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The best skateboards for beginners

Anyone who’s tried to skateboard in the past knows it isn’t easy. As a small kid you may have stood up for a couple of shaky metres on the shallowest of downhill slopes but taking the next step and becoming a competent amateur skateboarder takes years of practice, dedication and dare. If you have decided to get back into the skate scene or even if you are thinking of joining it for the first time, we have rounded up the best skateboards for beginners available to give you a head start.

If you’re just starting out or you’re looking to purchase someone their first skateboard, it’s worth doing some research on the type of skateboards out there (yes, there’s more than one!), as the deck can make a difference to the performance. For example, anyone would love to be able to to jump on a double kickboard and instantaneously show off kicks and flips down the local skatepark. In reality, a deck that offers up more stability, such as a longboard, would be the better option for getting to grips with balance and posture. 

Those who are slightly more practiced may benefit from a regular skateboard, which is suitable for skating around town and developing skills. Heavier ones are sturdier and better to get to grips with tricks slowly and steadily, while lighter ones are zippier and harder to control but once you’ve got the hang of them, the street is your playground.

1. Enjoi Panda Soft Top Complete

A great first skateboard for small family members... or for hitting the park

Best for: Sturdiness
Width: 6.75 inch
Deck material: 7 ply Canadian Maple
Skateboard use: hitting the park
Reasons to buy
+Sturdy+Cushioned soft top
Reasons to avoid
-Design more suited for kids or pros 

When a skateboard is on the small side, it means two things. A) It’s great for small children. B) It’s great for shredding the skatepark. Young children will benefit from the smaller size of this skateboard, which is great for developing balance. More seasoned riders will enjoy the fact that the skateboard is lighter than others, which makes it decent for tricks.The panda design from Enjoi Skateboards is more simplistic compared to others from the range, giving it a universal appeal. 

2. Enuff Fade Green Complete

A good all-round board for teenagers- Enuff said

Best for: Teenagers
Width: 7.75 inch
Deck material: 7 ply Canadian Maple
Skateboard use: flat, street
Reasons to buy
+Sturdy+Good all-round board
Reasons to avoid
-Not for the park 

This medium sized board is perfect for teenagers, as it allows them to cruise along flat roads and streets without too much difficulty. Because the board is sturdy, it’s not particularly light weight, which makes performing tricks at speed pretty difficult. The board is decent for developing technique and practicing tricks though, so for a teenager looking to develop their skills, this board is perfect. The Fade Green design is certainly a pleaser too. 

3. Max-Eboard Electric Longboard

The ultimate cruising and travel board

Best for: Travelling
Width: 8.4 inch
Deck material: Resin 7 - construction
Skateboard use: Commuting and long distance cruising
Reasons to buy
+Top speed of 20mph+11-13 mile range
Reasons to avoid
-Can’t ride it in the wet 

If you’re looking for a cool way to get places, this electric longboard could be the solution. Whether the ride to work is a bit hilly or you need a quick way to fetch the takeout, this skateboard has the power to reach speeds of up to 20mph and climb hills with a 10% incline. Slick Revolution say the power will last up to 12.4 miles, while use of the brake will charge the skateboard on the go. Okay, so the handling is slightly stiffer than a man-powered skateboard but for covering miles as quick as possible, it’s hard to beat. 

4. Apollo Longboard Special Edition Complete Board

A great longboard from the brand that brings surf to the streets

Best for: Cruising
Width: 7 inch
Deck material: 17 ply construction
Skateboard use: Flat
Reasons to buy
+Great for cruising flat streets+Cover long distances easier
Reasons to avoid
-Not for tricks 

When it comes to cruising, you can’t go wrong with a longboard. Build for sturdiness and a relaxed skate style, they’re the perfect board to take out for a scenic skate along the promenade. As a heavy board, there should be plenty of momentum to carry you without the need to scoot. The LED lights in the wheels also give the board an edge over others on the market. 

5. Globe China Heights Complete Skateboard

A bulky board for beginners

Best for: Beginners
Width: 8.25 inch
Deck material: Resin 7 -construction
Skateboard use: Flat
Reasons to buy
+Incredibly sturdy+Wide width for those with bigger feet
Reasons to avoid
-Only good for the basics 

The age-old saying is you need to learn to walk before you can run and this skateboard does a good job of helping you to fulfil that. With its width of 8.25 inches, it’s very sturdy, which makes balance and posture far easier to master. Those who have large feet will also benefit from the width of the skateboard, which should give them the control they need to develop  good control technique. Once you’re ready to master the tricks, a lighter skateboard may need to be purchased.

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