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The best men’s gym shoes for indoor workouts

Whatever you like to do in the gym, whether it be weight training, general cardio or exercise classes, the type of shoe you wear is incredibly important. The sole and fit of the shoe can help you gain better speed and prevent you from obtaining an injury. 

That’s not to say you need a different shoe for every type of training you do. We’ve found some great all-round gym shoes that will keep your soles supported while allowing your feet to breathe. If you’re a regular gym goer, then we recommend investing around the £100 mark in a decent pair of shoes that can stand to take a beating. However, if you only go once or twice a week, there are some equally as good shoes on the market for half the price that won’t burn a hole in your pocket or your sole. 

Be sure to think about your own gym routine before getting carried away with styles and designs. For example, if you spend a lot of time at the gym on treadmills or any machines what cause impact through the feet, you will want to ensure that the ankle support is strong and that the padding is designed for ultimate comfort. If you are more of a weights guy, make sure you opt for high traction to ensure no slippage occurs. 

It's worth noting that these gym shoes are really best for indoor training; if you tend to jog or walk to the gym, you might be better off with a pair of outdoor running trainers.

1. Reebok Crossfit Nano 7

A stable choice for aspiring athletes

Best for: Frequent gym goers | Material: Nanoweave tech | Colours: Blue, Black, Red, Yellow

Supported heel
Durable material
Not to everyone’s taste 

The Reebok Crossfit Nano 7 is a great shoe for stability and traction when in the gym every day. The flat sole lends well to weight lifting whereas the supported heel may be a hindrance to runners. However, for everyday cardio and exercise classes such as spinning, these shoes will serve you well. They come in a range of bright colours to add style to your gym bag.  

2. Sketchers Equalizer 2.0 True Balance Men's

A well-cushioned shoe that is ideal for all sports

Best for: Cardio | Material: Textile | Colours: Navy, Grey

Spongy for comfort
Come up big 

If you often go to the gym for classes such as circuits or HIIT training, then these Sketchers will provide you with the utmost comfort. They have EVA soles and flat heels which makes them easy to run and jump in and they are stylish so can be worn as a normal everyday trainers. Some customers have noted stones get stuck in the grooves of the soles so these are recommended for indoor training.  

3. Nike Metcon 3 Men's Training Shoe

A lightweight and cushioned shoe ideal for weightlifting

Best for: Weight training | Material: Mesh | Colours: Red/black, green/black, white/grey

Firm rubber heels
Lightweight & cool
 A little pricey

These Nike’s are the best men’s gym shoes for weightlifting because they have cushioned, flat soles and a firm rubber heel which provides the ultimate stability. The shoe features mesh lining on the heel and ankle to keep you cool during intense training and textured rubber on the midfoot that specifically helps with grip during rope climbing exercises.  

4. Invo8 F-Lite Fitness Shoes

A dynamic shoe for flexibility during intense training

Best for: HIIT Training | Material: Synthetic | Colours: Black/grey

Toe protection

If you think the Nike Metcon 3 is a little too pricey for you then the Invo 8 F-Lite is a great alternative option that is a fraction of the price. These men’s gym shoes feature rope-tec technology which provides traction and the integrated toe bumper provides protection and comfort when performing exercises such as burpees, which allows you to train harder and longer.  

5. Puma Pulse Ignite XT Cross Training

An affordable shoe with shock absorbers and flexibility for an easy workout

Best for: Budget buy | Material: Synthetic | Colours: Grey

Low cost
For all workouts
Narrow fit 

If you don’t go to the gym every day but still want a good shoe that will support your toes and heel, then the Puma Pulse Ignite XT Cross is a great budget buy that will serve you well. They are lightweight with a fairly flat heel which makes them a great all-rounder for cardio and fitness classes, however they may not provide all the support you want for more intense training. They come in a smart grey design which is a popular choice when choosing men’s gym shoes.

6. Under Armour Men’s Commit Training Shoes

A stylish all-rounder shoe with maximum heel support

Best for: Style | Material: Synthetic | Colours: Black, white, red, grey, blue

Range of styles/colours
Sturdy heel
Not ideal for running

If you want a shoe that looks good but still provides the support you need, then these are the best men’s gym shoes for you. They have all-round comfort with a sturdy high heel and spongy cushioned sole that makes them perfect for general cardio workouts or fitness classes. These shoes are also very affordable and would be worth the investment as an everyday shoe 

7. Nike Men’s Free Rn Flyknit Running Shoes

A classic running shoe for training on the treadmill

Best for: Running | Material: Synthetic | Colours: Blue, black, white, green, red, orange, grey, multi


For those avid runners training for your local half marathon, there’s no other shoe you need except the Nike Men’s Free Rn Flyknit shoe. These are lightweight with a funky design that provides breathability and flexibility when running. They come with a steep price tag but are guaranteed to stand the test of time.  

8. Merrell Men's Trail Glove 4 Running Shoes

A great indoor and outdoor running shoe

Best for: Trail running | Material: Synthetic | Colours: Blue, black, grey, red

Vibram soles
Not as cushioned as some 

If you don’t want to fork out for a different pair of shoes for running both outside and inside, then we recommend the Merrell Train Glove 4 Running Shoes. They feature Vibram soles which will give you the grip you need outdoors as well as a lightweight body and flat sole which makes them equally as good for working out in the gym or training on the treadmill. At just £90 RRP, these are a bargain buy that gives you two for the price of one.