The best wine glasses

The best wine glasses

When it comes to drinking wine at home, you could, of course, reach for a bog standard stemmed glass, a tumbler or even a quirky retro jar - but if you are sipping a high end wine rather than a cheap supermarket bottle, you may want to invest in a set of the best wine glasses, which promise to extract the full flavour from your vino whilst enhancing the appeal of your glassware cabinet to boot.

When looking for the best wine glasses for you, identifying which grape colour you opt for more regularly is a good place to start, followed by your style preferences, naturally. If you find yourself supping on a glass of red more often than white,  stemless wine glasses such as the Riedel 'O' Stemless Wine Glasses are a stylish alternative to the traditional stemmed wine glasses - with no need to keep red wine cool, the absence of a stem allows your hands to gently warm the wine to an ideal temperature, plus the bowl is the perfect shape for aerating red wine.

On the other hand, if you reach for white wine more often, you will want to serve a nice crisp and cold glass of Riesling or similar in a tall stemmed glass like the LSA International Sorbet Balloon Glasses or even the Julien Macdonald Gold Wine Glass in our top spot. A little garish? Maybe. But the opulence of these stemmed glasses makes them the perfect dinner party accessory to accompany statement dinnerware.

From classic to quirky, we have rounded up our picks of the best wine glasses this season below.

The best wine glass

1. Star by Julien Macdonald Gold Wine Glass

A large glass for when you need it most

Reasons to buy

 Gold painted glass 

If you are looking for opulence meets 1920's glam, our top wine glass pick has got you covered. This gold wine glass by Julien Macdonald is a tall stemmed glass with a hand painted gold exterior, ideal for white wine but not exclusively. Teamed with statement dinnerware, these glasses are hailed as the perfect dinner party accessory. They are sold separately so you can build your own set or keep just the one for those times when you just want to chill with your favourite glass of pinot. Sturdy, glam and something a little different. 

LSA International Sorbet Balloon Glasses

2. LSA International Sorbet Balloon Glasses

A set of two colourful glasses for a summery tipple

Reasons to buy

 Choice of pastel colours 

This set of two pastel-coloured wine glasses from glassware specialists LSA are the ideal medium sized glass, suited to either a white or rose wine to complement the design. With their elegant, tall, thin stems this designer set makes for a sophisticated wine spritzer and cocktails glass, too. With a choice of pastel shades you can purchase more than one set to build a collection of colourful wine glasses. Each glass is made from unique soda lime glass, so make sure you look after them by hand washing them carefully.  

Riedel 'O' Stemless Wine Glasses

3. Riedel 'O' Stemless Wine Glasses

Get comfy with a glass of red in these wine tumblers

Reasons to buy

 Versatile glasses 

These stemless wine glasses are great for a glass of red, or any drink at all for that matter. They’re easier to grip and more durable than a stemmed glass which means you can put them in the dishwasher with ease. The plain glass could complement any dining set and the glasses could be used at breakfast lunch or dinner for any type of beverage. 

Denby Set of 2 Red Wine Glasses

4. Denby Set of 2 Red Wine Glasses

A pair of red wine chalices with thick stems

Reasons to buy

 Thick stemmed 

This classic set of Denby glasses from the Greenwich/Regency collection are ideal for for couples who enjoy a glass of red wine at dinner. The thick stems make them easier to hold and also easier to clean in the dishwasher with less risk of breakage. Reviewers rate these red wine glasses highly for their generous size compared to standard wine glasses and the coloured stems add a touch of unique style to your glassware range. A sturdy, everyday choice for Shiraz lovers.

Social by Jason Atherton Red Wine Glasses

5. Social by Jason Atherton Red Wine Glasses

Plain, simple and elegant

Reasons to buy

 Crystal glass 

If you are looking for a set of plain crystal wine glasses that are versatile enough to hold whatever bottle of wine your evening (or afternoon) may require, these crystal wine glasses from Michelin Starred Chef Jason Atherton may be the ones for you. This set of 4 and not only aim to bring all the elegance of an upper-end restaurant to your home dining table but promise to be surprisingly durable, too, meaning you can pop these glasses in the dishwasher without worry. The deep, rounded glass is said to be designed for red wine, to help bring out the flavours and aromas, however rumour has it, they work perfectly well with white and rose too.

MADE Essentials Salem Set of 4 Red Wine Glasses

6. MADE Essentials Salem Set of 4 Red Wine Glasses

A retro design for your favourite wine

Reasons to buy

 Matching items available  

The Salem range from MADE essentials lends itself to a retro-style that wouldn’t look out of style in any minimalist kitchen. As you would expect from MADE, the design features of this glass, whilst simple, have flair - with the square bottomed bowl challenging the typical wine glass shape. With the promise of durable materials, these wine glasses should feel a little weightier than a classic, rounded design, and are big enough to accommodate a full 'large' glass of your chosen wine. The Salem range boasts multiple glassware designs to complete your collection if you like to have everything uniform. 

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