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These best sunglasses for fishing are a great catch

the best sunglasses for fishing

Fishing on a bright blue sea as still as a millpond or on a lake surrounded by spectacular scenery is most people’s ideal, but the reality can be incredibly different. Whether it's trying to spot fish through the surface glare, battling with winds whipping over the sandy beach or dodging a hook-shaped bullet, fishing sunglasses are worth their weight in well... gold fish.  

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According to seasoned fishermen, the best sunglasses for fishing are polarised, as these help to protect your eyes from glare and increase your chances of spotting your catch in the water. There’s also the quandary of lens colour to consider. Brown, blue, green, yellow or similar provide you with optimum vision in various lighting conditions.

The best sunglasses for fishing will come with interchangeable polarized lenses, like our top pick, TFG TF Gear NEW Interchangeable Wraps Glasses, while wrap around lenses will ensure your entire line of sight is protected. Costa del Mar have some very suave fishing glasses that’ll give you some serious kudos on the boat and provide you with ultimate protection against glare, however they also come with the designer price tag to match. 

the best sunglasses for fishing

1. TFG TF Gear NEW Interchangeable Wraps Glasses

They’re cheap and cheerful and do the job perfectly

Polarised: Yes | Material: Plastic, polycarbonate

Great value for money 

If you know there’s a strong likelihood that your sunglasses are going to get damaged (perhaps an involuntary swim or you tend to sit down without looking first), then these polarised cheapies are definitely the ones for you. They’re not the most stylish on our list, but wrap around glasses do give your eyes complete protection and the interchangeable lenses will ensure you benefit from the best vision no matter the lighting conditions.  

Dynamic Sunglasses Polarized Blue Mirror Cat-3

2. Dynamic Sunglasses Polarized Blue Mirror Cat-3

With a sturdy frame and mirrored blue lenses these are perfect for a day on the boat

Polarised: Yes | Material: Plastic, polycarbonate

Protective pouch included 

Even cheaper than our first pick, these sunglasses are definitely another great option if you know that they’re going to end up taking a hit at some point. Although they don’t have interchangeable lenses, those who like to fish on open blue water will find that the mirrored lenses will improve their vision. Completely wrap around to protect all fields of vision, and featuring a thick sturdy frame, these sunglasses are probably a touch more stylish than our first pick, just bear in mind that you may need another pair for flat water fishing or murky waters. 

Bobster Black Jack 2

3. Bobster Black Jack 2

Combining the interchangeable lenses of our first pick with the stability of our second, these glasses are great all-rounders, just a bit more expensive

Polarised: Yes | Material: Plastic, polycarbonate

Lenses also feature anti-fog properties 

Fancy riding your bike to your next swimming destination? Well don’t leave without a pair of Bobster Black Jacks. These sunglasses come bike goggles are perfect for a day on the lake or bobbing about on the bay. They feature shatter resistant, interchangeable polycarbonate lenses for optimum visibility in all lighting conditions, plus two types of padding to ensure they’re comfortable no matter how you wear them.  Although they may set you back more than the others, you’ll certainly get great wear out of them, making them well worth the expense.  

Costa Del Mar TF 10 Fantail Tortoise Square Sunglasses for Mens

4. Costa Del Mar TF 10 Fantail Tortoise Square Sunglasses for Mens

You may have to pay the designer price tag, but you’ll get some serious style points for it

Polarised: Yes | Material: Plastic, Polycarbonate

Super stylish

With their street-worthy shape, detailed tortoiseshell frame and copper lenses, these sunglasses are perfect for fishing and everyday wear. The lenses are polarised so you’ll be able to see past the surface glare to the fish under the water, while the padding will ensure they remain comfortable during long stints on the water. While they cost significantly more than the other glasses on our list, the heaps of 5 star reviews suggest to us that they’re well worth forking out for.  

Suncloud Warrant Polarized Sunglasses

5. Suncloud Warrant Polarized Sunglasses

Sun, cloud, whatever the weather, these polarised glasses have you covered

Polarised: Yes | Material: Plastic, Nylon

Less sporty looking than the others 

If you like the look of the Costas, but don’t quite fancy the pricetag, you could compromise with a pair of these. They may lack the same level of finesse but if you’re looking for an everyday pair that you can wear out and about as well as on the water, these ones will do the job just fine. They feature an impact resistant grey lens, a good colour for all lighting conditions, while the nylon frames and padding ensure they remain comfortable no matter how long you wear them. You could even wear these skiing, if you put the rod away for the winter.  


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