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The best yoga pants for women

Women's yoga pants

There’s no doubt that practicing yoga is a fantastic way to alleviate the stresses and strains of the everyday, while keeping your body toned, flex and fit. With so many benefits, it’s to no one’s surprise that yoga has become an increasingly popular sport, and as such, the fashion surrounding it has boomed, too. Out of the masses and masses of leggings and sports trousers out there, how do you know which are the best yoga pants for you? 

There are various different fits to choose from, including loose, fitted, long, mid-length and short. Serious yogis that make a habit of attempting the most contortionist of moves tend to go for fitted pants, as there’s no loose material to get in the way during the transition between moves. Whereas other yoga practitioners may prefer loose cotton yoga pants in capri or Kundalini/harem style for an airy or more relaxed fit. 

When searching for the best yoga pants for you, consider the type of waist on the garment, as lower or higher waists may make a difference to the way in which you practice. Yoga pants with a high, fitted waist like our 2nd pick, Adidas Seamless Long Tights, tend to make you work the core harder, which is great if you’re looking to achieve rock hard abs by the time you go on holiday. If you’re looking for a pair of yoga pants that you can wear in the studio as well as for chilling at home, bootcut is the most popular style. 

The other detail to look out for is material. Most fitted yoga pants consist of a synthetic mix, usually spandex and polyester, and while not the most breathable, the combo does enable you to contortion your body into the most ridiculous shapes with no restriction at all. Cotton yoga pants generally have a looser fit, so those more focussed on the breathability and airiness of their yoga pants should certainly consider a cotton offering. 

We’ve piled together a list of the best yoga pants from retailers including ASOS, Sports Direct and Very. With Sports Direct often stocking heaps of designer sportswear at discount prices and ASOS being a great hub for often unique and statement sportswear, we think we we’ve covered all bases when it comes to finding the best yoga pants for you. 

Women's yoga pants

1. PrAna Ryley Crop Yoga Pants

High waisted, breathable, loose and baggy; these yoga pants tick plenty of boxes

Best for: Breathability and comfort | Colour: Grey patterned | Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XXL | Material: 45% Recycled polyester, 45% Polyester. 10% Spandex

High waisted
Not bodycon fit

With their feminine patterned print and high waisted design, these are stylish yoga pants that will support you in your efforts to build your core strength and ab muscles. Made from Veeda performance fabric, they’re not only made from recycled material (handy to know for environmentalists), they are a flattering, yet highly movable, making them ideal for a relaxed yoga session. If you’re looking to perform more advanced yoga moves, you may be better off looking at some of the leggings we have further down the list. 

Women's yoga pants

2. M-Life Awakening Cuff Yoga Pants

A comfy pair of pants for the studio and wearing around the house

Best for: Everyday wear | Colour: Grey | Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL | Material: 95% Viscose, 5% Elastane

Relaxed fit
Super soft
Not as breathable as some fabric combinations

Full length and featuring a flattering tapered fit, these yoga pants are a great choice if your conscious about your body. With a neat cuff around the ankle, you don’t need to worry about excessively loose material getting in the way of your moves, and with an elasticated waistband, they’re keep your waist supported, too. Whether you’re chilling around the house or heading to a yoga class, these relaxed yoga pants are fuss-free and reliable however they will lack the movability and breathability of more legging-style fabrics. 

Women's yoga pants

3. Ellesse Exclusive Ginocchio Wrap Front Pants - Grey Heather

Super-relaxed yoga pants for everyday wear

Best for: Comfortable coverage | Colour: Grey | Sizes: 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 | Material: 92% Viscose, 8% Elastane

Relaxed fit
Comfortable coverage
Dull colouring

If cuffs aren’t your thing, these yoga pants from Ellesse are a great alternative. Featuring an elasticated waist and a regular fit for comfortable coverage, these pants are a stylish, yet relaxed alternative to wearing leggings in the studio. If you’re conscious about your lower half, the tapered fit will skim over your bottom and thighs for a more forgiving style. Their downside is that they lack the breathability of leggings and won’t do a great job of wicking away moisture if things get a bit heated!

Women's yoga pants

4. Adidas Seamless Long Tights

A pair of high quality, practical yoga pants for keeping you on top form

Best for: Practicality | Colour: Grey | Sizes: XS, S, M | Material: 48% Nylon, 42% Polyester, 10% Elastane Seamless

Form fitting and stretchy
Moisture-wicking technology
 Come up quite long 

If you’re looking for a pair of go-tos your yoga sessions, these tights should do the job nicely. They’re form fitting but stretchy, so they shouldn’t constrict you when you’re trying to reach those advanced positions. If you’re getting warm from your workout, they feature moisture wicking technology so you should remain cool and dry underneath. With a high elastic waist, they’ll support your midriff as you work to build you ab muscles, and with users saying they’re squat proof, you shouldn’t have to be worried about visible pants underneath. 

Women's yoga pants

5. Michelle Keegan Printed Legging

A snazzy pair of leggings for standing out from the rest of the class

Best for: Style | Colour: Mint, purple, black | Sizes: 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 | Material: N/A

Brightly coloured
Mesh panels for breathability
 Too lary for some? 

These leggings won’t fail to make you stand out in the class, thanks to their bright pattern and high performance fabric. While there’s no information to say exactly what materials constitute the fabric, there’s promise of free movement for getting into those difficult positions. With a supportive waistband for core work and breathable sheer panels for keeping you call, these yoga leggings from style icon, Michelle Keegan, are the right combination of fashion and functionality. 


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