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The best stationery for teens

Nothing beats that back to school blues than some brand spanking new stationery. Fresh notebooks, smooth, slick highlighters, funky post-its and clips – all make doing your homework that little bit more exciting. Whether you’re super organised or just want to look super cool, we’ve picked out a range of stationary items for both boys and girls to be fully equipped on their first day back and well-prepared all year round.

Some of us get more excited about stationery than others. There are those who will simply pick up a pack of pencils from their local supermarket, and then there are the stationery aficionados who go on the hunt for quirky, bright and funky items that make the menial tasks all the more joyful. We’ve picked out the latter – simple yet high-quality items that will look great on your desk and easily fit in your school bag. From rose gold unicorns to Star Wars and Harry Potter, we’ve got the latest trends covered. 

1. Harry Potter Hogwarts Notebook

Start back to school magically with this wizard’s notebook

Best for: Taking notes
Colour: Brown
Contains: 100 ruled pages
Reasons to buy
+ High quality cover + A5 size 
Reasons to avoid
- Not for muggles  

If you’re a Harry Potter fan then you won’t want to be without this wizard’s notebook. Whether it’s at school, at home or at work, you’re never too old to add a touch of magic to your day. This notebook has a high-quality hardback cover and features 100 lined pages with little illustrations in the corner of each page and a ribbon bookmark. Customers love the feel of this book and say it is beautiful to write in as the pages are thick and sturdy; great for writing in fountain pen to make you feel like a truly spellbinding wizard!  

2. NPW We Live Like This Sticky Notes Set

Forget bright fluorescent post-its; these girly sticky notes are great for jotting down your thoughts in style

Best for: Making stylish notes
Colour: Assorted
Contains: 13 assorted sticky note pads and page markers
Reasons to buy
+ Girly designs + Large pack 
Reasons to avoid
- Not all that sticky 

Make your revision more interesting with this pack of pretty patterned sticky notes. Rather than the garish fluorescent post its you’re used to, this pack of sticky notes and book markers can liven up your coursework in a different way. Customers love how good the quality of the paper is and each pattern can be used for different types of notes so you can keep yourself organised. Some have said they don’t stick all that well to some surfaces, but for general bookmarking and note keeping, these are a lovely alternative way to make small reminders.  

3. THE BUTT Tape dispenser and Supply Station

A novelty station for all your much-needed desk supplies

Best for: Novelty
Colour: Blue or green
Contains: Sellotape, paperclips, pen and sticky notepad
Reasons to buy
+ Set of essentials + Funny 
Reasons to avoid
- A little flimsy 

This tape dispenser is sure to provide a few chuckles when placed on your desk at work. This stationery set is called the Butt and features a man on a toilet who holds all of your desktop essentials including a pen, sellotape, paper clips and more. It would make a great novelty gift for a co-worker, and is actually really useful too. Users have said it’s a little flimsy but other than that it looks great on a desktop and is handy to have close by when you need something. 

4. SHEAFFER Star Wars Darth Vader Gift Set with Gel Ink Pen

Budding Jedi’s can keep all their notes in this Star Wars themed journal

Best for: Star Wars fans
Colour: Black
Contains: Notebook and pen
Reasons to buy
+ Gloss finish + Great gift idea 
Reasons to avoid
- Expensive for a small journal 

No Star Wars fan should be without a Darth Vader journal, so whether it’s for school work or keeping at home as your very own dark side diary, you can keep all of your notes, secrets or homework jotted down in this 160 page notebook with the black ball point pen included. This is a great gift set to give to any Star Wars fan young or old, and customers are impressed with the high quality of the glossy book and thick pages. If Darth Vader isn't your favourite character, fear not, this Star Wars set is available with R2-D2 or Yoda on the front cover too.

5. Happy Jackson Sticky Notes

Brighten up your revision notes with these stickers

Best for: Adding colour to your notes
Colour: Multi
Contains: Assorted sticky nots and slogan stickers
Reasons to buy
+ Stick them anywhere + Bright colours 
Reasons to avoid
- A little small 

It's hard to make revision fun, but with these Happy Jackson Sticky Notes, you can brighten up your revision quickly and easily and these post-its are also great for sticking around the house and using as revision prompts or general reminders. Brighten up your textbooks with these happy slogans to keep you motivated through exam seasons... okay, okay, so it won't necessarily make the revision itself more enjoyable, but trust us, colourful sticky notes are great visual prompts.

6. Ted Baker Rose Gold Filled Pencil Case

A stylish pencil case for designer lovers

Best for: Cute pencil case set
Colour: Rose Gold
Contains: Pencil case, rubber, sharpener, ruler and 2 pencils
Reasons to buy
+ Complete set + On trend 
Reasons to avoid
- Expensive  

Girls, this on-trend pencil case is perfect for going back to school or uni in style. It’s rose gold, which everyone is obsessed with right now, and inside it contains all the essentials you need for class. This is a stylish case which could also be used for make-up brushes and will give you a designer edge among your classmates. It is a little pricey but it’s of great quality and you’ll have everything you need for term time.  

7. Polaroid 10 Mini Notebooks

A bright and colourful notebook set for every subject

Best for: The design conscious
Colour: White, Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red
Contains: 10 notebooks
Reasons to buy
+ Handy small size + Popular Polaroid brand
Reasons to avoid
- Limited number of pages

This pack of 10 notepads is perfect for organising all of your revision notes by topic. With a rainbow of colours and a positive quote on the front of every book, you could easily assign each notepad to a school subject and pack them full of handy revision notes. Of course, they also make great drawing or doodling pads too, so any budding designers or artists out there, take note!

8. How To Survive University Stationery Set For Students

A novelty binder for new students

Best for: Gift for students
Colour: multi
Contains: Ring binder and refill pad
Reasons to buy
+ Funny novelty gift + Large refill pad 
Reasons to avoid
- Completely useless advice 

If you or someone you know is off to university, this ring binder will provide a few laughs in the lecture hall. This binder and pad features humorous graphics on “how to survive university”, all of which are completely tongue-in-cheek, but humorous nonetheless. This would make a great leaving present for someone about to embark on their first semester as a uni student, although be warned, the advice is pretty much entirely useless.  

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