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The best reed diffusers: top designer room fragrances

A reed diffuser is a great way to make your home both smell and look beautiful. They generally last longer than candles and there is no flame or heat which makes them a much safer way to fragrance your home. 

The diffuser reeds themselves are a natural plant material that allows the diffuser fluid to travel up through them and then it is dispersed into the room via tiny holes and is often presented in a pretty glass jar that holds the oil or fragrance fluid in the bottom. They look great in any room of the house and won’t infiltrate your living space with any smoke like incense would. 

A good quality oil diffuser could cost anywhere between £30 to £100+. The main thing to consider when buying a reed diffuser for your home is the fragrance you want and the quality of the essential oil. Typically, around 40ml of oil will give you a months’ worth of fragrance and then after that you can top it up with an essential oil of your choice. To find out more about essential oils, take a look at our list of the best essential oils. 

From fresh and scents like Blackcurrant, Citrus and Mint, to rich, exotic and floral smells such as lotus flower, musk and cedar wood; we’ve picked out some of the best reed diffusers that will leave your home smelling wonderful. 

1. Tom Dixon Earth Scented Diffuser

A sophisticated and unique diffuser for awakening the senses

Best for: Designer piece | Size: 200ml | Scent: Mint, Cedar and Guaiac Wood

 Mouth-blown glass  
 Charcoal diffuser stick 
 Incredibly expensive 

This alchemist-style reed diffuser is beautifully handmade with mouth-blown glass and finished off with gold lettering for a truly unique look that no other diffuser on the market has. This diffuser offers earthy smells which would complement any home and travels well in larger rooms and you can also look out for other scents in the range including water, air and fire. It is on the pricier side, but this is a designer product and luxury purchase for those who want to fragrance their home in style.  

2. Jo Malone London English Pear & Freesia Scent Surround Diffuser

A luxurious, fresh scent with a classic design

Best for: Classic look | Size: 165ml | Scent: Pear & Freesia

 Modern design 
 Subtle, fresh scent  
 Scent doesn’t travel well 

This Jo Malone is a classic style diffuser which wouldn’t be out of place in any modern home. It features a strong but not overbearing Pear and Freesia scent which is favoured by many and leaves the home smelling fresh. Customers love the look and say it lasts a long time, but note that it would be better placed in a smaller room to truly enjoy the invigorating aroma as it does not travel well through large, spacious rooms. In which case it would make an ideal diffuser for a bedroom or bathroom and it also comes beautifully gift wrapped by John Lewis, making it the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.  

3. Stoneglow Nature's Gift English Country Garden Diffuser 200ml

A stunning diffuser that invites the smell of summer into your home

Best for: Pretty bottle | Size: 200ml | Scent: Floral

 Pretty design 
 Floral scent 
 Can’t buy refills 

This is a beautiful diffuser that has a floral scent made up of lily, rose and hyacinth with leafy base notes. If you want to feel as though its summer all year round then this is the best reed diffuser for your home. Customers love the decorative flowers which really give it an elegant finishing touch, and although you cannot buy refills for this diffuser, it would certainly make for a stunning ornament on its own once it is finished. If you’re stuck for a gift to get a loved one, this reed diffuser makes a quirky alternative to giving a bunch of flowers that will last a lot longer.  

4. Ralph Lauren Home Amalfi Coast Diffuser

Musky notes and fruity tones make for a fascinating, multi-layered scent

Best for: A gentleman’s scent | Size: 124ml | Scent: Wood/musk

 Looks stylish 
Doesn't look quite as elegant with the stopper off

For a scent that's at once refined and rugged, you can’t go wrong with Ralph Lauren's fragrances. This reed diffuser would make a great addition to the home; emitting opulent, musky notes that features fig leaves, blonde wood and blackcurrant. You’ll experience a mixture of earthy and fruity tones that are strong but not overbearing. This reed diffuser comes with a good-looking bottle that any gentleman is sure to love, and once empty, can easily be refilled with the essential oil of your choice. The smart, designer box also makes it the perfect gift that’s a little bit different.  

5. Ecoya Lotus Flower Diffuser 200ml

A sensual and relaxing scent that will turn your home into a spa

Best for: Bathrooms | Size: 200ml | Scent: White lotus flower

 Fresh scent 
 Lasts up to 6 months 
 Better in smaller rooms 

Freshen up your bathroom and relax into your very own home spa with this lotus flower reed diffuser that gives off a delicate and warm scent. Users love the subtlety of this diffuser and find it works perfectly for smaller rooms and is particularly long-lasting. The white lotus flower invigorates the room while the warm vanilla undertones create a relaxing environment; perfect for chilling out in a hot bubble bath after a long day.  

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