The best natural sunscreen

the best natural sunscreens

Sun protection is important, but with such a wide range of products on the market it can be difficult to know what to buy, especially if you have sensitive skin. However, there are a growing number of natural sunscreens on the market now that are ideal for those with problematic or irritable skin and also great for use on the face and for babies.  

Instead of using harsh chemicals to absorb the UV rays, natural sunscreens such as Drunk Elephant Umbra Sheer Physical Defense use natural minerals to disperse UV rays away from the skin, protecting you that way. 

You should always opt for SPF 30+ for maximum protection in the sun, and SPF 50+ like the Thinkbaby Safe Sunscreen for babies as their skin is even more sensitive to both the sun and harsh chemicals. Most natural sunscreens will also have other moisturising properties making them ideal for those with particularly dry skin. The Annemarie Borlind Sun Care is particularly good for protecting dry skin all year round from the elements. Check out the full list below to find a sunscreen that’s right for you.  

The best natural sunscreen

1. Drunk Elephant Umbra Sheer Physical Defense

An all-natural formula for all skin tones and types

Reasons to buy

Loaded with antioxidants 

This is a luxurious all-natural sunscreen that is jam packed full of antioxidants and goodness. Users found it to absorb into the skin very well, leaving your skin feeling soft and supple with no strange lingering fragrance and no stickiness. Those with sensitive skin have said it works well with no issues on the body and face and you’ll get excellent sun protection with the SPF 30 rating. If you’ve tried many different sensitive sun creams but none have worked, then Drunk Elephant could be the perfect formula for you.  

Annemarie Borlind Sun Care

2. Annemarie Borlind Sun Care

A great formula for dry skin all year round

Reasons to buy

Great for winter sun 

If you have particularly dry skin then you may find this natural sunscreen to help moisturise as well as protect your skin. It’s SPF 30, and is recommended for use all year round – the ideal cream to take skiing with you to protect your face on the slopes. It is said to be kind enough to use on children’s skin and it has a pleasant fragrance.  

Green People Children's Sun Lotion

3. Green People Children's Sun Lotion

An organic children’s sun cream to keep their skin healthy and protected

Reasons to buy

Water resistant  

Children’s skin can be even more sensitive than our own, so it’s important to make sure you pick a natural sunscreen that will be kind to their skin, as well as highly absorbent. This sun cream from Green People is made with antioxidants, is moisturising, and most importantly, water resistant so they can play out in the pool without worry. It’s completely fragrance free and offers up to 96% UVB protection. Users who have children with eczema have said this sun cream caused no irritation or reaction to the skin, so it is highly recommended for those with very sensitive skin. 

Jason Mineral Sunblock

4. Jason Mineral Sunblock

Highly absorbent and feels nice on the skin

Reasons to buy


If you hate the way regular sunscreen leaves a sticky or greasy film on your skin, then you will be pleased to know that this natural sunscreen is highly absorbent to avoid just that. It’s easy to apply and rub in, leaving your skin feeling soft and supple rather than greasy. Users found this cream to last well, too, and be effective with occasional application, even after swimming.  

Ultrasun Family Ultra Sensitive Sun Cream

5. Ultrasun Family Ultra Sensitive Sun Cream

A water resistant all day sunscreen for family holidays

Reasons to buy

One application per day 

This is an all-day natural sunscreen that is designed to be long-lasting and ensures all day protection with just one application. The formula itself is free from oils, emulsifiers and perfumes and is specifically said to be good for skin that is prone to allergy and prickly heat. It’s easy to apply, non-greasy and also water resistant so you can have total peace of mind you are protected on those days by the pool.  

Thinkbaby Safe Sunscreen

6. Thinkbaby Safe Sunscreen

A high SPF for babies when out in the sun

Reasons to buy

 SPF 50

This super sensitive high protection sunscreen is designed for babies, with a mineral based formula that is highly absorbent which is particularly helpful when applying to a wriggly baby. It’s water resistant for up to 80 minutes and with a high SPF of 50 you can have peace of mind your child is truly protected with an all-natural formula that won’t irritate the skin.