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Best Golf Swing Trainers

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The only way to improve your golf game is to practice, practice, practice. Body mechanics are a significant reason why you don’t hit the ball straight or far. But with the aid of a golf swing trainer, you can practice away from the links and as often as you want. The following is a list of the best golf swing trainers available on the market. We think at least one of those will fit your needs.

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SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Swing Stick

Reasons to buy
+Staff pick

Use the SKLZ Flex Golf Swing Trainer for 10 to 20 swings a day to improve your swinging tempo, strength, and flexibility. It’s an excellent tool for all players, especially those struggling with slicing. Used by professionals on the PGA Tour, it provides a low impact warm-up stretch. Easy to use, swing the goal flex back-and-forth continually to get the rhythm in your swing.

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Izzo Golf Smooth Swing

Reasons to buy
+Keep the arms in line

A smooth and effortless swing requires all the body parts to be in sync. Most importantly, the elbow has to be close to the body and the arms moving in harmony. The Izzo Golf Smooth Swing Trainer is the ideal tool to help you perfect the mechanics of the swing. It works just as well for both right and left-handed golfers. Very soon, your swing will be in tune with your body, and golf will be enjoyable again.

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EyeLine Golf Speed Trap

Reasons to buy
+A precise swing

Tame your wayward slice, or hook, with the Eyeline Golf Speed Trap. It’s the quickest way to change your swing path. The Polycarbonate base will withstand the club impact, and the Velcro rods stay close when an errant swing has made contact. These rods help to identify your swing problems before and after the club makes an impact with the ball to create a smooth rhythm.

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Powerchute Golf Swing Trainer

Reasons to buy
+Increase swing speed

If you need to increase your driving distance or improve balance, then the Powerchute Golf Swing Trainer should be your best friend. It acts like a parachute that opens just enough to create more air resistance when you swing. The result will be increased club speed, and the ball is traveling further. The Powerchute is one of the best golf training aids to increase club speed and core strength.

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Orange Whip Wedge, Golf Short Game Swing Trainer

Reasons to buy
+Short game practice

Looking like a typical wedge, the Orange Whip allows you to feel the feedback you need to get better at chipping and pitching. The clubhead swings freely from the wrists and helps to align the elbows, shoulders, and back. You can use this wedge to hit actual balls and get the rhythm and alignment.

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Golf Doctor Wrist Hinge Trainer

Reasons to buy
+Improved swing mechanics

Instantly improve your swing mechanics with the Golf Doctor Wrist Hinge. It helps to warm-up and corrects the swing plane and tempo by keeping your wrists and hands aligned. Attach the clip to the shaft club and let the built-in rest fit against your stabilizing forearm. Keep your wrist in the correct position during the entire swing promoting a more consistent stroke.

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SKLZ Limited-Flight Practice Impact Golf Balls

Reasons to buy
+Practice with a ball

Maybe continually hitting the ball is the best training, but the risk is doing damage to the neighborhood with a slice or hook. The SKLZ Practice Golf balls mitigate that risk because they fly true but have a minimal travel distance. The hard plastic balls are the same size as standard balls, and will not shatter or crack, but will pop back into their original shape. They will give a satisfying feeling when hitting well.

Improve your handicap with a golf swing trainer tool at your side

Improvements in your golf game can only come with practice. A useful tool is essential to help you train and get the full mechanics in order. The best golf swing training aid is the SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Swing Stick. Used by professional golfers, it's an excellent training aid for those struggling with getting a real impact and slicing the ball. Taking a few swings each day helps to improve the rhythm and core strength.

Just hitting a ball can be a good practice or a stress reliever. The SKLZ Limited-Flight Practice Impact Golf Balls allow you to hit the ball at your usual speeds, but the balls travel a very short distance. Save those broken windows and improve your swing at the same time.

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