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Best First-Person Shooters on Nintendo Switch

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When it comes to first-person shooters, there aren't nearly as many options on Nintendo Switch as you might find on other consoles. That doesn't mean there aren't any excellent options, though. From free to play team-based shooters, to shooting through Nazis in an alternate timeline, there are some awesome games for you to check out. Of course, the best of the best is definitely Doom. This game brings you fast-paced combat, a fun campaign, and great graphics to boot. 

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Best Overall
Fast-paced mechanics
Great graphics
Awesome campaign mode
Gameplay becomes repetitive

Whoever was in charge of this research facility on Mars should be fired. That is if they haven't been ripped apart by the demons they released from hell in their search for new energy sources. With monsters overrunning the planet, you'll have to shoot, chainsaw, and rip your way through demons to survive. With access to shotguns, pistols, and a chainsaw, this is a game that revels in its violence. 

Running and gunning is the only real way to survive everything Mars is throwing at you. You'll need to shoot your way through the waves of demons chasing you. This is a task that becomes a whole lot more difficult once you realize you'll never have enough ammo to do it. To survive, you'll need to snag boosts, ammo, and health packs as you run and gun. One of the few flaws of gameplay is the mechanic that keeps you in a room until you've managed to kill every demon inside of it. 

Overall, Doom delivers a stellar experience that any fan of first-person shooters will love. You have access to great shooting mechanics, immersive graphics, and a fantastic campaign. While there are a few frustrating aspects of gameplay, it's quickly overshadowed by gameplay that is fun and fast-paced. Altogether it delivers the absolute best experience on Nintendo Switch.

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Payday 2

Best Co-Op
New exclusive character Joy
Ridiculous heists with friends are as fun as ever
AI is not up to par 
Missing equipment and patches from other versions of the game
No voice chat makes team communication difficult 

Have you ever wanted to rob a bank, but without the pesky breaking the law and going to jail for the rest of your natural life issues? Then you might want to check out Payday 2, a co-op heist experience making it's introduction on Nintendo Switch. While the original game released way back in 2013, you can now team up with your friends and rob that bank. 

Payday 2 works off a pretty simple premise: complete a job and then get paid for it. Completing the task, however, gets a bit pesky. Payday 2 is built to be played co-op with up to three other players, and while you can play alone with the AI taking the place of your partners, it doesn't work very well. You also run into some Switch specific issues since there is no voice chat to communicate. With that said, what Payday 2 is here for, it does well. You'll still be able to pick heists off of and choose between simple jewelry thefts or multiple location heists that take serious planning to pull off. Likewise, once you complete a job, you'll get paid which lets you buy new weapons and equipment to get ready for the next job.

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Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Best Spin Off
Great graphics
New open-ended story
Co-op means you can play through with a friend
Side missions lack variety
AI is lacking 

Return to a world where Nazi forces won the second world war and spread their inhumanity to the far reaches of the Globe with Wolfenstein: YoungBlood. You play as the twin daughters of BJ Blazkowicz, the protagonist of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. It's been 19 years since dear old dad kicked off the second American Revolution, but things aren't as easy as they were the first go-round. 

This time you'll be dropped into an alternate 1980s, and it isn't America where you'll be playing. Instead, you are in Paris as you search for your father, dodging Nazis as you do it. A co-op experience, you can play with a friend or have your twin sister played by an AI if you prefer a solo experience. You'll have access to new guns, skills, power armor, and all the training you got from dear old Dad. You'll need all the help you can get too, after all rescuing your father from Nazi clutches isn't going to be a cakewalk. 

Bottom Line 

Every game on our list delivers a top tier first-person shooting experience on Nintendo Switch. With the variety in the types of games, there is an option here that anyone can love. While every entry here is fantastic, the absolute best first-person shooter is Doom. This game delivers an experience that gives you everything the genre is known. It has fast-paced shooting mechanics, a fun campaign, great graphics and plenty of monsters to shoot your way through. All together it delivers a stellar experience on Nintendo Switch.

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