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Best Family Games on PlayStation 4

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PlayStation 4 has tons of great games, but when it comes to the best games for families to check out together, it might be hard to find good options. You can find plenty that let you play cooperatively, or compete against one another but the absolute best family game is Minecraft (opens in new tab). As a family, you can explore a new world, craft amazing buildings and items and even hunt down the Ender Dragon if you want a real challenge! 

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Minecraft is based around building, unlike many other games in the genre. It features a true open world that has a simple story, although you can easily ignore the quest to hunt down the Ender Dragon. Instead, the bulk of the gameplay is about building the world you want to see. Each time you start a new game, it's in a brand new world, and the building and exploration aspects are what make it so much fun. You'll use tools to mine into the depths of mountains, farm plants, find animals, and cut down trees to build yourself a home. The only limits are your imagination and what resources you have available to you. 

Minecraft works on a day to night cycle. During the day, you'll build, explore, and grab items that you need. In juxtaposition, the night is when beasties like creepers and zombies will attack, and you'll need to defend yourself and the world you have built. While hiding inside is an option if you are inside a mountain, you'll still want to be careful. Sometimes skeletons, creepers, and other monsters hide deep inside the depths of those caves.

Minecraft is the best family game on PlayStation 4 because of its options. You can build a home, create furniture and items, and it's easy to work together as a family to create something new and unique. No two playthroughs are ever the same, but as long as you can dream, you can build it. 

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When it comes to family games, your mind might go immediately to classic board games. There's a good reason for that since many folks grew up playing games like Monopoly, Risk, or Scrabble. Now you can play as a family using your console. 

Hasbro's Family Fun Pack delivers four games in one package: Monopoly, Risk, Trivial Pursuit and Scrabble. It's a solid mix of different types of games, and all of them let the family play together. Monopoly comes to life with impressive 3D graphics, while Trivial Pursuit has tons of questions that anyone can answer. Risk might be the most challenging game, but taking over the world has never been so fun. 

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Rocket League blends action and sports into something new and fun. Instead of people kicking a ball across the pitch to score a goal, you use a variety of different vehicles. There are several different modes, which makes play fun and accessible even if you aren't a gamer most of the time. You can enjoy exhibition matches, try a 36-week career mode, or check out ranked and casual matches, along with local and online multiplayer modes. 

The basis of gameplay is pretty cut and dry: two teams of vehicles drive at super-speed, pulling off crazy tricks as they rebound the ball off of every available surface. It starts as barely contained chaos, but as you play strategy like pulling off tricks in perfect time to crash into the ball and score a goal. Combine the fun and frantic gameplay with graphics that are clean even a few years out from the game's release, and you have the joy of Rocket League.

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Platforming games offer up mechanics that have you running, jumping, and punching your way through bright levels filled with ridiculous graphics. While many younger gamers might not know about the older Rayman games, Rayman Legends delivers what every platformer should with tons of levels, bonus challenges to unlock, extra skins for your characters, and plenty of fun. On top of the usual platformer fun, you'll also be sneaking past enemies, taking on gigantic bosses, and doing it all to an excellent soundtrack!

There are only four necessary buttons to play, but Rayman Legends uses them to remarkable effect. While the game is plenty of fun in single-player mode, it also supports up to four-player co-op mode. You and your friends can bounce through dozens of ridiculous levels together, even if things do become a bit chaotic in the fray. 

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In Overcooked 2, your goal is to prepare and serve the dishes for an Unbread Army. Along with many of the dishes from the first game, there are nine new recipes to master. The throw option makes it easier to get food started, or on the burner so that you can kick-start the craziness. The dishes you need to make will appear in the upper right corner of your screen, and once you serve a meal, another one will appear.

Many recipes require several steps or specific prep, so it's always a challenge. Plus, not every ingredient needs cooking, so you'll need to keep an eye on the restaurant tickets. Communication is also crucial to make sure that none of your team members make the wrong item. The levels add some serious chaos to the gameplay as well since they feature mechanics like portals to get around or moving walkways.

Bottom Line 

Spending time as a family might not always be easy, but these games are fun enough that both parents and kids can enjoy them. Whether you prefer classic board games or you're looking for something a bit less competitive, PlayStation 4 has a vast range of games. Out of everything available, the best of the best is Minecraft (opens in new tab).

World-building games are a dime a dozen, but Minecraft delivers a stellar experience that is excellent for families. You'll be able to explore, create items, and even build the home and world of your dreams. If you want a genuinely cooperative world-building experience, then Minecraft is the game to check out. 

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