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The best women's umbrellas

Umbrellas are usually not a purchase that is thought through in advance. Often you might find the weather turns and you’re caught in the rain with no protection. Cue running into the nearest store to find the cheapest umbrella - or the prettiest; only for it to be broken by the time you get home, and you’re not much dryer than if you’d not used one at all. 

So rather than waiting until you desperately need it, why not invest in a decent umbrella that will see you through the cold and drizzly days with no trouble at all? For women, keeping hair intact is one of the main uses of an umbrella. In which case, we recommend investing in a canopy style umbrella that will provide good coverage of your entire body. Vented canopies are also designed with wind in mind, and the double layer of material will help wind pass through the brolly without turning it inside out. 

These days you can opt for compact brollies designed for handbags, automatic brollies that open at the push of a button, and of course there are a range of patterns and designs so that you can stay dry in style. From sporty to professional to girly; we’ve picked a range of styles and sizes to suit all budgets and tastes. 

1. Lulu Guinness Bloomsbury Walking Umbrella

A glamorous umbrella for walking in the rain in style

Best for: Designer gift
Folded Length: 84cm
Colour: Red/black/white
Reasons to buy
+Designer look and feel +Sturdy  
Reasons to avoid

This beautiful but sturdy Lulu umbrella is the ideal gift for the professional woman who wants to stay dry and look good on a daily basis. This is a large umbrella that is perfect for walking and it opens automatically at the push of a button. Although it may seem a little pricey, it's built with quality and is a limited edition design that has a double cover with a stripe design on the inside, making it easily the most stylish umbrella on our list, and earning our coveted top spot.

2. Fulton Tiny Umbrella

A simple compact umbrella ideal for nights out

Best for: Compact design
Folded Length: 15cm
Colour: Black
Reasons to buy
+ Fits in a clutch bag + Affordable 
Reasons to avoid
- Plain design  

This basic black umbrella is perfect for slipping into a handbag, and can even fit inside a clutch bag so you don’t ruin your hair on a night out. It is super lightweight so you won’t even notice it in your bag and it folds up neatly into a patented carry case which looks sleek and stylish. Its aluminium frame may look flimsy but it holds up well in wind which makes its price tag totally worth it!  

3. Ted Baker Omana Impressionist Bloom Umbrella

A pretty umbrella to lift your mood on grey days

Best for: Pretty design
Folded Length: N/A
Colour: black/pink floral
Reasons to buy
+ Girly floral pattern + Compact 
Reasons to avoid
- Not the cheapest 

For weekends and evenings out, this Ted Baker umbrella becomes a part of your outfit. It features a statement floral Ted Baker design with a gold handle which makes the ultimate accessory for heading to the theatre or a fancy dinner. It would also be ideal for adding a splash of colour to your daily commute as it is compact enough to fit in your handbag and has a matching cover for easy storage. 

4. Suck UK Colour Change Umbrella

Avoid damp smells with the unique colour indicator umbrella

Best for: Novelty/ avoiding damp
Folded Length: 24cm
Colour: black/white/rainbow
Reasons to buy
+ No damp + Colour change design  
Reasons to avoid
- A little flimsy 

This is a really cool umbrella that changes colour when it gets wet. Not just a novelty function, this is great for telling when your umbrella is fully dry. This allows you to air out the brolly until it is completely dry to avoid any damp smells or mould. The frame is a little flimsy compared to others so may not be ideal in strong winds, but on a rainy day this brolly gets the job done nicely.  

5. Fulton Riva Prince of Wales Check Walking Umbrella

A country-style umbrella for those Sunday afternoon walks in the rain

Best for: Country walks
Folded Length: 80cm
Colour: Black/white
Reasons to buy
+ Looks smart + Big enough for two 
Reasons to avoid
- Not everyone’s favourite design 

If you often go out walking on the weekends then this large checked umbrella is perfect for keeping you and a partner dry. It is easy to hold, opens automatically by the push of a button and looks smart for use by both women and men. If you're looking for a reliable addition to your umbrella stand, this Fulton umbrella is a good investment.  

6. Hunter Original Moustache Umbrella

A reliable option for walking the dog on rainy days

Best for: Dog walking
Folded Length: 91cm
Colour: Red, black, green, yellow, orange, blue, pink
Reasons to buy
+ Sturdy + Lots of colours 
Reasons to avoid
- Expensive brand  

For those who often go out in their Hunter wellies, this umbrella will complete your look nicely. This plastic umbrella will keep you dry when out for a walk with the dog or would even do well at a festival or other outdoor event. Although a little pricey, you know what you’re getting with the Hunter brand and this umbrella is no exception. It will hold up well in winds and is comfortable to grasp, making it a worthy buy.

7. Senz Smart Umbrella

Make sure you don’t have a hair out of place with this uniquely shaped brolly

Best for: Protecting your hair
Folded Length: 82cm
Colour: Red, black, silver, blue, yellow
Reasons to buy
+ Keeps hair dry + Wind-resistant 
Reasons to avoid
- Looks a bit odd 

We’ve all felt like we were fighting a losing battle with the wind and rain at some point, but now you can enlist the help of the Senz Smart Umbrella. This uniquely shaped brolly is longer on one side which is designed to stop strong gusts of wind from blowing your hair out of place. Although it has an odd shape, this brolly is about all about function and it does the job extremely well. The large handle allows you to keep good grip and the canopy can withstand winds of up to 50mph. If you don’t believe us, try it! 

8. Totes Auto Open Double Canopy Umbrella

A good-looking umbrella with the price tag to match

Best for: Budget buy
Folded Length: 28cm
Colour: Navy/coral, black, blue, pink, yellow, orange, red
Reasons to buy
+ Double canopy + Looks good 
Reasons to avoid
- Still not super cheap 

Although the price may still sound a lot for some, this is a great all-round umbrella that brings form and function together in perfect unison. This brolly features a double canopy which allows for wind to travel through the umbrella so you don’t have to worry about it turning inside out in stormy weather. It also has a slim body with an automatic open and close function so you don’t have to struggle to juggle your bags when you need to get your brolly out quickly.  

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