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The best women’s slippers: the ultimate addition to loungewear collection

Women's slippers

One thing that always gets cold no matter what time of year it is... feet! Luckily with the rise in boutique loungewear brands such as Mahabis, Desmond & Dempsey and Wolf & Badger, buying slippers no longer has to be an exercise of navigating through a series of novelty mules - you can now opt for designer slippers without the designer price tag or the crazy animations (unless that's your thing of course!) What's more, the best women's slippers are becoming more practical and more stylish as more and more loungewear brands get in on the trend.

Many of the boutique brands designing ladies slippers are incorporating indoor-outdoor features to their footwear - meaning that some designer slippers come equipped with a clip-on feature that enables you to transform your indoor slipper into a handy "I'm taking the bins out" outdoor pair. Super helpful, but you will pay extra for features like this, a pair of Mahabis slippers for example will set you back around £79.

Keep your eyes peeled for the material composition when you select you favourite pair, there is nothing worse than shelling out for a new pair of slippers only for them to develop that dreadful foot smell after a few wears - synthetic lining is your foe here.

We have rounded up the best slip-on's, mules, and booties for snuggly and stylish evenings in.

Women's slippers

1. Mahabis Classic Slipper

The ultimate slipper for indoors and outdoors

Best for: Nipping outside | Colours: Grey, Black, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Green, Beige | Type: Slip on mule

Outdoor soles
Lots of colours
 Not very ‘cosy’ 

If you’re someone who likes to pop out in the garden with a cuppa or find yourself nattering to your neighbour on the driveway, having to change from slipper to shoes can be very annoying. This slipper has been designed with comfort and functionality in mind with their interchangeable plastic soles that allow you to freely go from outside to inside without getting your slippers wet and dirty. Although not everyone’s favourite design, these slippers are super comfy and come with a range of different coloured soles.  

Women's slippers

2. Bedroom Athletics Florence Faux Fur Boot Slippers

Very fluffy boots that will keep you warm on the coldest winter nights

Best for: Cold evenings | Colours: Grey | Type: Bootie

Really warm
Good grip
Come up big 

These bootie slippers will make you feel like a fluffy polar bear and keep your feet and ankles incredibly warm. We love the wintery colours and they would look great teamed with a big furry dressing gown on an icy evening. Reviewers say they come up big so opt for a size down, as they can be difficult to walk in with small feet.  

Women's slippers

3. Ugg Women’s Slippers

A high-quality slip-on from a trusted brand

Best for: Luxury | Colours: Beige, Brown, Tan | Type: Slip-on

Sheepskin Suede/fur lined
Decent sole

Ugg is a well-loved brand of boots and their slippers are no exception. These slippers look and feel luxurious and would make a great gift for lovers of the UGG brand. They have a wide range of neutral colour options as well as printed patterns for those who want something a bit jazzier. Although expensive, these slip-ons have a great sole that provides excellent grip and will last for years. 

Women's slippers

4. Ugg Scuffette li Exotic Slipper

Another Ugg with a funkier design and tons of comfort

Best for: Funky design | Colours: Black & White | Type: Slip-on mule

Look cool
High quality

If you like the look of the standard Ugg Slippers but the colours are a little too boring for you, then these funky zebra patterned slippers are a great choice. You’ll get all the same comfort and style, with a black fur trim that is less likely to get dirty with frequent wear. They had a sturdy sole suitable for all floor types.  

Women's slippers

5. River Island Glitter Lace Mule Slipper

A lacy elegant choice for you glamour pusses

Best for: Boudoir | Colours: Beige/glittery | Type: Slip-on mule

Very girly
Soft and fluffy
 Get dirty easily

For those who love all things dainty, these fluff trimmed lacy slippers are a beautiful way to compliment a silky nighty or dressing gown. Ideal for snuggling up by the fire on a cold winter evening without getting too hot. If you really don’t like the idea of a chunky slipper, these are a subtle way to keep your feet warm around the house.  

Women's slippers

6. Harry Potter Slippers Gryffindor Design

For those aspiring wizards, these slippers are magically comfy

Best for: Harry Potter Fans | Colours: Grey | Type: Slip-on mule

Gryffindor only 

For those Harry Potter fans out there, these slippers are a must-have this winter. Featuring the Gryffindor house logo, you could become a part of the magic with these fluffy slip-on mules. A great novelty gift idea for friends that are fanatics, and they are unisex so you could even buy them for your whole family of Potterheads! 

Women's slippers

7. Minions Fluffy Novelty Slippers

A novelty slipper loved by children and big kids alike

Best for: Kids | Colours: White | Type: Traditional pull-on

Novelty choice
Great for kids
 Can get too hot

These novelty Minion themed slippers are a hit amongst the younger generation, and if you like unicorns, you’re onto a winner. These are a traditional pull on slipper which don’t provide much structure and can get a bit hot, but they look cool and are fun to wear. Would make a great gift for anyone who is a fan of the Minions movies.  

Women's slippers

8. Toms Red and Black Plaid Women’s House Slippers

A traditional tartan house slipper which is great for indoors and outdoors

Best for: Traditional house slipper | Colours: Red Tartan | Type: Traditional pull on

Seasonal design
Furry lining
Not everyone’s style 

For those of you who like the style of the Mahabis slipper but don’t want to pay the hefty price tag, these are a smart alternative that come in at just a fraction of the cost. They have a very traditional design and the tartan pattern gives them an autumnal feel.  The faux fur lining is also super cosy and they fit snugly so you won’t slip up on kitchen floors.  

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