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Best Dog Nail Clippers

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Keeping your furry friend groomed is essential for their health and well being. A significant part of this grooming regiment should include trimming your dog's long nails. If your dog's nails grow too long, they can lead to discomfort for your pet or even health problems. There are many nail clippers to pick from that make maintaining your dog's nails very easy. Here are some of the best nail clippers available on the market.

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Epica Professional Stainless Steel Pet Nail Clipper

Medium to large dogs

These clippers easily cut with precise accuracy. The blades are high-grade stainless steel, which allows the clippers to remain sharp and resist corrosion. They are very comfortable to use with the rubber-coated soft-grip handles. These professional quality nail clippers are perfect for medium to large dog breeds, and the handles lock closed when not in use. Many veterinarians and dog groomers use the Epica Professional Pet Nail clippers in their practices.

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Safari Professional Stainless-Steel Nail Trimmer

Smaller dogs

These professional nail clippers are an excellent option for all your clipping needs. It is available in two sizes for all types of dog breeds. Its premium stainless steel ensures durability, and that comes with a safety stop to prevent injuries. These clippers are a favorite for pet owners and professional groomers.

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Miller's Forge Nail Clipper

Heavy-duty for big dogs

The Miller’s Forge Nail clipper is a heavy-duty and easy to use a tool by veterinarians and groomers. The stainless steel cutting blades will stay clean and sharp for a long time. It’s a straightforward nail clipper, suited for professionals, is at a very reasonable price.

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Dremel 7300-PTNail Grinder Kit

Nail grinding precision

If your pet has long and dark nails and you are unable to determine where the quick starts, then the Dremel 7300 Nail Grinder will relieve yours and your pet’s anxiety. This rotary tool offers safe precision grinding of the nail, which is a less stressful alternative to using clippers. Two rotation speeds let you safely grind the nails of your dog in stages.

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BOSHEL Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer with Quick Safety Guard

Recommended by professionals

This professional dog nail clipper helps to keep you comfortable while grooming your pet at home. The Boshel comes with razor shop blades and sturdy non-slip handles. A quick safety setting reduces the risk of cutting nails too short and injuring the dog. The Boshel comes with a free nail file to round off the sharp edges after the trimming is complete.

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GoPets Nail Clippers for Dogs with Quick Sensor Safety Guard

Safety first

The GoPets Nail Clippers have high-quality stainless-steel blades that give a clean cut every time, for large, medium, or small dogs. A quick safety guard automatically stops you from cutting the nail too far. The ergonomically designed handles are large and nonslip and provide significant leverage for fast cuts. They also come with an easy to lock mechanism for convenient storage.

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Hertzko Professional Dog & Cat Nail Clipper & Nail File

Vets favorite

A comfortable non-slip rubberized handle accompanies the high-grade stainless-steel blade to ensure an even cut. Ideal for medium to large dogs or cats, the Hertzko Nail clipper comes highly recommended by veterinarians. A free nail file comes with the purchase.

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Resco Original Deluxe Clippers

The vintage clipper

Resco is the original inventor of the guillotine style nail trimmer. A patented blade replacement technology allows you to change blades at a fraction of the cost of a new trimmer. The premium powder coated grips provide style and comfort in addition to performance. The Resco Original Deluxe Clipper is another trimmer that’s highly recommended by professionals.

Your best friend wants a good nail trimmer to stay happy

Dogs need their nails trimmed to avoid possible complications with their walking. The best nail trimmer to use at home is the Epica Professional Stainless Steel Pet Nail Clipper. Its semi-circle blade allows a precise cut, and the rubber grip is comfortable and easy to hold. Once the dog is used to it, then nail trimming will become a fun activity.

For those dogs that have dark nails, then it's easy to cut through the quick and make it painful for the dog. The best trimmer for that situation is the Dremel 7300-PTNail Grinder Kit. Use the Dremel to gently grind away the nail a little bit at a time. You can control precisely how far to cut and keep the dog stress-free.

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