5 great things in tech today: Twitter spambots, voice control cams and more


Good news: Twitter is tackling spam and Nest is finding its voice. Bad news: Nokia may soon be set to wave bye bye to wearables. And in other news, the PlayStation turned five this week! All this and more in 5 Great Things In Tech Today.

1. Nokia to stop making wearables?


A leaked document has suggested that Nokia may well be planning to duck out of the wearables game - which is something they only recently got into, thanks to their acquisition of Withings. Even though the Nokia Steel HR and the like are lovely looking wearable devices, it's thought that it's been an area that's struggled to scale for Microsoft. Fingers crossed this ends up not being the case.

2. The Huawei P20 makes a surprise appearance


The Huawei P20 hasn't been officially revealed yet, but lots of juicy information has come out about the phone - and now we've apparently seen some actual snaps of it. Well, a prototype version of it. It looks great, too, offering a thinner bezel and, gasp, no volume rocker.

3. Nest IQ get Google Assistant

The Last Jedi

The Nest IQ is one of the brainiest smart cam devices around and now it has found its voice, thanks to the the integration of Google Assistant. This link-up makes a lot of sense, given Google owns both companies but it's still great that it's got voice control. This means you can essentially use the device to control the lighting and everything else in your home.

4. The PlayStation 4 at 5


the PlayStation 4 is five years old this week and, my, it has been ageing gracefully. The console is still going strong after all this time and despite being usurped by the 4K-toting PS4 Pro there are many a developer lining up to make games for it. Check the link below to read more of a love letter to the machine.

5. Twitter is fighting its spambot problem


Twitter has gotten rid of its spambots! Well, not quite but a lot of them have disappeared thanks to a massive purge by the social network. There is still a long way to go before the service stops all the hate but at least it is finally trying something.