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The best men's umbrellas

mens umbrellas

When picking an umbrella, you ultimately want one that will do its job and keep you dry - but we’re guessing most of you will want something that isn’t too garish and that is easy to use, too. That's why we’ve picked a range of smart and stylish brollies that are perfect for the businessman, and thrown in a few novelty options for good measure. 

Most brollies these days come with an automatic opening function, and there are plenty of compact options that are ideal for keeping in your glove compartment, briefcase, or slipping into your coat pocket when heading out for the evening. 

If you’re a man who takes pride in his hair, there are plenty of canopies that will keep your 'do in place, and durable materials specifically designed for strong blustery winds. Our list has umbrellas to suit all styles and budgets, but for a decent umbrella that will stand the test of time with regular use, we recommend spending between £20-£40. If you just want a brolly for the odd occasion, we have some basic budget options that will get the job done nicely. 

1. Fulton Magnum Automatic Folding Umbrella

A classic black umbrella that is ideal for businessmen

Best for: Classic style | Folded Length: 104cm | Colours: Black

 Versatile style 
 Large (great for tall guys) 
 Won’t fit in briefcase 

If you need an umbrella for everyday use, then the Fulton Magnum Automatic Folding Umbrella is an affordable option that will serve you well. This umbrella is quite large, so you will have to carry it, but it is great for tall men who often struggle to get enough coverage. It opens easily at the touch of a button and has a comfortable wooden handle that also looks smart.  

2. Senz Smart Umbrella

A quirky umbrella that is great for guys who take pride in their grooming

Best for: Funky design/wind protection | Folded Length: 82cm | Colours: Black, red, silver, blue, yellow

 Highly wind-resistant 
 Choice of colours 
 Looks a bit odd 

People either love or loathe this design, but one thing that can’t be denied is that this brolly is extremely effective. If you want to protect yourself from the wind, then this uniquely shaped umbrella will stop you looking windswept by the time you reach the office. It comes in at a mid-range price but claims to withstand up to 50mph winds, and comes with a 12 month guarantee.  

3. Hunter Original Moustache Umbrella

A reliable brand that will keep you dry on those rainy dog walks

Best for: Dog walking | Folded Length: 91cm | Colours: Red, black, green, yellow, orange, blue, pink

 Reliable brand 
 Choice of colours 

For those country walkers who already have a trusty pair of Hunter wellies, this umbrella will complete your look nicely. This is a large plastic umbrella with a dome canopy that is guaranteed to keep you dry (and maybe even the dog, too!) on rainy day walks. The choice of colours available makes this umbrella a solid choice for both men and women.  

4. Tumi Large Auto Close Umbrella

An automatic open and close brolly that can easily fit in your briefcase

Best for: Business | Folded Length: 33cm | Colours: Black

 Automatic open/close 
 Smart looking 
 Very pricey 

Okay, so we know £80 for a brolly may sound a bit absurd, but this umbrella from well-known luggage brand Tumi will provide a reliable service and make sure you look the part in the office. You can get this umbrella in small, medium and large, with the smaller one easily fitting into your briefcase. It is said to be a little heavy, but is sturdy and wind-resistant which will keep you dry and looking smart on your way to work.  

5. Fulton Stormshield Men’s Umbrella

An extra-large umbrella for wet and windy weather

Best for: Golfers | Folded Length: 94cm | Colours: Black, blue

 Not too expensive 
 Difficult to control in high winds 

For those golfers out there who won’t miss a game no matter what the weather, you can stay dry right through to the 18th hole with this large umbrella. This brolly has a non-conductive frame for safer use when out in storms and is large enough to fit more than one person underneath. Due to its size it can be a little heavier than others, making it difficult to control in high winds, however the vented canopy helps with unexpected gusts and does a good job of keeping you dry.

6. Suck UK Colour Changing Umbrella

Looks cool and will help you dry your brolly properly

Best for: Novelty | Folded Length: 24cm | Colours: Black/white/rainbow

 Compact design 
 Colour changing 
 Not the cheapest 

This colour changing umbrella just had to make the list because it really does keep you dry in style. When this brolly gets wet, rainbow colours appear, which is also really handy for making sure it’s aired out properly when you get home. This will help you avoid any damp smells or mould. It’s a compact size that is easy to carry but not ideal for very high winds.  

7. Star Wars Episode 7 Stick Umbrella

A cheap and fun umbrella that is a must-have for Star Wars Fans

Best for: Budget buy | Folded Length: 25cm | Colours: Black

 Not very durable 

Okay, so this umbrella isn’t going to protect you in a storm, but for everyday use during showers, this is a cool umbrella that stands out from the crowd. If you are a lover of Star Wars or know someone who is, this is one of the best umbrellas for gifting. It is affordable and would make the ideal stocking filler this Christmas. Simply keep it in the car for use when you need it most, or break it out for the daily school run.  

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