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Best Pillows For Every Type of Sleeper

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Sleep might just be the most important thing you do on a day-to-day basis, and choosing the right pillow can help you fall asleep more quickly, stay asleep longer, relieve neck pain, keep you cool, and so much more. If you still haven't found the one, then check out these pillows and hopefully, sleep more soundly.

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Coop Home Goods adjustable memory foam pillow

Best value

This pillow has a removable cover that's washable, and you can adjust the fill until it's the perfect height for you. It's filled with shredded memory foam and microfiber, which is hypoallergenic, and Coop claims that each pillow is filled with freshly shredded foam, not foam byproduct like other companies use. Try it for 100 nights and return it if it's not for you.

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Xtreme Comforts bamboo memory foam pillow

Best for side sleepers

If you sleep in the ideal position, that is, on your side, then this is the pillow for you. It's filled with memory foam and it's adjustable, so you can find the perfect height for your neck. The memory foam allows the pillow to form to the contours of your shoulders, neck, and head, and the outer cover is made from bamboo and vented to help keep your head cool while you sleep.

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Purple Pillow

Best for back sleepers

The Purple Pillow is somewhat divisive in reviews — people either love it or hate it — but it's perfect for back sleepers. It's lower than your typical pillow, which may take some getting used to, but it's actually ideal for spinal alignment. The geometric pattern cradles your head (and shoulders if you sleep that way), and since it's made out of "hyper-elastic polymer," it'll pretty much never lose its shape. You can try it for 100 nights and send it back if you don't love it.

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Beckham Hotel Collection gel pillow (2-pack)

Budget pick

If you're looking for excellent pillows for less, then this two-pack is perfect for you. These pillows are contoured to help cradle your neck better, and the gel innards are set up so as not to shift around. The outer cover is stain-resistant, and the whole thing is hypoallergenic, so you can sleep soundly without the itchy eyes and stuffy nose. Beckham Hotel Collection offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

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Layla Sleep copper-infused pillow

Upgrade pick

Copper-infused pillows are very hot right now (or should I say _cool_?). The idea behind it is that the copper in the pillow casing is woven into the fabric in order to help disperse heat and cool off your head. Layla's pillow is filled with 100 percent natural memory foam, which is made from the seed pods of the Kapok tree. It essentially feels like real down with none of the cons.

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Snuggle-Pedic memory foam pillow

Also great

Get some rest

A good night's sleep requires a good mattress and a great pillow, which is why it's important to research the pillow that's best for the way you sleep. For all intents and purposes and for just about all sleepers, the Coop Home Goods is the best pillow you can buy, but depending on how you sleep, you might want to go with something different.