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The best night creams for women

We all look at ourselves in the mirror when we’re getting ready in the morning and wonder what we can do to help our skin look and feel the best it can be. Whether your skin looks tired and taut or dry and sallow, there’s a night cream out there that will help combat these signs of your skin’s fatigue and boost its natural nightly generation processes to give you healthier looking skin by morning. 

It is said that your skin cells are actually more active overnight then they are during the day. Specialists comment that skin cell renewal is higher; that means regeneration is faster and the production of collagen increases. The skin is also more receptive to active ingredients when you sleep, which means creams applied at night are more efficient in helping your skin to look its best. 

It’s important that you take note of the natural state of your skin when looking for night creams. For example, if your skin is normal, a night cream with moisturising properties will boost the skin’s natural moisturising processes. Too much of a moisturising boost and the receptor cells that detect your skin’s moisture levels will stop working- and your skin will become too dry as a result. 

For those who see that their skin is aging, night creams that contain collagen will assist with the skin’s natural production of collagen, making skin appear firmer by the morning. There are also night creams out there that do a good job of being the ideal all-rounder, helping skin to look better and feel healthier in every way.

1. Clarins Super Restorative Night Cream, For Very Dry Skin

A plant-based night cream that moisturises and reduces the look of dark spots

Best for: Dry skin | Size: 50ml | Skin Type: Dry

Uses plant-based ingredients
Very moisturising
Only for dry skin

While the price of this night cream is a little extravagant, you certainly get what you pay for. Clarins promises that the product will help to reduce and prevent dark spots, preserve microcirculation and moisturise the skin, leaving it rejuvenated by the time you wake up.  The majority of the reviewers leave five stars and comment on the fact that the cream does exactly what is says on the tin. Because of its strong moisturising properties, those who have normal skin will probably find it too heavy.

2. Elemis Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream

A reviving cream for skin exposed to harsh environments

Best for: Lifting tired skin | Size: 50ml | Skin Type: All-types

Moisturises and increases oxygen levels
Suitable for all skin types
Very expensive 

Many of us are unaware of how much our environment impacts our skin. Whether you’re exposed to a cold wind that dries your face or the city air that clogs up your pores, Elemis claim they have created the antidote in this moisturising, oxygen increasing and anti-aging face cream.  Reviewers marvel at its success, with many of them saying other people notice a difference in the health of their skin over time - surely worth forking out the extra cash?

3. Lancôme Rénergie Multi-Lift Night Massaging Cream

A skin cream that makes the skin feel pampered

Best for: Hydrating | Size: 75ml | Skin Type: All-types

Smoothes and firms up skin
For face and neck
More perfumed than others 

Lancôme say that they like to infuse the French expression ‘joie de vivre’ into their products. In doing so, they have created a face cream that reviewers say manages to make their skin feel instantly revived. The brand encourage a massaging technique when applying the product, which they say helps to work the cream further into the skin, maximising its effectiveness. The majority of reviewers actually enjoy adding this ritual into their skin care routine, with many of them seeing noticeable results over time. 

4. Sisley Supremÿa Eyes At Night

A patented formula that helps to reduce wrinkles around the eyes

Best for: Reducing eye wrinkles | Size: 15ml | Skin Type: All-types

12 active ingredients
Reduces dark circles and puffiness
Only for the eye area 

Okay- we admit - buy this, and you’ll burn a huge hole in your pocket. Will you see results? The reviews say yes. Instantaneously? Almost. In fact, the majority of reviewers see a difference in just one night. Over time, there’s an obvious difference, which means the active ingredients including caffeine, yeast extract and Acai get to work as the brand promises; reducing dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles and helping to combat pretty much every flaw you could possibly find around your eyes. A miracle cure? - we’ll leave the judgement to you.

5. Liz Earle Superskin Overnight Mask

Using the best botanicals to create a nourishing face cream

Best for: Brightening the skin | Size: 100ml | Skin Type: All-types

Brighter, smoother and firmer skin
Uses botanicals to naturally enhance the skin
Claggier than others 

Coming in a 100ml pot, this offers the most amount of cream for your money. Liz Earle promises that the active plant ingredients will help to brighten and even skin tone, so if you suffer from red patches, this could be a good one to look at. It also firms and moisturises, making it a great all-rounder. The only negative we can find is that it’s a bit claggier than other face creams, however, Liz Earle call this a mask, which indicates that it is going to have heavier properties - so be warned!

6. Lab Series PRO LS All In One Face Treatment

A face cream to help men achieve healthy looking skin

Best for: Male skin | Size: 100ml | Skin Type: All-types

Hydrates without making the skin greasy
Matts without making the skin dry
Too pricey for a lot of men 

The brand have employed their MPD-8 Complex to help combat irritation and redness, so those who shave often should benefit from its skin calming properties. In addition to hydrating, the cream does a clever job of matting the skin and reducing oiliness at the same time, which makes it a great buy for those who suffer from shiny skin, especially on the nose. The majority of the reviewers agree that it does a good job of fulfilling all of the above, but one common complaint, even among the five star reviews, is the price.

7. No7 Early Defence Night Cream

A gentle night cream for young skin

Boosts the skin’s natural defences
Protects against environmental defences
Not as strong as other products on the list

If you like the sound of the Elemis Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream but don’t want to spend a fortune on a product meant for older skin, this one is a great option. No7 have created a product that enhances the skin’s natural defences, helping to combat harmful environmental conditions which age the skin. With the addition of Lipopeptides and Vitamin A, the cream also helps to reduce the appearance of those first fine lines. Many reviewers commend its light, non-greasy texture, which makes it a good buy for oily skin.

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