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The best wiper blades: keep your windscreen clean and water-free

The best wiper blades

There’s nothing worse than being met with a teeth-clenching screech every time you put your wipers on. When they start to resist, it’s a good indication that they’ve reached the end of their lifetime. While there’s plenty of places to get hold of new wiper blades, you can usually get them cheaper online, and with an Amazon system that lets you know if a certain pair of windscreen wipers is compatible with your car, there’s no reason why finding the best wiper blades for your make and model has to be difficult.  

These days, there’s more available than just your ‘standard design’. While these are more than adequate and often the cheapest of the lot, spoiler blades and flat blades are more commonly found on newer models, as they’re smaller and sit tighter against the windscreen when you’re driving in windy conditions. 

Bosch is one of the most popular manufacturers when it comes to wiper blades, with their Bosch Aerotwin A980S Wiper Blades taking top position on our list for quality, price and design. Look out for Michelin and Valeo too, or Anco and Champion for wiper blades that are friendlier on the pocket.  

The best wiper blades

1. Bosch Aerotwin A980S Wiper Blades

Featuring an aerodynamic spoiler, these wiper blades are quieter and smoother than the standard design

Type: Front | Length: 60cm+47.5cm | Quantity: 2

Longer life than standard wiper blades 

For a cleaner and smoother wipe, these windscreen wiper blades are the best. From renowned manufacturer Bosch, you can be sure that these blades are of a good quality, with the manufacturer promising a longer life than just your standard unbranded. With their built-in spoiler, the blade remains closer to the windscreen, even when driving in high winds, ensuring your vision is never obscured in bouts of bad weather.  

Valeo Silencio VM420 Wiper Blade

2. Valeo Silencio VM420 Wiper Blade

Virtually silent and incredibly aerodynamic, there’s a reason why these blades are the most expensive on our list

Type: Front | Length: 65cm | Quantity: 2

Design gives them improved winter resistance 

Thanks to the lack of metal in their design, these Valeo wiper blades produce 3dB less noise than standard ones. With the absence of metal, these wiper blades are flat, which means they also produce less turbulence, while the anti-lift spoiler system ensures they remain close to the windscreen in high winds, so your windscreen always remains free from obstruction. With improved winter resistance and high speed 200 km hour performance under their belt, these blades are certainly worth it if you’re not worried about budget.  

Michelin MSW12924 Stealth Hybrid Wiper

3. Michelin MSW12924 Stealth Hybrid Wiper

Cheap, strong and aerodynamic – what more do you need?

Type: Front | Length: 60cm | Quantity: 1

Great for winter weather 

If you live in the north where snow is more commonplace, these hardy or ‘stealth’ windscreen wipers are certainly worth considering. While compared to the others on our list, they’re pretty bulky, although with the added strength of metal combined with the benefit of flat aerodynamics, these should provide a great level of resistance against winter weather. Thanks to the addition of a Smart Flex Secondary and an Independent Suspension Tertiary, these wipers fit all windscreen curves and sit tight against them to ensure obstruction is reduced as much as possible.  

Bosch Aerotwin A978S Wiper Blade

4. Bosch Aerotwin A978S Wiper Blade

Marrying both form and function, this set of wiper blades will ensure your screen is clear in all weather

Type: Front | Length: 65cm+42.5cm | Quantity: 2

Super easy to fit 

Having been heavily tested by the guys over at Auto Express Product Test Awards, these wiper blades from Bosch have proven to be effective at high speeds and in very adverse weather conditions. Thanks to the two spring-loaded rails, pressure is evenly distributed to ensure the windscreen is kept free of obstruction, while the improvements in design have allowed for better resistance against the formation of ice in colder climes. Installing these wiper blades apparently only takes a matter of seconds and when it comes to noise, they’re on the low side, too 

Trico Fit EX280 Wiper Blade

5. Trico Fit EX280 Wiper Blade

When it comes to rear wiper blades, this one ticks all the boxes

Type: Rear | Length: 28cm | Quantity: 1

Great value for money

While rear wiper blades don’t need to have the same performance-enhancing features as front wiper blades, these are, according to Motabitz, a fantastic choice for your car. They’re an exact fit, so they’ll come with whichever adapter is relevant to your car model, while the range of sizes ensures you benefit from good visibility through the back windscreen. It’s made from high quality materials, so should provide a good length of service, with most reviewers reporting that it did the job well. 

Anco 31-18 Wiper Blade

6. Anco 31-18 Wiper Blade

Cheap and cheerful but still decent quality

Type: Front | Length: 18cm | Quantity: 1

Top rated by consumer reports 

If you’re looking for the best wiper blades on a budget, then these ones from Anco should do you justice. They should be incredibly sturdy thanks to their vented bridge and metal flexor, while the rubber used to make the blade should provide a clean edge with every wipe. The wipers are protected against the effects of UV rays, air pollution and general grime, making them great all-year-rounders. They’re also easy to attach, so cheap, good quality and easy to install – that’s a win-win for us.  

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