internal hardware


  • Takes two minutes to heat

The large-capacity OGHom steamer holds up to 240 milliliters of water, or 8.12 ounces, which allows it to run for 15 minutes before needing a refill. Its wide mouth makes it easy to add water. Heat-up time is about two minutes, and the impressively long cable, stretching over 9 feet, gives you plenty of room to work. The OGHom steamer weighs just under 2 pounds when empty and makes a great travel companion.

Best tiny

Lemontec travel steamer

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Lemontec travel steamer (opens in new tab)

Because sometimes size does matter

The mini travel steamer from Lemontec is lightweight, packs into any bag, and heats fast.


  • Heats quickly
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Fits nicely in a suitcase
  • Good price


  • Short steam time

You spend time choosing travel accessories with just the right look, shouldn't your travel steamer be included? This 180-milliliter (6.09-ounce) BPA-free steamer heats up in 70 seconds and gives you nine minutes of steam before needing a refill. It will shut off automatically if it gets too hot or the water runs out. Weighing in at just over a pound, this cool, black, svelte travel steamer won't weigh you down.

Best safety features

Magictec portable travel garment steamer

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Magictec portable travel garment steamer (opens in new tab)

It automatically shuts off when not in use

Magictec’s steamer shuts off when it runs out of water, has a packable design, and never drips.


  • Auto shut-off
  • Sleek design
  • Quick to heat water
  • Even steaming
  • Doesn't drip


  • Only nine minutes of steam time

This compact Magictec Travel Steamer is BPA-free, holds 180 milliliters (6.08 ounces) of water, and weighs just over a pound. It heats up in 70 seconds and provides nine minutes of continuous steam before needing a refill. The specially designed nozzle steams evenly and never drips. The steamer automatically turns off when it gets too hot or runs out of water.

Which steamer is the steamiest? 

Packing a steamer when you travel is a great idea. Most travel steamers weigh just a pound or two but are well worth their weight in your suitcase. Despite your best packing efforts, some garments are bound to get wrinkled. A travel steamer is just the thing to remove wrinkles gently. Since you're only using water, this method is safe for even your most delicate fabrics.

The Hilife steamer (opens in new tab) gets our highest marks. This compact model is powerful and holds enough water to steam for 15 minutes straight.

The BEAUTURAL steamer (opens in new tab) has a detachable water tank for easy, safe filling and also comes with three attachments to help you tackle stubborn wrinkles.

The OGHom steamer (opens in new tab) is an excellent all-around pick. It has a large-capacity tank for up to 15 minutes of steam time and weighs less than two pounds. 

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