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The best Valentine’s gifts for gadget lovers

Flowers eventually wilt and chocolates are usually scoffed so quickly they’re never properly appreciated, but gadgets can be admired each time they are used, making them great Valentine’s Day gift ideas if you’re looking to impress your partner. Seeing as Valentine’s Day is that one day of the year which is focussed around making your partner feel extra special (aside from their birthday or Christmas), it’s worth splashing out that bit more on a gadget over the cliched chocolates and flowers; plus, it shows that you’ve been extra thoughtful and that always goes downs well. 

So where should you start when searching for the perfect gadget gift idea? If your partner hasn’t dropped any hints yet, you’re probably feeling a bit lost, but there are loads of gadgets that are ‘in’ at the moment that won’t fail to impress; whether they’ve specifically asked for one or not. For example, a gadget orientated guy or girl will always appreciate a highly intelligent drone that the pair of you can take out and about with you - providing your day out doesn’t coincide with an airfield. 

There’s also the method of going with a gadget that you’ll know they love based on their hobbies or habits. For example, if you know that your partner starts every day off with a coffee, they may appreciate an extra-special espresso machine, while those who are constantly flicking through the depths of Spotify to find the best undiscovered music may appreciate a pair of quality headphones to marvel over their newly found sound.

No matter what, you can rely on our list of the best Valentine’s gifts for gadget lovers to inspire your next purchase for your loved one, so read on to find out more. 

1. Sage by Heston Blumenthal the Barista Express Espresso Machine

Heston’s infused a little bit of his madness into this espresso machine

Best for: Coffee lovers | Type: Espresso machine | Power source: Mains

Produces exquisite coffee
Includes steam wand for milk texturing
For those with cash to spare 

If you’re feeling extra, extra generous this Valentine’s Day, this espresso machine from whacky chef Heston Blumenthal may be just the ticket to a length period of time in the good books. If they’re a coffee aficionado to the point where they refuse instant, moan that their cappuccino is more like a latte and won’t drink their coffee unless it’s in a specific cup or vessel, this machine is perfect- just bear in mind the expense. 

2. Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 Instant Camera

For those constantly snapping away on their phone

Best for: Wannabe photographers | Type: Instant camera | Power source: Rechargeable battery

 Print instant photos
Stylish camera
Replacing paper is an extra expense

If your other half is constantly snapping away on their phone, they’re guaranteed to love this instant camera. Instead of keeping photos in a digital file forever, they can print a photo as soon as its taken, and create a physical album or display it where it’s always visible. The camera itself is available to purchase in a range of funky colours and the design is slightly retro with a modern twist. There’s also a designated selfie mode, perfect if you want to take some Valentine’s Day photos together. Just be aware that the photos produced won’t be a match for a professional camera and printer. 

3. Beats by Dr Dre Wireless

Give them the gift of clear sound this Valentine’s Day

Best for: Music lovers | Type: Headphones | Power source: Rechargeable battery

Plays back high quality, clear sound
Noise cancelling
Bluetooth mode a little quiet 

A decent pair of headphones makes all the difference when you’re a music fan, as you can really get to grips with the layers of the track - something that standard cheapies won’t allow you to do. Beats headphones are all the rage right now and for good reason- according to reviewers, the sound quality is simply the best (although there are always some that don’t agree). These wireless noise cancelling headphones are great for taking on the morning commute, as they block out the background noise of the bus or the train and transport you to a world of your own - perfect if your partner’s a city worker.

4. DJI Spark Mini Drone

An incredibly intelligent drone for the ultimate tech lover

Best for: Tech lovers | Type: Drone | Power source: Rechargeable battery

Take high quality pictures
Multiple control mechanisms
Very expensive 

They’ll forever be in your debt if you buy them this super intelligent drone. DJI Spark have really gone to town with the tech, installing a powerful camera and multiple control mechanisms which will allow you to catch the perfect shot. The drone can recognise simple gestures or you can control it using your phone or a remote control. There’s 16 minutes’ battery life and it’ll use the onboard GPS system to automatically return home if the battery is running low. Just make sure your partner’s drone flying skills are adequate before you go spending this much money.

5. HP Sprocket

They’ll be able to print their pictures on the go with the photo printer

Best for: Photo hoarders | Type: Printer | Power source: Rechargeable battery

Prints instant photos
Hook it up to phone or camera
Print quality isn’t going to be exceptional 

If you know your partner is snap happy when they’re out and about, they now have instant access to prints of the photos they’ve taken with this portable printer. While the Fujifilm Camera in our list also features a printer, this one has the ability to pair up with a phone, so accessing the photos that they want to print will be super easy. If you’re taking them somewhere special on Valentine’s Day, they can pop the printer in their pocket or their bag and you can both have fun printing out pictures of your day together. If they’re a bit snooty when it comes to image quality, you’ll have to remind them that this printer is just for fun!

6. Amazon Echo

Let Alexa make your lives easier with the latest generation of the Amazon Echo

Best for: Voice control gadget | Type: Home assistant | Power source: Mains

Request various updates
Plays music
Can’t be moved freely 

Alexa has had an upgrade and now she’s capable of producing better sound quality, plus she’s got some more smart functions up her sleeve. With compatible gadgets, she can control lights, the thermostat and even turn your coffee machine on in time for you to get down the stairs in the morning. If you haven’t got round to moving in with your partner, you can call each other hands-free, providing they, too, have an Echo and the app. Aside from that, you can ask her to set an alarm, add to your shopping list and request your favourite playlist - freaky really, but she’ll certainly be a hit. 

7. Rega Planar 1

A modern record player on which to appreciate the old classics

Best for: Vinyl collectors | Type: Record player | Power source: Mains

Easy to use
Sleek and stylish
Only for vinyl lovers 

Whether they’ve recently inherited a collection or they’re old-timers at heart, they’ll be able to appreciate the true authenticity of the vinyl sound with this state-of-the-art record player. Rega call it the most usable to date and with minimal fiddling around required, it’s also the closest to plug in and play you can get. Everything about this record player has been designed to reduce low noise and motor vibration so your partner can completely immerse themselves in sound of their favourite guilty tracks. 

8. UE Boom 2

A portable speaker capable of superior quality sound

Best for: Social butterflies | Type: Portable speaker | Power source: Rechargeable battery

Huge variety of colours available
Waterproof up to 1m for 30 minutes
Not as bassy as other portable speakers 

If you both make a habit of heading down to the beach in the summer or taking tea out to the top field on a warm evening, this speaker could come in handy for the pair of you, not just for your partner. It provides 360 degree sound which promises to be rich, crisp and powerful, so much so that some reviewers say it can rival Bose - and it’s cheaper- so win win. Waterproof and with ample battery, it’ll also make a good companion on the annual camping holiday too. 

9. Minipresso GR

For partners who are always on the go

Best for: Coffee on the go | Type: Espresso machine | Power source: Hand powered

Fits easily into a bag
Fresh coffee on the go
Not dishwasher safe 

If you liked the idea of our first pick but turned and ran at the price, this could be a great backup plan. This nifty machine uses pressure to brew up a ‘rich and bold’ espresso, which will apparently beat the likes of your local Costa or Starbucks. So, if you’re partner is always in a rush in the morning, all they need to do is fill it with hot water and a scoop of their favourite ground coffee and they have a fresh coffee to sip on the commute. 

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