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The best summer foundation: heat friendly coverage this summertime

the best summer foundation

The great thing about summer is that you can really tone down your makeup and go au naturale. However, not all of us are lucky enough to have flawless skin without a little helping hand. During the summer, foundation can seem a little heavy, but we’ve picked out some of the best summer foundations that are lightweight and will help you achieve that sun kissed look as if you’ve just stepped off the beach.  

Firstly, if you tan well, you’re going to want to go up a shade or two when finding the best summer foundation, so make sure you get the right colour match by checking the colour of your regular-wear foundation and picking a summer version that is 1-2 shade darker. Secondly, opting for a foundation with an SPF will protect you against those UV rays; our top pick, Estée Lauder Double Wear Nude Water Fresh Makeup not only aims to give you a healthy looking glow, but it comes with an SPF30 making it a safe summer foundation choice, too (not a replacement for suncream though).

Secondly, we all sweat in the heat, so if you already find you have oily skin, a matte finish foundation such as Clinique Stay-Matte Oil-Free Makeup will go some lengths to ensure you stay 'sweat-free' all day long. Check out the full list below to get flawless summer skin.  

Estée Lauder Double Wear Nude Water Fresh Makeup

1. Estée Lauder Double Wear Nude Water Fresh Makeup

A natural, healthy, even tone

Type: Liquid | Volume: 30ml | SPF: 30 | Shades: 33+

 Good sun protection

This foundation is super-light, so if you’re looking to achieve a sun-kissed glow with a barely there feel, try this. With over 33 shades, you can find one that is just right for your summer tan colour, and the SPF 30 will ensure you have continuous protection when out in the sun without the need to apply sun cream which can make the face oily. It’s a light liquid that is said to go a long way without leaving any streaks or patchiness. This is a great foundation for those with dry skin.  

Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Gel Touch Foundation

2. Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Gel Touch Foundation

A healthy looking glow with a sheer finish

Type: Gel | Volume: 11g | SPF: 25 | Shades: 18+

Leaves a dewy finish 

If you want to achieve a healthy looking glow without looking oily, then this unique gel foundation might be for you. This summer foundation is light and only requires a small application to give you a sheer texture. It has an SPF of 25, which again will protect you in the sun, and keep your skin hydrated. One of the great things about this summer foundation is that it is buildable, so you can create the coverage you need and touch up throughout the day whenever required.  

3INA The 3 In 1 Foundation

3. 3INA The 3 In 1 Foundation

A primer, concealer and foundation all in one

Type: Liquid | Volume: 30ml | SPF: 15 | Shades: 24+

 Multi-tasking product 

This product is designed to do a 3-in-1 job. It primes, conceals and acts as a base foundation. With an SPF 15 this is a great foundation to wear every day and the range of shades are all completely cruelty free and free from parabens. Users love this foundation because it’s long-lasting and blends well. So if you’re going to be on holiday and doing lots of activities, you can expect this summer foundation to stay put!  

NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation

4. NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation

Lightweight and smooth, you’ll not even feel like you’re wearing makeup

Type: Liquid | Volume: 30ml | SPF: 0 | Shades: 20+

Highly pigmented 

NARS have designed an oil-free formula for those who want to achieve a matte finish and natural coverage. Users love how light it feels on their skin and the pigments really bring out a healthy glow in the face. One downside to this formula is that it doesn’t have any SPF but you can always use a moisturiser with SPF before application and in summer it is always safe to apply suncream before makeup, so this extra step will have you covered. This is also a long wear product so you can expect it to stay on nicely all day or night. 

Chanel Perfection Lumière Velvet Smooth-Effect Makeup

5. Chanel Perfection Lumière Velvet Smooth-Effect Makeup

Even out your complexion with this smooth formula

Type: Liquid | Volume: 30ml | SPF: 15 | Shades: 8+

Hides dark spots  

If you feel your skin is looking a bit tired and you want to liven it up in time for summer, then this Chanel summer foundation is said to be great at evening out skin tone and by choosing a darker shade you can really warm up your colouring. It has a velvet feel to it, so you’ll be left with a sheer but not oily finish that looks just like a natural summer glow. If you have combination skin, you can expect this foundation to feel smooth and not too heavy on the face for daily wear.  

Clinique Stay-Matte Oil-Free Makeup

6. Clinique Stay-Matte Oil-Free Makeup

Mattifying foundation for those prone to oiliness

Type: Liquid | Volume: 30ml | SPF: 10 | Shades: 16+

Keeps you shine free in the heat 

Oily skin doesn’t fare well in the humidity, so if you’re prone to shine outbreaks then you may want to give this Clinique oil-free summer foundation a try. The formula is designed to give you a matte finish and to prevent shine breakouts throughout the day, even on those very hot and humid days. With 20 different shades, you’re bound to find one that suits your skin tone, and this formula is specially designed not to oxidize on the skin so you don’t have to worry about it changing colour throughout the day. 

The Ordinary Coverage Foundation

7. The Ordinary Coverage Foundation

A great budget buy that’s pigmented and nourishing to skin

Type: Liquid | Volume: 30ml | SPF: 15 | Shades: 21+

Light, medium and dark ranges of shades 

If you don’t want to spend too much money on a second foundation for summer, then this product is affordable and comes in a range of different shades under the ranges of light, medium and dark so you can really match it to your skin tone just right. A little goes a long way with this summer foundation and it’s formulated with nourishing oils to leave your skin hydrated and smooth on those extra hot days.  


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