Best adult coloring books

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Coloring books aren't just for kids anymore. Adults have laid claim to the coloring game with their collection of books. The hue-less pages of these mature coloring paperbacks are filled with intricate designs, perfect for channeling stress and achieving relaxation. (If you need to rage color; they're good for that, too.) These adult-focused coloring books include themes and patterns that range from humorous to inspirational, so there's a book to fit every personality. Don't be afraid to get creative. Your inner artist is dying to personalize any of these exceptional coloring options. 

Best overall

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Disney Dreams Collection Coloring Book by Thomas Kinkade

Get animated

Add brilliant hues to your favorite iconic stories through the enchanting pages of this coloring book. The artistic renderings, captured and reimagined by Thomas Kinkade, feature familiar characters in classic film moments. You'll color yourself into nostalgic bliss with each detailed page commemorating character, after character including Snow White, Mickey Mouse, and Pinocchio. Each of the 63 unique images is paired with the original artwork to inspire you. So, dig out a box of colored pencils or markers and partake in the animated magic.

Best coloring book set

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Adult Coloring Book Set by Creatively Calm Studios

Color for days

If one coloring book isn't enough to satisfy your creative endeavors, this three-book set offers a variety of detailed options. You'll have the opportunity to shade intricate images, over 120 in total, of animals, scenery, and shapes. Each page is printed on thick paper, so there'll be no bleed through. So, don't hold back, color with authority.

Best acid-free coloring book

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Good Vibes Coloring Book by Thaneeya McArdle

Joyful shapes

Ruminate in the beauty of delightful doodles with the pages of this joyful coloring book. Each of the 30 activities is thoughtfully designed with playful patterns, offering a relaxing, therapeutic experience, and enhancing creativity. The printed pages, made of thick archival-grade, acid-free paper, perfectly handle the brilliant colors from colored pencils and markers.

Best animal designs

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Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Animal Designs by MantraCraft

Color creatures

Add your favorite hues to the animal kingdom by filling in the intricate designs of this coloring book. This must-have book features over 50 majestic images printed in stunning high resolution to offset your bold color choices. Each page is single-sided, so you don't have to choose between any of your masterpieces. You can put any or all of them on display.

Best patterned coloring book

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Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Patterns by Blue Star Coloring

Just add pigment

If you flip through the pages of this coloring book, you will see a complex compilation of detailed patterns begging for happy hues. Each beautiful design is printed on heavyweight paper, single-sided, so there is no chance for bleed-through. (It's perfect if you prefer markers as your medium.) So, get crafty. Take the time to shade with your favorite colors and let the stress melt away.

Best adventure coloring book

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Lost Ocean: An Inky Adventure Coloring Book for Adults by Johanna Basford

Color the ocean

Sometimes relaxation means visiting the ocean. With the pages of this seaward coloring book, it's possible. You can take your colored pencils or markers to surprising depths with the wondrous compilation of marine-inspired designs. Dive into your next coloring journey and swim along with the strokes of your creative coloring utensil.

Craft your calm

When life has you tied in knots, it's best to indulge in the nostalgic therapy that is coloring. That's right. Shake off the adult responsibility and seek calm in the pages of a coloring book. There are a variety of choices ranging from shapes to nature. Whatever the subject matter, these coloring books are designed to diffuse stress, promote creativity, and enhance joy. Our staff pick seeks to inspire childlike wonderment. The Disney Dreams Collection Coloring Book by Thomas Kinkade features images from your favorite animated films. Each of the 63 designs is plucked right from the movie screen with favorite characters like Snow White and Alice. You and your inner child will love this coloring book.

If you're looking for a more serene coloring journey, the Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Animal Designs by MantraCraft features the beauty of nature's creatures. Each of the over 50 majestic pages is designed to ignite your creativity and develop your appreciation for animals while you destress.