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Staying safe in intimate moments is crucial to your sexual health and simple when you have the proper protection. Prophylactics can help prevent STIs and unwanted pregnancies. When it comes to condoms, there are a lot of viable options that are up to the task. One such option is Trojan's ultra thin lubricated condoms (opens in new tab); they are our first choice because they offer the best experience.

Best overall

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Trojan ultra thin lubricated condoms (opens in new tab)

Stay safe and protected

The number one complaint from men when using condoms is the lack of sensation. Trojan's ultra thin lubricated condoms makes this problem much easier to handle by delivering condoms that use a thinner sheath of rubber. This makes it an excellent option for men and women alike, mainly because it is still safe enough to prevent pregnancy or the transmissions of sexually transmitted infections or diseases. 

Best value

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Lifestyles Pleasure Collection condoms (opens in new tab)

A variety of options

Finding the specific type of condoms that you want to wear isn't always an easy task. Lifestyles aims to make it a bit easier by offering up a great variety pack that delivers a few of their options. Each box that you buy comes with 30 condoms and is super affordable. 

One of the only downsides of the Lifestyles Pleasure Collection is the size of the condoms. They may not be a comfortable fit for all men, which is something you ought to consider before ordering them.  

Best latex alternative

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SKYN Elite condoms (opens in new tab)

No allergens to worry about

For people with allergies using condoms requires a bit of extra care. Nobody wants to break out into hives when they touch something that is supposed to protect them. Since most condoms are made of either rubber or latex, that can be easier said than done. SKYN Elite condoms deliver a safe and stellar experience free from allergens. 

Best bulk

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Shibari latex condoms (opens in new tab)

Stay stocked up

When condoms are your go-to for protection, you'll quickly find that you want to buy them in large quantities. This way, you always have one when you need it. Shibari latex condoms offer up the ability to buy them 100 at a time at a super affordable price. This makes them an excellent option for anyone who wants to plan ahead. 

Best magnum

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Trojan Magnum BareSkin lubricated condoms (opens in new tab)

Find the perfect fit

For a condom to properly do its job, it needs to fit correctly. If you find that many standard-sized condoms are too small or too tight of a fit, then what you'll want to do is go a size up. This means you need to find an excellent magnum condom. Trojan Magnum BareSkin lubricated condoms may be just the ticket with a larger size that is sure to fit men who have run into problems with other brands. 

Not only are these condoms a good deal larger than the competition, but these are also a good deal thinner than even other Trojan condoms. This means you won't lose sensation while keeping yourself safe. The only catch to them is that they may be too large for some men, which can decrease their efficacy. 

Bottom line

Safety and satisfaction are important when considering condoms. Our condom selection puts your sexual health first, protecting against pregnancy and STIs. But safety doesn’t mean sacrifice, each selection also considers user experience. The perfect combination of safety and satisfaction are the Trojan ultra-thin lubricated condoms (opens in new tab). A product from the well-respected Trojan brand, you can trust that this option is of the highest quality. Unlike other options, these condoms are thinner to increase sensation for men.

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