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The best rugs for hallways: runners and carpets for your entranceway

Does your hallway look a bit bland? If so, adding a simple (or jazzy) rug can really change things up. The best type of rug for a hallway is often referred to as a runner, which is a long and narrow rug that can often shape your hallway very nicely. 

But as well as their aesthetic appeal, the best hallway rugs are often practical too. Whether you have hardwood flooring, tiles or carpet, a simple runner can stop dirt, debris and spillages from ruining your flooring. They can also help avoid little accidents if you have slippery flooring, and minimise any damage from shoes, pet paws and furniture. 

When deciding what rug would be best for your hallway, there are a few things to consider aside from whether you like the way it looks. Homes with pets should avoid loop pile rugs, as their claws can get stuck in the loops and end up snagging the rug. The same goes for if you are likely to be bringing in pushchairs or wheelchairs – the wheels are likely to get caught. 

If you like guests to take their shoes off when they enter your home, then choosing a soft and fluffy rug will be inviting and comforting for those walking on it. However, consider something a little more durable than say, a fluffy sheepskin, as this will get ruined quickly if subjected to high amounts of traffic. 

Considering the positioning of a hallway runner, it is likely it will need to be cleaned every so often, but opting for rugs with patterns will mean any dirt is somewhat disguised until cleaning day rolls around.  We’ve rounded up some of the best hallway rugs to suit different decors and budgets: take a look and find a rug to complete your entranceway.

1. Royal Heritage Imperial Baktian Runner Rug

An old-fashioned wool rug for quirky homes

Best for: Worldly look | Material: 100% wool pile | Dimensions: L275xW67cm | Cleaning method: Dry clean only

Rich colours
Doesn’t show dirt easily
When it is dirty it’s tricky to clean 

This rug is inspired by traditional kilim designs and the wool knit rug is said by customers to be incredibly soft to walk on. It’s intricate patterns and rich colours offer a warm and inviting atmosphere to your hallway when guests enter your home and it would make a nice contrast against hardwood flooring. The dark mixture of colours also means that dirt does not show up easily on this hallway rug which makes it relatively low maintenance. However, when it does come round to cleaning it, it’s dry clean only which can be a pain. Overall, this hallway rug makes our top spot for its classic, elegant and striking design that could add character to any home. 

2. HOME Feliz Ombre Runner

A light and fluffy hallway runner for neutral hallways

Best for: Shabby-chic | Material: 100% polypropylene | Dimensions: L230xW60cm | Cleaning method: Wipe clean

Low maintenance
Requires a non-slip mat  

This grey and white ombre style rug is thick and soft, making it ideal for long hallways. The colour and design would particularly suit a shabby-chic décor that is made up of neutral tones and minimal furniture and customer’s say it is the perfect finishing touch that provides both style and comfort at an affordable price. This rug can be a little slippery on hardwood floors, so it is recommended to purchase a non-slip mat, but on carpet this rug sits perfectly. It’s also a good choice for homes with pets and children because if it gets dirty it simply wipes clean with household cleaning products. 

3. John Lewis Manisa Kelim Runner Rug

A colourful tapestry design for rustic homes

Best for: Exotic feel | Material: 100% wool | Dimensions: L240xW70cm | Cleaning method: dry clean only

Striking pattern
Sits well on carpet
Slippy on hardwood floors 

For those well-travelled and inspired by tapestry from the Far East, this hallway runner would suit your décor perfectly. It could add a splash of colour to neutral hallways or spice up those with warmer coloured walls. Customers say the quality is excellent and it complements carpet particularly well. The tassels add a nice finishing touch for those who are all about the little details when looking for accessories for the home.

4. Mira Flatweave Runner

This modern pattern would suit a light and airy contemporary hallway

Best for: Contemporary pattern | Material: 50% wool, 50% cotton | Dimensions: L200xW66cm | Cleaning method: dry clean only

Choice of colours
Might need frequent cleaning 

This almost nautical-style runner would not look out of place in any room of the home, but adds an element of style and comfort to your hallway. It’s a modern pattern which would suit a light and airy home and could be used either as a walkway or to protect the floor from furniture legs. Its flat weave design is intended for high-traffic areas, and it’s soft to walk on making it the perfect combination of form and function. If you believe less is more, then this simple hallway rug is the one for you.

5. Linea Stripe Washable Runner natural

A contemporary runner that’s stylish and low-maintenance

Best for: High-traffic areas | Material: 100% polypropylene | Dimensions: L200xW66cm | Cleaning method: Machine washable

Non-slip backing
Matches many decors
Not the softest 

This stripy runner features warm and neutral tones that would complement many interior designs. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, this runner is one of the most practical on our list as it is designed with a non-slip backing, meaning you can place it directly on any surface without the risk of movement. Customers love how low-maintenance this rug is because when it gets dirty it can simply be popped in the washing machine at 30 degrees – ideal for hallways with high traffic, playing children and pets. 

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