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The cleanest gaming desk ever
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Set yourself apart from amateur gamers and get one of these best set-ups. Not only will you earn "pro" status but you'll be comfortable doing so. Our best overall pick for a gaming desk is the Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro. It checks all the boxes and is fully designed to improve gaming abilities by accommodating multiple monitors. Not to mention, it's super stylish and comfortable.

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Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro

Reasons to buy

Best Overall

If you're a hardcore gamer, then the Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro is the desk for you. This desk was literally built from the bottom up with the intense gamer in mind. It comes with a ton of really cool and usable features including a spot for speakers on either side of the desk, a cup holder, and enough space to cater to multiple monitors and game consoles. 

It can support up to a 32-inch flat screen, or 40 pounds, on its sturdy dual mount setup. 

An additional feature to consider when you're completely customizing your setup with the Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro is that it can store up to eight games in its drawers. Also, it can hold two controllers, two speakers, and a large drink. There's a built-in area to hang your speakers when they're not in use and a power strip holder. This desk also comes equipped with a charging area to help keep your tablets, and smartphones fired up and ready to use.

This built-for-gaming desk is effortless to assemble and has a modern and sleek design. The tabletop is made out of steel with a carbon fiber finish, which makes it sturdy and mouse-friendly. The bottom has a modern industrial sort of look with steel legs and wire accessories. This desk measures at 52.5"W x 29.13"D x 29.75"H, and the work surface is a large 40.25" W x 23.5" D. 

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Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

Reasons to buy

Best Aesthetics

The Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk is just that, an arena. Arozzi's Swedish design team designed it for serious gamers and intense e-sport players. The desk itself comes in five bright and unique colors that could motivate any player to go the distance. The desk's surface measurement is an impressive 5' 3'' which gives you plenty of room for your monitors and consoles. You can fit up to three monitors on the desk and still have more than enough room to game out. 

The tabletop features a microfibre cloth covering that is water-resistant and machine washable. This cloth makes maneuvering your mouse a breeze from anywhere on the surface. It has a non-slip grip and weighs about seven pounds, so you don't have to worry about the cloth moving around while you're in the zone. Just a note, the fabric initially arrives a little larger than the desktop; this is because it eventually shrinks into the perfect size after it is unpacked. 

There are three cut-outs in this desk to give you the ability to slide wires and cables down and out of the way easily. You can rest them in the netting under the desk to keep the wires away from your feet as well. Adjusting the height of this desk is extremely easy. Just loosen the screws, adjust the height, tighten the screws, and you're ready to go. 

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Couchmaster Cycon

Reasons to buy

Best for Comfort

If your biggest concern is comfort while you're gaming, then the Couchmaster Cycon is made for you. With this lap desk, you have the freedom to sit on your most comfortable spot while still having all tabletop space you need to lose yourself in the gaming world. The desk itself is made out of leather and microfibre for added comfort. The included storage space is a great place to tuck your cords and other trinkets to free up your surface area. 

The ergonomic design helps reduce the strain on your back and neck since you don't have to hunch over your tabletop. You can comfortably sit in a seated position and instead maneuver your desk to match your posture. The large cushions on either side of the Couchmaster Cycon desk offer support for your arms and help reduce stress on your shoulder muscles during those long gaming sessions. 

Connect up to four input devices, including a mouse, keyboard, and headset, through the integrated USB 3.0 hub. The desk doesn't require an additional power supply as it runs on the latest chip technology. The Couchmaster comes with an active USB cable that easily connects the desk to your PC or console.

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Convenience Concepts

Reasons to buy

Best for Versatility

The Convenience Concepts 131436 Desk is one of the easiest desks to assemble, requiring no tools at all. It measures at 47.25'' L x 15.75'' W x 30'' H and has a wood frame. The metal legs and accents make it a trendy piece of furniture to style up your room. It has a great amount of storage space and works well as a gaming desk and a student desk. 

This durable desk comes with shelving space on either side. It's perfect for storing all of your gaming accessories such as your controllers, games, headsets, and more. With a double tabletop feature, you can easily hide your keyboard and mouse on the platform just below the surface of your desk, freeing up space for your monitor or console. The Convenience Concepts 131436 desk is affordable and perfect for those smaller spaces as it is nice and compact. 

Up your game

Achieve gamer success with one of these desks that offers everything from an adjustable keyboard to mousepads that span the length of your tabletop. Once you decide on what your gaming needs are, find a desk that is specially made to cater to those needs. Having the right equipment will elevate your skills and make you someone to look out for in the gaming world.

 The Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro comes equipped with well thought out features and accessories to elevate your gaming experience. Have everything you need to immerse yourself in your virtual world at just an arm's length away. 

Figuring out what your gaming priorities are and then matching a desk to your needs is the best way to go about purchasing your new gaming setup. Your setup can make the difference between an average gamer and a great gamer.

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