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Best Gaming Chairs

Gamer gaming
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We all want to be comfortable when we play our favorite games. Not everyone does so from their living room couch, though. A lot of us use our computer desks, and a regular chair just doesn't cut it when you're sitting for several hours. That's where gaming chairs come in, and you have some great options to choose from. The GT Omega Racing Pro is one of the very best that doesn't break the bank. But there are others if you're looking for something a little different, like a full recliner. 

GT Omega Racing Pro

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GT Omega Racing Pro

Best For Most People

Inexpensive compared to other brands
160° recliner adjustment
4D armrests
Removable lumbar cushion
No memory foam
250lb weight limit

GT Omega specializes in racing chairs, so you know you're getting a product built from years of experience. The GT Omega Racing Pro is suited for everyone looking for a gaming chair that'll bring hours of comfort during long gaming sessions. This one features a 160° recliner adjustment, armrests that move in four directions, and a removable lumbar cushion all for the price that's generally cheap than the competition. 

As comfortable as it is, it could benefit from the use of memory foam, specifically cold-cure, to regulate the seat temperature. Foregoing the material keeps the price down, but it also keeps it from besting some of the more premium chairs. What's more is that it can only support up to 250lbs, which isn't ideal. 

Ewin XL Gaming chair

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EWin Flash XL

Best Heavy Duty

500lb weight limit
4D armrests
High-density memory foam
May be too large for some people

As much as other companies focus on comfort, some chairs just aren't made with everyone in mind. That's where the EWin Flash XL comes in. Its maximum weight limit of 500lb smashes the competition, making it our top heavy-duty recommendation. Most gaming chairs can't even support 300lbs. And its durable steel frame is complemented by high-density memory foam for added comfort. 

While the size may be a selling point for some, it'll turn off other people from picking it up when a smaller chair will do just fine. That's not even to mention its price tag, which is by far the most expensive on this list by a large margin. 

EasySMX gaming chair

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EasySMX Memory Foam Chair with Footrest

Best Budget

Retractable footrest
Removable lumbar cushion
2D armrests
Seat cannot tilt
Only 135° recline adjustment 

No matter how comfortable a gaming chair is, it can be hard to justify paying the price of a brand new console. This option, EasySMX's memory foam chair with a retractable footrest, is meant for those shopping on a budget. Just because it's cheap, though, doesn't mean it completely skimps out. It still sports features like a removable lumbar cushion and a retractable footrest, which is honestly one of the best things about this chair. 

Despite the footrest, it lacks in other areas. Notably, it armrests can only move up or down, a far cry from the four-directional armrests other chairs have. And it can only recline up to 135° back. This may seem like a lot, and it's good enough for a lot of people, but it certainly doesn't stand up to the competition and could be better. 

Reclining gaming chair

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Homall Gaming Recliner

Best for chilling out

Full recliner
Side pockets
Not suitable as a desk chair
Not mobile

This is the least "gamified" chair here because it's not designed for gaming specifically. This mesh chair is intended for an office, and it just so happens that it works as a good gaming chair too because of its ergonomic design and built-in lumbar support. 

Since this isn't a dedicated gaming chair, don't expect a lot of the features you usually would. It doesn't recline as far as other chairs do, and it can't support a substantial weight limit — only up to 250lbs. Zenith's mesh chair is suitable for gaming sessions that don't last several hours on end. 

Make yourself comfortable

If you want the perfect combination of high quality at an affordable price, then pick up the GT Omega Racing Pro. Despite its lack of memory foam, it's still an extremely comfortable chair, only elevated by its removable lumbar cushion and 160° of reclining adjustment. 

When the price is of no issue, and you want the very best of the best, you have to go with the Secretlab Titan 2020. It has everything you need and more, from cooling gel in your pillow to a built-in adjustable lumbar support mechanism. That it supports a multi-tilt function seat is only the icing on the cake. 

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