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Best Desk Fans

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The blistering summer heat and tropical climate can turn your home and office into a mini furnace, causing your overall productivity to take a nosedive. In the hot weather, you will need a fan to keep cool. Unlike traditional fixed fans, desk fans are quite small and portable, and come in varying sizes and shapes. Topping our selection is the Aikoper USB Table Personal Electric Fan This desk fan features a premium oval shape and twin turbos for even distribution of cold air.

(Image credit: Amazon)

Aikoper USB Table Personal Electric Fan

Best Overall

It has a stylish design
Very quiet and stable
It has a touch feature to turn it ON/OFF
Well covered
Stray cables touching the base may turn it off

The Aikoper USB Table Personal Electric Fan looks nothing like a regular fan. It's quite stylish with a neat black finish. To turn it on and off, you simply touch anywhere on the base. It features a twin-turbo structure for a steady, continuous supply of cold air. The Aikoper blades are designed to spin at two different speeds-low & high. The high-speed setting produces a slight whirring sound that is bearable. 

The fan can be adjusted upwards and downwards to allow you to change the direction of airflow. For extreme stability, once it's powered, the fan has two anti-slip rubber pads. Also, the fan uses a USB cable for power supply, so you can power it from your laptop, a power bank, or an AC power adapter. 

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Honeywell QuietSet Table Fan

Best Quiet Fan

It has an automated light and fan timer
It cools air quietly
Comes with additional settings to create white noise
No USB cable 

The secret is in the name: Honeywell QuietSet Table Fan. This fan is built to cool air in silence. It's sleek, tall, and stylish. Plus, it will take up minimal space on your desk or nightstand. With four levels of quiet settings, the Honeywell fan gives you the freedom to control the speed and noise level. Unlike other fans powered by an AC motor, the Honeywell is powered by a direct current (DC) motor that reduces energy consumption by 50%. The fan also produces some white noise making it ideal for use both in an office and bedroom to cancel distractions.

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OPOLAR F401 Mini USB Desk Fan

Best Bargain

Strong metallic frame
Rotates 360 degrees
Will take up minimal space on your desk
It is not dead silent

The OPOLAR F401 Mini USB Desk Fan is a portable fan perfect for your office, study, or even bedroom. Measuring 6 inches wide, it will take up minimal space on your office desk. Plus, it has a metallic frame that produces a steady gentle breeze. The rubber pads at the bottom that give the OPOLAR F401 incredible stability. It's quite portable since it comes with a 3.9-foot USB cable that can be powered from a laptop, power bank, AC adapter, or any USB power outlet. Also, the price is just right!

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Honeywell TurboForce Desk Fan

Best for White Noise

Ideal for use on a desk, floor, or wall
Has white noise to cancel distractions
Powerful enough to use as an air circulator
It's energy-efficient
Doesn't use a USB cable

Some people can only be productive in pin-drop silent environments. Then there is the rest of us who hum, listen to music, or prefer some background noise while working or sleeping. Since music can be distracting, the next good option is white noise. White noise is a soft blend of sound frequencies that cancels all other surrounding noises. 

The Honeywell TurboForce Desk Fan is built with an aerodynamic turbo system that produces enough airforce to cool an entire room. It has three wind speeds that can adjust to fit your needs. The TurboForce fan is pivoted at 90 degrees and can rotate for direct air cooling. The fan produces white noise enough to keep you focused while working or for better sleep.

Bottom line

Desk fans are a good way to manage the summer and tropical heatwaves while giving your wallet a break. Before you settle for a fan, ensure it checks the right boxes for you. The checkboxes include power supply options, wind speed, size, and if it is quiet or produces some white noise. Get yourself one of these fans and stay productive always.

Desk fans compliment house or office air conditioners or fixed fans. The Aikoper USB Table Personal Electric Fan gives you the freedom to direct the cool air. Built with eight blades, the fan delivers cold air in two speeds. A simple, sensitive touch base regulates the fan, it comes with a USB cable, and it can be powered from any USB power outlet. Now that is a convenient cooling fan.

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