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Best Keyless Entry Door Locks

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Installing a keyless entry door lock is a great way to add some modern convenience to your home. Ditching the keyring and being able to grant access to trusted guests at any time are just some of the perks of living the keyless lifestyle. The Yale Assure Touchscreen Smart Lock is the best overall keyless entry door lock for its excellent design, smart features, and build quality.

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The Yale Assure SL Touchscreen Smart Lock is an easy-to-install, well designed, keyless entry lock, backed by the security experts at Yale. Built to withstand the elements and any potential security threats, meaning it will be around for the long haul. 

The Yale Assure is a truly keyless lock, with no physical key backup, making lockpicking a thing of the past. If your lock happens to runs out of battery power when you are out and about, a 9V battery can be as a backup allowing you to enter your code and unlock the door.

Thanks to smart technology powered by August, Yale's Smart Lock supports all of the major smart home platforms (Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and HomeKit, to name a few), which allows you to monitor and control your home with your voice or through an app. The lock sends notifications when the door opens with an included doorsense sensor as well as with any tampering events, providing another layer of security. 

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Vocolinc T-Guard Smart Lock

Best for Home-Kit

Vocolinc's T-Guard Smart Lock is a cost-effective option that brings with it support for Apple's HomeKit. This means that it can support scenes and automation, allowing it to turn on any connected lights in your home. Siri support is also included, allowing you to lock the front door with just your voice.

Bluetooth connectivity creates a direct connection to HomeKit, meaning no Wi-Fi passwords or accounts needed, and pairing is as simple as scanning a code. To control your lock when you are outside of the home, a HomeKit hub, such as an Apple TV, HomePod, or iPad, is necessary. Additional features include event logging in the Vocolinc Linkwise App, and support for up to 30 unique key codes. A physical key acts as a backup in case the four replaceable AA batteries happen to run out of juice while you are out and about. 

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Ultraloq's UL3 Smart Lock is a keyless entry system that offers the best that modern technology has to offer. Features such as an OLED display, Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity with a range of 200 to 300 foot, and a fingerprint authentication system are just some of the UL3's highlights.

The UL3 also includes a built-in reversible lever, which allows installation both outdoors and inside in any fashion. Amazon Alexa's support (and only Alexa, unfortunately) enables the ability to check on things with a simple voice command, and clever knock to unlock and shake to unlock functions are available on your phone.

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The affordably-priced Kwikset 909 is an excellent option for those looking for a dependable, offline, keyless door lock. Despite its low cost, the Kwikset 909 includes several smart features such as a backlit keypad for easy night use and the SmartKey learning system. It allows you to re-key your door at any time. While this lock provides several smart features, it is an offline-only lock. There are no convenience features such as App or voice assistant control.

Up to eight unique key codes are available, which is perfect for sharing with trusted friends and family members. The Kwikset 909 features BHMA (Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association) grade 2 certification, which provides an intermediate level of residential security according to independent testing. This certification includes meeting specific performance standards, such as impact resistance, pull strength, and torque.

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The Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt includes modern smart lock features in a clean, traditional package. Security features include a built-in alarm that will help to deter any potential intruders if any attempts to unlock it without the proper code and the hardware received a BHMA Grade 3 certification, which is the highest rating for residential security.

The Schlage Encode Deadbolt also supports Amazon's Key Service, which allows trusted delivery services to enter your home when paired with a compatible camera. Event logs, which track every code used for entry, and notifications are also available for added peace of mind while you are away from your home. 

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Samsung's SHS-3321 Digital Door Lock is an offline keyless entry solution that looks great and comes with some expanded security features. A built-in alarm will sound if five passcode attempts have failed when any tampering occurs and if the door opens when the door lock is still engaged. This lock is also an offline-only lock, which means that your home's security is in your hands, and not a server in the cloud with a potential for data breaches.

The SHS-3321 uses a traditional pin code method for entry, as well as RFID and NFC tags and cards. Included with the lock are four RFID cards with lanyards, which are handy in case of emergency, or to share them with trusted friends. These cards also remove any chance of pin code snooping as a simple tap of the card will grant you access.

Keys begone

Having a keyless entry door lock allows you to ditch your house key for a good while bringing along with it some modern conveniences. Keypads and fingerprint readers are just some of the methods used for keyless entry, and smart connected locks enable the ability to unlock your door from the comforts of your couch, or while you are out and about.

The Yale Assure Touchscreen Smart Lock is the best lock for those looking for a reliable, dependable lock from an established hardware company. The Assure includes a lifetime warranty, and is one of the few genuinely keyless locks on the market, reducing the chances of someone breaking into your home using traditional lockpicking methods.

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