5 great things in tech today: self-driving cars, smart home sensors, and more

smart home sensor

It's been another busy day in the world of tech, and thanks to our friends at TechRadar we've got some top stories for you to dig into: an immersive self-driving car video, news on two of the biggest phones launching this year, and more improvements coming to Sky Q.

1. More details about Huawei's 2018 flagship leak out

Huawei P20

The Huawei P20... maybe

Mobile World Congress might be wrapping up, but there are still plenty of flagship phones left to come in 2018, and two of those will be the Huawei P20 and P20 Lite. We're expecting a full unveiling in March, but for now we've got some new photos that have leaked out on to the web – and it would appear Huawei is going down the iPhone X notch route too. Three phones are expected in total, and we don't have long to wait to see them in full.

2. ...and there's a first look at the LG G7


The LG G6

Speaking of leaked images for upcoming phones with an iPhone-esque notch at the top, we've also just got our first glimpse of the LG G7, the 2018 flagship phone we're expecting this year from LG. Again, there's a notch up at the top of the screen according to the leaked video, but we won't know for sure what the new phone is going to look like until it's made official – the LG G7 will most probably arrive at some point over the spring or summer.

3. Yet more improvements are heading to Sky Q

Sky Q

Sky Q

A couple of days ago we reported on imminent improvements for the Sky Q service, namely a Spotify app and support for HDR content, and today there's even more good news for Sky Q customers. Netflix is going to be integrated into the Sky Q platform at some point during 2018, making it even easier to access your movies and TV shows, and there's also  going to be a new Sky channel bundle that includes a Netflix subscription as well.

4. Meet the smart home sensor that can see through walls

smart home sensor

Smart sensors

Tel Aviv-based Vayyar Imaging has come up with a new 3D imaging sensor based on radio wave technology that it says can see through walls. If you're not too creeped out by the technology, it could be used to monitor your movements, your breathing rate and even your heart rate without you having to put on a wearable – think smart fitness tracking managed by your home, so you don't have to wear bracelet every minute of the day.

5. Experience a self-driving car through a 360-degree video


Waymo self-driving car

The self-driving car firm Waymo, which was spun out of Google, has uploaded a new 360-degree video to give you an immersive idea of what it's like to run around in one of their autonomous vehicles (which are still being tested on the way to becoming road legal). It offers quite an insight into what a car like this 'sees' as it motors around a community, and might make you feel a little safer about eventually getting into one.